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Making the Best of Your Move During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The continuing Covid-19 pandemic has affected - and continues to affect - billions of people around the world. It has upended economies, sent children home from school and shuttered businesses worldwide. It has limited our interactions with family and friends and sent many of us into isolation over the past few months. There is almost no area of our daily lives that remains unaffected by the Covid-19 virus.

The moving industry is yet another example of the pandemic’s far-reaching effects. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, in the spring of 2020, moving trends have changed and are continuing to evolve. Professionals, no longer physically tied down to work, are moving to preferred neighborhoods or more affordable homes.

Families, having spent so many months at home, are re-evaluating their house, their neighborhood and even their state! Ultimately, they may decide they need a bigger home, a bigger yard or just a change of scenery.

With so much uncertainty during these times, every renter or homeowner wants to feel secure that no matter what is happening around them, they are safe, content and happy at home. And many professionals, families, students and even seniors are moving to gain a greater sense of comfort and security.

Reasons for Moving During the Pandemic

  • Desire to Live Your Best Life Today. These uncertain times have shown people that life is unpredictable and can change at a moment’s notice. In a world where it is clear that there are no guarantees about tomorrow, individuals are taking the steps to live their best life today. Those who have been putting off moving to the home or town of their dreams are finally taking action.
  • Lower Cost of Living. The economy has seen a lot of ups and downs as a result of the pandemic. People who are struggling financially or have lost jobs as a result of the virus need to lower their cost of living. There is a trend of families and professionals moving from cities to suburbs, and from more expensive to less expensive states. To lower their cost of living, some families might need to move 5 miles away, while others might need to move 500 miles away. Whatever the distance, All Jersey Moving & Storage treats every move, whether near or far, with the same care and expertise.
  • Desire for security. In a world where so little seems in our control, many people desire, now more than ever, to have something in their life that they feel they can control. Many families or individuals who have put off owning a home for one reason or another are now motivated to acquire a home and plant roots so that they can enjoy the sense of security that home-ownership offers. All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped many families and professionals make the move from rentals to forever homes.
  • Proximity to Loved Ones. Forced to stay apart from family and friends for the past few months, many people have come to realize just how important their loved ones are to them. Spending time with loved ones has become a much larger priority for many. With the goal of purchasing a home closer to those whom they love, many people are on the move. Some are permanently relocating closer to loved ones, while others are temporarily relocating until the pandemic is behind us or at least better controlled.
  • Remote Work. For many professionals prior to the pandemic, “commute time” was one of the largest factors in choosing a neighborhood. Now, however, with countless employees being forced to - or electing to - work from home, there is no need to live close to work. 

Individuals with the flexibility of working from a home office are moving out of cities to more affordable, spacious communities. Since many businesses are now offering long-term work-from-home positions, employees feel comfortable making the move, knowing that it’s not just a short-term relocation. Additionally, with no need to be in the office everyday from 9 to 5 (or 8 to 6 with the average commute!), individuals have more time and flexibility to pack up and prepare for their move, making this the ideal time to move. However, we know that a full day’s work (even from home) can still leave you drained - that’s why All Jersey Moving & Storage offers a packing service - packing as much or as little as you like. You can start and let us finish, or we can do it all for you.

Tips for a Successful Move During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Whenever you choose to move, moving can be stressful. But moving during a global pandemic can seem downright impossible. The good news is - it’s not! With the proper foresight, preparation and, of course, with the right movers, you can turn a daunting experience into a smooth, easy and successful one.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped thousands of families and professionals move successfully. Choosing All Jersey Moving & Storage means you get the award-winning service, expertise and experience needed to make your move a stress-free success.

And, if you’re still worried about moving during a pandemic, don’t be - All Jersey Moving & Storage is taking every precaution necessary to ensure that we can continue to offer stellar and safe service. Here are some Covid-19 specific tips from our experienced moving team on how you can assist in making sure that everyone stays safe on moving day.

Purchase new moving boxes. It’s not uncommon for those planning a move to start collecting grocery boxes in the weeks leading up to their move. During the pandemic, however, it might be a better idea to spend a little more on new, sturdy packing supplies. Many studies have indicated that the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Purchasing new boxes that have been handled less than grocery boxes is one way to minimize unnecessary exposure during these times.

Make sure everything is packed. Often, people tend to leave some last minute packing for moving day. Try to avoid this as much as possible as it will delay your move and increase the time your movers will be on site. Order takeout for your last meal or two and use disposable eating utensils. That way, you can pack up your kitchenware in advance. Leave out an empty carry-on bag for last-minute laundry and cosmetics. But for everything else, do your utmost to be fully packed on moving day.

Have extra moving materials on hand. Although we do encourage trying your best to be fully packed by moving day, we know that last-minute packing happens. A good way to ensure that your final items can be packed up as swiftly and efficiently as possible is to be prepared on moving day with a few extra moving boxes, packing tape, scissors/exacto knife and permanent markers. Not only will this help you pack up your remaining items smoothly and quickly, it will help you be prepared in the event of any packing emergencies that come up that day (think boxes breaking, boxes you forgot to label, tape that isn’t secure enough). Being prepared with all the necessary materials means you won’t be left scrambling or running to the store and will help your move run smoothly and efficiently.

Limit the number of people onsite. While prior to the pandemic, it would have been fine to invite friends or family over to pitch in with the last-minute packing or help with the kids, now it is best to limit the number of people on site. Make plans in advance to have kids stay by a close friend or family member. Board pets or have a friend or neighbor pet-sit. On moving day, make sure that the only people on site are those who absolutely must be there.

Keep windows and doors open. Prop open as many doors and windows as possible during your move. Keeping the rooms well ventilated is a good way to make sure there is fresh air constantly circulating. If you’re moving in the winter, layer up and have warm drinks available so you can keep as many windows as possible open for ventilation.

Keep hand sanitizer available for easy use. Have hand sanitizer available for yourself and your movers to use. It’s not a bad idea to have a few dispensers handy for easier accessibility for all. Also, make sure your dispensers are pump-style to minimize the amount of handling needed to access the hand sanitizer.

Have additional face masks. Our movers show up to every job wearing a face mask and, for everyone’s safety, you and your family should also be equipped with face masks - two per every person who will be on site. It’s a good idea to have those spare masks handy because masks can break.

Disinfect furniture and surfaces. All Jersey Moving & Storage constantly cleans and disinfects trucks and equipment. We do our absolute best to make sure that your belongings are handled and transported in a safe and sanitary environment. To maintain this environment, try to disinfect all furniture and surfaces before the movers arrive. It is also a good idea to give everything one last cleaning after the movers have left.

All Jersey – The New Jersey Moving Company You Can Always Count On.

It goes without saying that moving during the Covid-19 pandemic presents more hurdles than a typical move and requires a lot of preparation and planning. If you are looking for a moving company that will partner with you in taking the proper safety precautions and make sure that everything gets moved both efficiently and safely, look no further than All Jersey Moving & Storage. With decades of moving experience and with strict adherence to CDC guidelines, we are here to provide you with the safest and smoothest move possible.

We have years of experience in both residential and commercial moves. Whether your move has been in the planning stages for years or is a spur of the moment, pandemic-induced decision, we are your one stop shop for all your moving needs.

For those last minute moves, we offer stress-free last minute moving services and can help with the packing and unpacking. We also offer climate-controlled, secure containerized storage for all the belongings that you don’t immediately need, or don’t currently have room to store. If you’ve had a sudden change of job and are moving offices, we know how to handle your fragile electronics and business equipment.

We also offer long distance moving services and piano moving services. We can handle even the most complex move and are adept at assisting in moving seniors.

No move is too big or too small! Call All Jersey Moving & Storage today for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We’re here to help make your move during these difficult times as smooth, stress-free and successful as possible.

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