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Piano Moving

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Need an NJ Piano Mover? Leave it to the music lovers at All Jersey Moving and Storage.

There is more than pushing when it comes to moving a piano.  Oddly shaped, extremely heavy and yet also delicate, pianos are some of the hardest pieces to handle during a move.  All Jersey Moving and Storage understands the intricacies of a piano move and has the expertise and experience to handle them with stress free, trouble free ease.  Many piano tuners and refinishers in New Jersey and the surrounding area, in fact, recommend us to their clients when it’s time to move a piano.  We’ve not just handled the family piano but also move new pianos for stores, manufacturers and delivered a piano to the Garden State Arts Center for the Steve Miller Band.  No Abracadabra involved!

We handle pianos of all types, be they uprights or grands, with care and an eye on safety.  Our professional movers can move pianos quickly to make sure your move stays on schedule.  We also handle moves from room to room, floor to floor, or across much larger distances.  Pianos require special care when being moved and we are the company to hire no matter how far your piano will travel.  We understand the difficulty of negotiating stairs, keeping walls and floors undamaged, and all of our trucks are fitted with appropriate equipment and belts to tie down, protect and move your piano in a way that allows you to rest knowing that your piano is being handled by trained staff who’ve experience with pianos.

Our professional moving staff have safely transported:

  • Upright and spinet pianos
  • Grand and baby gran pianos
  • Antique Pianos
  • And player pianos 

Why Use A Professional Moving Company to Transport Your Piano?

  • Avoid Injury. There’s no such thing as a light piano with even small pianos weighing in at about 450 pounds.  On the other end, large pianos can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.  Even experienced movers can injure themselves with that kind of weight.  Calling a professional guarantees working with a mover who knows how to keep themselves and the rest of their team safe.
  • Avoid Damages To Your Home. Pianos can do some serious damage to things like hardwood floors, walls, staircases and doorframes. The cost of fixing these damages is often more costly than calling an experienced, professional mover who has the equipment and expertise to move your piano.
  • Avoid Damage To Your Instrument. Despite their size and weight, pianos have delicate inner workings that are susceptible to damage if they are not properly padded, moved, and secured in the truck during the move.  Our moving staff knows how to protectively wrap your instrument; move it using special dollies, skid boards and ramps; and load it into and out of the moving truck through every stage of the move until it reaches its new home.
  • It Saves Time. Movers who lack experience often have difficulty moving pianos, even when the piano is only being moved a short distance. From not knowing how to prepare to having inadequate or no equipment a move can turn into a nightmare if the movers do not have experience moving pianos. All Jersey Moving and Storage can arrive, move, load and leave with your piano in under an hour, giving you every precious moment to devote to your moving related tasks.  
  • It’s Affordable. Sure, you could move a piano by yourself - but why risk it?  Renting a truck, fueling it, paying for help… these add up and if anything is damaged the cost to make repairs is excessive.  And do you want to risk harming your piano?  Hiring our professional movers is far more cost effective than a do-it-yourself piano move, especially if you have to pay for repairs.  
  • It's Easy. After making the call to All Jersey Moving and Storage, simply empty your bench of sheet music and remove everything from the piano (light, books, awards, framed pictures). Pack them in with the rest of your items - in a labeled, cushioned cardboard box - so that you may quickly get your piano set up in your new place.

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