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How To Get Rid of Excess Stuff When Moving


garage full of stuffNow that spring is finally here, it’s time to do some spring cleaning. What greater excuse is there to get rid of stuff and freshen the things you decide to keep than moving?. Not only will less stuff make your move much easier logistically, but it also means less liability and ultimately less cost.  Here are some tips on how to get rid of junk before you move

· Get rid of the things you didn’t even know you had. Places like your garage, basement and attic are good at hiding accumulated stuff. If you didn’t remember having it, get rid of it.

· Have a yard sale. Organize your items into boxes and label them based on price. This way you don’t have to label each and every item. Make sure to market your sale well, place legible signs around your neighborhood and even consider taking an ad out in your local paper. The day of the sale, get up early. People love to stop at sales before work.

· Donate your stuff. If you aren’t interested in putting on a yard sale or want to get rid of the extra stuff you have, consider donating your items to a shelter, orphanage or humanitarian organization. All Jersey Movers works with Furniture Assist, Inc. to provide household items and furniture to families in need, learn more here: https://www.alljerseymovers.com/our-community

· Give it away! Any items that you think other family or friends might want, ask them. This happens to be the case with unwanted or older models of cell phones, laptops and clothes. Some people host clothing swap parties, where you invite your friends to take a look at your stuff.

· Toss it. For items that aren’t as appealing, like smelly or broken things, just get rid of it. Try to recycle what you can, otherwise throw it away.

· Know that for most families over 1/3 of their belongings are still “excess.” Less stuff makes for easier packing and travel. If you haven’t used the item in the last six months, time to get rid of it.

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