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Your Guide to Summer Office Moving

When you think about summer, short Fridays at the office, grabbing drinks on a patio after work and Sunday afternoon backyard barbeques may come to mind. Nobody daydreams about decluttering the office and packing boxes for a summer office move, but summer is the most popular season to move!

Moving to a new office requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. Unsurprisingly, moving is ranked as one of life’s greatest stressors. If you are responsible for planning and overseeing your office move in the upcoming months, you likely feel the mounting pressure.

The good news is, there are many steps you can take to minimize the stress and maximize the efficiency of a summer office move! Specializing in office moving, All Jersey Moving & Storage helped countless businesses and offices execute seamless summer moves. With this article serving as a guide for summer office moving, you will have the tools you need to ensure a successful move so you can relax and enjoy the coming summer months.

Advantages of Moving to a New Office in the Summer

Advantage of a Summer Office Move #1 – Better Weather.

Not surprisingly, people prefer to move when the sun is shining. Packing up your office and completing all the last minute tasks associated with a big move is much easier and enjoyable in temperate weather. Winter isn’t considered an ideal season to move for many reasons, especially if you live in the East Coast where winter weather is frigid and unpleasant. Because of bad winter weather, travel is also often difficult both for your team and your moving company, which can result in longer move times.

Advantage of a Summer Office Move #2 – Summer Vacation and Short Fridays.

Even if your office doesn’t close for summer vacation, you may have reduced hours or shorter Fridays throughout the summer. This means that you’ll have more time to tackle an upcoming office move with greater peace of mind and ensure that no tasks fall through the cracks. Even a few extra hours a week to focus exclusively on the office move can make the world of difference.

Advantage of a Summer Office Move #3 – No Major Holidays.

Moving can be stressful even in the most ideal situations. Moving around major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter can make an office move infinitely more challenging and worrisome. It is much easier to juggle a myriad of moving responsibilities when you don’t have the added responsibilities that come with the busy holiday seasons, such as shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining friends and family. Summer is the perfect opportunity to avoid the headache of moving around the holidays.

Advantage of a Summer Office Move #4 – Get Settled in Before September.

For many, the fall season comes with many demands. For parents, preparing for fall requires various “back to school” or “off to college” preparations. For professionals, it’s a busy and demanding time at work as businesses strive to finish the final quarter of the year strong. Fall is a time of change and transition. We see it in the changing leaves and throughout the natural world. Starting the month of fall with your successfully completed office move behind you will allow you to focus all your energy and attention on the next chapter. In addition to being intensely time-consuming, office moving is identified as one of life’s greatest stressors. Tackle your move this summer so you can shift gears, focus on meeting your professional responsibilities and enjoy your new work environment.

How to Avoid the Potential Challenges of a Summer Office Move

*Act immediately. Because summer is a peak moving season, if you want to execute your office move before the end of summer, call your preferred local moving company as soon as possible to secure your moving date of choice. The most experienced and reputable office moving companies fill up quickly, and you don’t want to have to move with a less reputable office mover or movers with no office moving expertise.

*Choose professional movers with expertise in office moving. Moving an entire office can be daunting. There’s large office furniture, sensitive equipment and important, irreplaceable items/documents that all need to be packed, organized and transported with great care. Commercial moving is a very technical job and can’t be entrusted to just any movers. Very different from residential moves, commercial moves are complex and require planning, experience and know-how. That’s why you should trust All Jersey Moving & Storage for the job.

With experience handling office moves for almost 30 years now, All Jersey Moving & Storage can provide you with an efficient and seamless office move. Drawing on years of experience, we will walk you through every stage of your office move from the planning and preparation stages to the final stage of unpacking and settling in. 

*Be flexible with your moving date. If you’ve decided to move to a new office this summer, try to be flexible with your moving dates if possible. Summer is the busiest time for moving. Flexibility regarding moving dates will help you avoid a situation where you’re forced to use movers with little or no office moving experience because your top choice movers are already booked on your desired moving date. The more flexible you are, the greater the likelihood that you’ll get to work with your professional moving company of choice. At All Jersey Moving & Storage we try to accommodate last minute and weekend office moves whenever we can, but we recommend securing your preferred moving date ASAP to ensure you can move on a date that works for your business.

*Invest in packing and unpacking services. One of the largest tasks involved in planning an office move is packing and unpacking. If you are short on time but want to ensure that all your office furniture, technological equipment, important documents, and other belongings are packed and unpacked safely and securely, consider investing in partial or complete packing and unpacking services. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers these services to help alleviate the burden of office moving and ensure all items being moved are packed with the utmost care.

*Sell or donate unwanted belongings. Part of the packing process involves reviewing the contents – furniture and otherwise – of your office. You will inevitably come across furniture and other items that you will no longer want or have a use for in your new office. While sorting through your office furniture and belongings, separate items you wish to sell from items you would rather simply give away or even throw out. Selling items of value takes time, so post items for sale as soon as possible on various online marketplaces. If you’re busy with other office responsibilities, remember that a more expedient way of getting rid of unwanted items in reasonable or good condition is to donate them. Ask your local mover for recommendations of local charities that will pick up these items from your office. If you have items you can’t or don’t wish to bring with you to your new office but are too valuable to give away or will be of use in the future, consider storing them short-term or long-term at a secure containerized storage facility.

*Consider a fall move. If your summer plans or professional responsibilities make moving in the summer impossible, fall is another ideal season to schedule your office move. In fact, some prefer fall office moves because fall isn’t a peak moving season and local office moving companies may charge slightly lower rates. Professional office movers are also more likely to have greater availability, increasing the likelihood that you can move on your date of choice. In order to secure your desired moving date in the fall months, act NOW. Find a reputable office moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage today for a complimentary quote.

How Can All Jersey Moving & Storage Ensure a Successful Office Move?

  • Guidance

All Jersey Moving & Storage will assign an experienced Project Manager to work with you and your staff throughout the planning and operations stages of your move. In meetings prior to moving day, our Project Manager will walk you through every stage of your move. This will help ensure that moving day itself will run smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Experienced Labor 

All Jersey Moving & Storage doesn’t employ casual or pick-up labor. All employees take part in our on-going training program that stresses proper moving procedures, packing techniques, and job safety. Our employees are an integral, consistent part of our team and will handle your move with experience and expertise.

  • Packing Help

All Jersey Moving & storage can aid with your office packing by packing up common areas such as break rooms, libraries and storage closets. If you will be doing the packing on your own, our Project Manager will guide you with that, as well. He/she will fully discuss packing, explaining your responsibilities, our responsibilities, and the materials, equipment and procedures involved. He/she will also explain our labeling system, discussing color-coding, room diagrams and directional placards. Additionally, All Jersey Moving & Storage will provide all your packing needs, including special Tyga commercial moving boxes. 

  • Furniture Disassembly 

We complete the disassembly and reassembly of virtually all makes of systems furniture.

  • Expert Handling of Sensitive Equipment 

We move PCs (make sure they are fully disconnected with wires removed), data center/servers and flat screen monitors. We bubble wrap sensitive equipment and often dedicate a truck and special crew to complete the movement of this delicate equipment both efficiently and safely.

  • Storage Needs

If you are buying new furniture and do not yet know what you are doing with the old, All 

Jersey Moving & Storage offers both long and short term containerized storage solutions. We have temperature controlled warehouses that can accommodate your storage needs until you decide what to do with your old furniture.

All Jersey Moving & Storage is Securing Appointments for Summer and Fall.

At All Jersey Moving and Services, we do our best to meet the scheduling needs of our clients. A moving company with decades of commercial moving experience, we focus on delivering exceptional service whatever the season. If you want or need to schedule a move before the end of the summer, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and date preferences.

All Jersey Moving and Storage has proudly served our community, state, and country since 1992. We are one of fewer than twenty moving and storage services companies in New Jersey who have earned the “Circle of Excellence” designation from the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association. This designation is awarded to a moving company that goes above and beyond the industry standard.

The professional office moving and storage services we offer include:

*Short and long term storage

*Packing and unpacking

*Office and commercial moving

*Last minute and weekend moving

Contact us today for a complimentary quote or to schedule your summer or fall office move. We’ll do our best to make your summer office move seamless.

Have a safe and relaxing summer!