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The Pitfalls of a DIY Move

There’s no denying that moving to a new home or apartment can be costly. If you’re moving into a new home, realtor fees, home inspections, and lawyer’s fees add up quickly. There are also expenses associated with moving to a new apartment, such as first and last month’s rent or a higher lease for larger premises. It’s not surprising that people search for ways to save during their move!

One way many people think they can save money during their move is by taking responsibility for packing and moving their own furniture and belongings. “How hard could it really be?” they say, as they ask friends and family to lend a hand, often offering pizza and beer as a token of their gratitude.

The truth is, while renting a truck and moving on your own may seem like the economical way to go, “do it yourself” (DIY) moves can turn out to be costly and take a heavy toll on your well-being.

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we’ve been called by professionals and families who intended to execute DIY moves and realized they were in over their heads. As seasoned professional movers, we understand what is involved in making a move successful and what can go wrong without the right equipment and expertise. We also acknowledge that there are times where a small DIY move is a legitimate option for those looking to save money. Read on to learn what you should consider when determining if a DIY is right for you.

DIY Moves Can Be Costly!

Most people who decide to move without the help of moving professionals do so because they want to reduce the cost of moving. However, a DIY move can be expensive when you factor in the possibility of breakages and medical bills. Individuals without proper training and equipment are much more likely to cause costly damage to their furniture and belongings as well as their home (walls, floors, stairwells, etc.) during the course of the move. Inexperienced individuals moving their own belongings also unfortunately put themselves at risk of sustaining an injury, such as a back, shoulder or knee injury. Medical bills to treat these injuries can be costly (and of course, injuries can result in missed work). Because a DIY move can result in breakages and potential injury, some people may look into purchasing insurance, which can be very expensive to obtain. If you are considering a DIY move, consider the following questions regarding obtaining insurance:

  • Are your possessions sufficiently insured and does the policy cover the full replacement value?
  • Have you thought about possible damage to your residence, elevator or building that could be caused by inexperienced handlers?
  • Do you have personal liability insurance if one of your helpers is injured during the move? (Think carefully about all the heavy items that require lifting.)
  • Can you cover the medical bills incurred if someone is hurt during your move?
  • Will you and/or your assistants get paid if you miss work due to injuries?

A professional moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage is licensed and insured. We only use professionally trained bonded staff which minimizes injuries, breakages and theft. Most office buildings request that a mover provide a certificate of insurance prior to moving day and we carry the increased limits they require. We also specialize in moving pianos, fine art and gun safes, items that even most professional movers can’t handle properly.

DIY Moves Can Be Time Consuming

Ask anyone that has moved recently and they’ll likely tell you that moving often takes longer to execute than you may think. This is exponentially true if you don’t have extensive moving experience or specialized moving equipment. You may be considering a DIY move to save money, but are you prepared for the time investment that moving will involve? Packing for your move (and unpacking afterward) is already a time consuming endeavor. Consider the following:

  • Can you clear your residence out quickly if there’s an early closing date?
  • Can you afford the time away from work if you’re injured while moving?
  • If you’re moving to an apartment or condo, will the building keep the elevator on hold indefinitely if your move is taking a long time?
  • Do you need to get up and running in your new home straight after the move?
  • If you’ve asked friends or family to help on moving day, are they prepared to see the job through if it takes longer than expected?

All Jersey Moving & Storage are experts at packing and unpacking, loading trucks swiftly and unloading at the other end.

DIY Moves Can Be Incredibly Stressful

Moving is ranked as one of life’s greatest stressors along with divorce, the death of a loved one, illness and job loss. This is not surprising, as packing up all your earthly belongings in a short time period and moving to a new home can be tense and nerve-wracking. The stress of moving can be amplified if you must move quickly or are uprooting your family to a distant community or state. When considering if a DIY move is right for you and your family, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Are you moving seniors, children or pets? Think of the trauma if you’re disorganized, not fully packed or experience delays before and on moving day.
  • Do you want to get off on the right foot in your new residence?
  • What kind of memories will you create or be left with?
  • Do you have adequate supervision for your dependents at your point of departure and destination while you undertake the move?
  • Have you found an authorized parking bay where you’ll load and offload your truck?
  • Have you reserved the elevator at your apartment in advance?
  • Will you be stressed out if damage is caused to your belongings or home during the move?
  • How will you be affected emotionally if you or one of your loved ones sustain a moving-related injury during a DIY move?

All Jersey Moving & Storage has completed moves at most local apartment buildings and has become familiar with many of their policies and procedures. We have the proper masonite, corrugated wrap, and door jamb protectors that many buildings require. All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped countless professionals, seniors and families move to residential homes across the state and country. We’ve been undertaking moves within the New Jersey area and the East Coast for decades and know the terrain well. Our movers are well-trained and experienced, allowing them to execute moves safely and efficiently. This gives clients the peace of mind they deserve. Using professional movers may be the right choice for you if minimizing stress during your move is important to you.

DIY Moves Can Be Disastrous If Space Isn’t Properly Estimated

One thing many DIY movers fail to consider is the importance of precise measurements when it comes to moving. Gaging what size moving truck will fit the furniture and other belongings you need to move is a science. It’s easy to miscalculate – especially when you’re moving many items – and the ramifications can be hugely problematic and costly. Failing to properly measure bulky furniture and equipment can also be disastrous. Imagine going to the effort of moving heavy furniture only to discover it won’t clear a doorway, stairwell or elevator. If you’re contemplating a DIY move, it’s important you consider the following:

·      Do you know how much space your possessions will occupy in a truck? Renting one that’s too small is obviously a huge problem, but renting one that has too much space means the load will shift unless it’s balanced and tied down securely.

·      Do you know how to switch around items so you manage to make everything fit?

Experienced professional movers like All Jersey Moving & Storage have expertise in determining what size truck is necessary to execute a move. Knowledge of the scope of the move allows the company to provide accurate, fair quotes. It also enables them to send appropriately sized trucks and sufficient moving personnel to complete an efficient move. When individuals request a moving estimate, All Jersey learns the details of what needs to be moved, and advises clients on how to measure accurately to ensure their possessions will fit their new living space. The team’s knowledge of residential homes and apartment buildings can help avoid space/size-related moving day mishaps.

DIY Moves Requires Renting Or Purchasing Tools and Equipment

You may be considering a DIY move to save the expense of professional movers, but there are still hard costs involved with executing your own move. Ask yourself:

  • Do you have hand trucks, dollies, furniture pads and straps for the move?
  • Do you know how many people can be seated in the moving truck or cargo van you’re renting?
  • Does the rental vehicle have air bags and satisfy the regulations for car seats?

Professional moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage have the best equipment and late model trucks. This allows them to ensure there are no delays. It also ensures they can safely and efficiently transport your belongings to your new home.

Don’t Write Off Using a Professional Mover

As we have explored, there are many hidden costs and risks associated with DIY moving. Don’t assume that just because professional movers of a high caliber are unaffordable. All Jersey Moving & Storage is the one stop shop for all your moving and storage needs in New Jersey. Located in New Jersey, All Jersey offers local, long distance and storage services for both residential and commercial customers. In addition to moving boxes, furniture and other typical belongings, All Jersey’s team has expertise in moving pianos, antiques, fine art and other valuables.

Contact All Jersey Moving & Storage now for a free no obligation detailed quote – you’ll be glad you did.

Still Planning a DIY Move?

Despite the risks of DIY moving, there are certain situations in which executing your own move without the help of moving professionals might makes sense. Examples include moving into a dorm or the contents of a small one bedroom apartment. If you’re still planning on moving on your own, be sure to:

*Enlist help. Ask friends to pitch in to help so the burden of moving isn’t on your shoulders alone.

*Rent your moving truck ASAP. Be sure to secure an appropriately sized moving truck on your preferred moving date.

*Get an early start. Begin packing your belongings at least a month before moving day to minimize stress and disorganization as moving day approaches.

*Sort through your belongings. Sell, donate or throw away items you no longer need or want. This way, you won’t have to move items (or junk!) that will sit unused in your new home.

*Obtain proper moving boxes and supplies. Be sure to purchase the packing supplies and moving equipment you’ll need to securely pack and transport your belongings, including wrapping paper, sturdy moving boxes, packing tape, dollies, etc.