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Gun Safe Moving

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Let the All Jersey Moving & Storage Team Expertly Move Your Gun Safe

Moving involves more than just transporting cardboard boxes. Many of us have specialized items that can be heavy, require special care and equipment, and need trained hands to be moved safely - like gun safes. Whether it’s a small gun safe with a 16-gun capacity that weighs a couple hundred pounds or a large one that can hold over 50 guns weighing over 1,000 lbs., All Jersey Moving & Storage has the knowledge, organization, and experience to move it problem-free.

Our staff of movers are experienced in transporting gun safes of any size using proven methods that will protect your safe while avoiding damage to floors, walls, and other items. We have the proper equipment and know a few innovative tricks to move even the heaviest of safes.

Please let us know ahead of time that you need a gun safe moved and provide the name, model number and approximate weight so that we can move it quickly and easily with the correct number of staff and proper equipment.

Tips For Having Your Gun Safe Moved:

  • Follow the law of the land. When transporting firearms and related materials, federal law mandates that:
    • Firearms may not be loaded while being transported
    • Gun safes may not contain firearms during transportation
    • Ammunition, including ammo in a safe, cannot be moved in a moving van. 
  • Familiarize yourself with state regulations. Depending on where you live, you may or may not need a gun license or to register your guns. You also need to know the state and local regulations for your destination. If searching for regulatory information online, be sure to use official websites, and not Wikipedia or other user-edited sites.
  • Communicate with your moving team. Be sure to inform us about your gun safe in advance so that we're able to help you prepare and give you specific information on our firearms policies.
    • We follow all federal, state, and local ordinances when it comes to transporting safes and firearms. Additionally, we require that any firearms we move for you be inventoried and documented.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Moving Company to Move Your Gun Safe:

  • Avoid damaging your safe. All Jersey Moving & Storage is experienced in moving heavy gun safes without damaging them.
  • Eliminate stress and potential injuries. From using golf balls to heavy metal pipes, there are plenty of innovative ways to move a gun safe (just ask the Internet). Many of these can result in injury for people lacking experience in safely moving heavy gun safes.
  • Save time. Don’t waste time trying to manoeuvre that huge safe - use movers who know how to do it.
  • Save money. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers competitive rates for this specialized task.

There’s no need to worry about moving your gun safe when you use the experienced, knowledgeable team at All Jersey Moving & Storage. We know exactly how to handle your large or small gun safes securely. Contact us today for a free quote.