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Fine Art Moving

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All items in your home are not created equal.  Too many movers think that everything can be placed in boxes, or wrapped with a little bubble wrap, and placed on a truck.  All Jersey Moving & Storage understands the intricacies of moving fine art and makes sure that it's protected from the time it’s removed from one wall until it's hung on a new wall.

Depending on the type of artwork, there are different risk factors involved including vibration, shock, humidity, and temperature, at both ends as well as in transit.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has decades of experience handling all types of fine art in people's homes and offices, whether they're protected by glass, made of porcelain or other fragile materials, or oil paintings that need to breathe.  We have a reputation as a trustworthy and respected moving company amongst fine art owners and dealers. 

Whether you have one piece or a collection, we are ready to help.  If you want to pack fine art yourself, we offer guidance, but in many instances crating or special materials are needed, so many turn to professionals.  If we'll be moving it, notify our certified moving consultant during the estimate so we can make arrangements to have it packed properly. 

We ensure the best methods, materials and techniques are used to protect, store, and transport your fine art safely. 

Our professional staff have safely packed and moved:

  • Framed and unframed oil paintings, water colors, and photographs
  • Sculptures
  • Metal work
  • Delicate artifacts and more!

Why use a Professional Moving Company for Fine Art Moving:

  • Avoid injuryDropping large or heavy artwork, or straining to lift and move it, can put you out of commission.  Our team can shift the largest pieces and sharp objects safely with the correct equipment. 
  • Don't risk damaging your home. Walls, furniture, floors, and even ceilings can get dented, scratched or damaged.  Our expert moving team is able to move objets d’art without leaving a trace.
  • Avoid damaging your precious artwork. Our trained crews can pack, move and unpack it with the utmost care.
  • Save time. You don’t have to research how to appropriately pack, store and move art when you hire All Jersey Moving & Storage - we have the knowledge to do it swiftly and easily.
  • Save money. Our fine art moving services are affordable and give you priceless peace of mind.
  • It's easy. Just tag fine art to alert us about which pieces need TLC and we’ll have them gracing your new place in no time.

You have a lot to think about when planning your move - let us take stressful task of moving fine art off your to do list!

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