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Preparing for Storage

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Now that you've decided to store your valued items with All Jersey Moving & Storage, we'd like to help simplify the process. Our biggest priority is ensuring that your items arrive at our storage warehouse in the same condition that they were in when they left your home or office. In order to ensure that your move goes safely and smoothly, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Use sturdy boxes or plastic totes. Inexpensive boxes that you can purchase from Home Depot serve their purpose for typical moves, but when it comes to a storage move, they just won't hold up. To ensure that your boxes don't get dented or crushed in storage, you can purchase protective boxes from All Jersey Moving and Storage.  Plastic totes are available at Target, Walmart, or similar retail stores.
  • Fill boxes to capacity. When packing your items for storage, be sure to fill them to capacity whenever possible. Remember, many boxes are packed on top of one another in our storage facility. Boxes that are scarcely filled or poorly packed are more likely to crush over time in storage.
  • Use similar-sized boxes. To help protect your stored items, limit yourself to three or four different sizes of boxes and containers, i.e. small, medium, large, and wardrobes. Using a multitude of shapes and sizes makes boxes difficult to stack and organize in storage, increasing the risk of damage.
  • Empty all drawers. In order to prevent stored items from breaking and tangling, remove all the contents of drawers that you are storing with us and pack them separately in labeled boxes.  The extra weight can also compromise the integrity of your furniture due to the additional handling.
  • Pack books properly. To keep your book collection is good condition while in storage; lay your books flat rather than on their spines.
  • Protect your glassware. Ensure that you pack your glassware with care. Don't over-pack storage boxes and containers with glassware and be sure to wrap and pad all glass items liberally.
  • Don't store open food. While we generally don't recommend storing food, all opened food containers should be consumed or thrown away. Unopened food packages can be stored, but keep expiration dates in mind so foods don't spoil. If you have un-opened food that you'd like to donate, simply pack it in a marked box and set it aside for the movers. They'll gladly deliver your donation to our local food bank.
  • Drain fuel from all equipment. To keep our storage facility and your stored items safe, be sure to drain all of your equipment of its fuel prior to storage, including your lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc.
  • Items NOT to store. We do our utmost to keep our storage facility safe, so we ask that you not store such items as propane tanks, firearms, paint, aerosols, candles and fertilizers. Irreplaceable items or sensitive documents such as passports, important papers and photo albums should not be kept in storage.
  • Don't pack all your clothing. On occasion, you may need to store your items longer than you initially planned, so set aside sufficient clothing for a change in season.
  • Take photos of your electronics. If you're not a technical or electronics wizard, taking photos of your electronics and their associated wires will help you re-connect after you take your items out of storage.
  • Mark your boxes. While we're careful to keep your items organized, ensure that your boxes are identifiable as yours. Write your last name on all the boxes and containers that you prepare for storage.
  • Washer and dryer tips. If you plan on storing your front loading washer and dryer, secure the drum prior to the storage move.
  • Keep it Clean. Prior to storing your outdoor furniture and equipment, please wipe down each item to remove bugs, spider webs, dirt and grime. This helps keep our facility and the rest of your items in excellent condition.

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