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Moving a home or business involves numerous expenses. There’s the fee for the realtor, home inspector and lawyer, or first and last month’s rent, or a higher lease for larger premises. One area where people think they can save is by doing the packing and moving themselves. They assume there’s no skill involved in filling and moving boxes and that renting a van is the smart and economical way to go. They’re fit and have several friends or relatives who are willing and able to help.

In fact that are numerous reasons why a do-it-yourself move doesn’t pay, and we’re not just talking about financial ones. We’ve compiled a checklist of questions for you to consider before you rule out using a professional mover. Let’s begin with the monetary aspect though as saving money is the first justification most people make.

1.    A DIY move can be expensive when you factor in insurance, breakages and medical bills.

·      Are your possessions adequately insured and does the policy cover the full replacement value?

·      Have you considered the damage to your residence, elevator or building that could be caused by inexperienced handlers?

·      Do you have personal liability insurance if one of your helpers is injured during the move? (Think about all the heavy items that require lifting.)

·      Can you cover the medical bills incurred if someone is hurt?

·      Will you and/or your assistants get paid if you miss work due to injuries?

A professional moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage is licensed and insured. We only use professionally trained movers which minimizes injuries, breakages and theft. Most office buildings request that a mover provide a certificate of insurance prior to moving day and we carry the increased limits they require. We also specialize in moving pianos, fine art and gun safes, items that even most professional movers can’t handle properly.

2.    A DIY move can cost valuable time.

·      Can you clear your residence out quickly if there’s an early closing date?

·      Can you afford the time away from work if you’re injured?

·      If you’re moving to an apartment, condo or office block, will the building keep the elevator on hold indefinitely if your move is taking a long time or going beyond regular office hours?

·      Do you need to get up and running in your new job or premises straight after the move?

All Jersey Moving & Storage are experts at packing and unpacking, loading trucks swiftly and unloading at the other end. We also offer cubicle and work space installation.

3.    A DIY move can be extremely stressful.

·      Are you moving seniors, children or pets? Think of the trauma if you’re disorganized, not fully packed or experience delays before and on moving day.

·      Do you want to get off on the right foot in your new residence or premises?

·      What kind of memories will you create or be left with?

·      Do you have adequate supervision for your dependents at your point of departure and destination while you undertake the move?

·      Have you found an authorized parking area where you’ll load and offload your truck?

·      Have you reserved the elevator at your apartment or office building in advance?

All Jersey Moving & Storage has completed moves at most of the local office buildings and has become familiar with many of their moving policies and procedures.  We have the proper masonite, corrugated wrap, and door jamb protectors that many buildings require. We’ve been undertaking moves within the New Jersey area and the East Coast for decades and know the terrain well.

4.     A DIY move can be disastrous if you don’t estimate space correctly.

·      Do you know how much space your possessions will occupy in a moving truck? Renting one that’s too small is obviously a huge problem, but renting one that has too much space means the load will shift unless it’s balanced and tied down securely.

·      Do you know how to switch around items so you manage to make everything fit?

5.    A DIY move requires renting or purchasing many specific tools.

·      Do you have hand trucks, dollies, furniture pads and straps for the move?

·      Do you know how many people can be seated in the moving truck or cargo van you’re renting?

·      Does the rental vehicle have air bags and satisfy the regulations for car seats?

Moving is all we do! We have the best equipment and late model moving trucks to ensure there are no delays.

Don’t write off using professional movers or assume that our caliber of service means we’re unaffordable. Contact us now for a free no obligation detailed moving quote – you’ll be glad you did.