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Organizing A Move Over the Holidays


For many lucky people, the busy part of December and January involves trawling the malls to find that perfect gift, baking batches of cookies and preparing large meals, followed by several blissful days of sleeping late. Others have a much longer to do list if they plan to buy or sell a home before the end of the year for tax purposes or to take off as few work days as possible. If you’re thinking of moving, it’s always wise to obtain several moving quotes from professional moving companies as early as possible.

Don’t assume that because it’s a time when many things wind down, a moving company won’t be busy. There are many gifts that don’t fit under a tree or on a table beside a menorah! Pianos and gun safes are popular presents that require the services of a professional mover. All Jersey Moving & Storage specializes in moving these items, as well as fine art and antiques. Don’t think of buying someone a bulky but delicate gift and then renting a van yourself or hiring an inexperienced mover. This can turn a wonderful surprise into a costly nightmare.

All Jersey Moving & Storage also handles commercial moves. If you want to set up “pop up stores” or temporary displays and kiosks in malls before and during the holidays, we’re the most reliable and experienced moving company to call on in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Our employees are trained and bonded so you don’t have to worry about breakages or thefts. Did you buy more merchandise than you could sell or do you need to store items you’re moving from one venue or branch to another? We have our own secure containerized storage facility where they’ll be protected no matter the weather.

If you’re moving from into an apartment or condo building very close to the civic holidays, make sure that the elevators and the building superintendent(s) are available on those days.

Traffic can be heavy around the holidays and bad weather can wreak havoc on the roads. Both can cause delays in your move or increase travel time and costs. If it’s looking like there’ll be a white Christmas, your driveway or sidewalk should be shoveled and salted before your movers arrive. Wintry conditions can also mean slippery or muddy floors at your old or new home. A professional moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage takes the utmost care to ensure that your precious hardwood floors and carpets remain clean, no matter the conditions outside.

Icy temperatures in December and January mean you should be dressed warmly in case you need to leave your home to supervise some of the moving. Remember to have the heat turned on at your destination ahead of time and to have blankets and duvets easily accessible in case there’s a problem.

If you need to move during this time but don’t want to miss out on any of the fun of the season, consider using some of your moving company’s additional services. This is also a good idea if you’re moving away from the family members or friends with whom you usually celebrate the holidays and want to maximize your remaining time with them. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers expert packing and unpacking services at a surprisingly affordable price. Not only will you have time to shop for a new board game, but you might even be able to play it.

This is the season of giving to those less fortunate too. All Jersey Moving & Storage is involved with Move for Hunger, which picks up non-perishable items from people who are moving and delivers them to local food pantries. We also work with Furniture Assist, based in North Jersey, a charity that collects and stores furniture donations. People in need are referred by social service agencies and are able to pick out pieces that they wouldn’t normal be able to afford.

All Jersey Moving & Storage wants your holiday – and your move – to leave good memories. Contact us now for a detailed free quote.