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Your Guide to a Stress-Free Summer Move – Part I

When we think about summer, many of us picture relaxing backyard barbeques, more time spent outdoors and sitting by the pool or beach sipping ice cold drinks on sizzling hot days. We generally don’t envision sorting through all our earthly possessions or packing moving boxes. But did you know summer is also the most popular season to move? August has arrived, but if you act quickly, there is still time to squeeze in your summer move by securing your desired moving date with a reputable professional moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage.

In Part I of our two-part guide to a stress-free summer move, we explore some of the major benefits of a summer move. We also discuss how to avoid the potential challenges of a summer move, especially highlighting the importance of securing a moving date and your preferred professional moving company as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Summer Move

Are you considering squeezing a move in before the end of the summer? You aren’t alone! Summer is the most popular season for residential moves. Here are the top 5 reasons people choose to plan a summer move:

Summer Moving Benefit #1 – Much Better Weather!

Not shockingly, people prefer to move when it’s sunny outside. It’s much more pleasant to pack up your home and finish the many last-minute tasks associated with moving when the weather is warm. Winter isn’t considered an ideal season to move for many reasons, especially if you live in the East Coast where winter weather is frosty and uncomfortable. Bad winter weather can also make travel challenging for both for you and your moving company, which can lead to longer move times. To avoid the discomfort and unpredictability of a winter move, consider squeezing in a summer or fall move.

Summer Moving Benefit #2 – Summer Vacation and Short Fridays.

Certain professionals like teachers and tutors get to take summers off. If you’re lucky enough to have summers off, the summer is a terrific time to move to your new home. It’s much easier to concentrate moving tasks such as sorting through and selling unwanted furniture and other belongings when you don’t have to worry about work. It can be exhausting trying to cram moving tasks into weekends and late evening hours after work.

Even if you aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy a summer vacation, you may work reduced hours or shorter Fridays throughout the summer. This schedule permits more time to focus on preparing for a successful move. You’d be surprised how much of a difference even a few extra hours a week can make!

Summer Moving Benefit #3 – There Aren’t Any Major Holidays.

There’s no way around it – moving can be stress-provoking even in the most ideal circumstances. But moving around major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter can make moving much more stressful and difficult. Tackling moving responsibilities is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about the long list of items on your holiday to-do list, such as, such as shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining friends and family. You deserve to enjoy the holidays with your family feeling truly settled in your new home – which can be difficult if you’re living messily out of half-packed boxes. With the holidays still months away, summer is the perfect time to move to your new home.

Summer Moving Benefit #4 – You Don’t Have to Disturb the School Year.

Even the best-planned and well-executed moves require a tremendous amount of hard work and preparation, from finding and hiring a reputable mover to the massive undertaking of packing all your furniture and belongings. A summer move is therefore less likely to cause a disruption your children’s school and homework schedule.

Executing a summer move also gives you time while the children are off school to acclimate them to the idea of moving. Understandably, your kids will want to say goodbye to friends, neighbors and family and be part of the packing process, both of which can be much more difficult during the school year. A more relaxed summer schedule will also afford you the ability to help your child become acquainted with their new home and neighborhood. Frequent visits to your new home will allow your child to start forming new, happy memories at the restaurants, parks and shops in your new community. Removing fear of the unknown will reduce any anxiety your child’s may have about the upcoming move.

Summer Moving Benefit #5 – Settle Into Your New Home Before September.

When some people think about the fall season, they think about the start of a new school year for their children or a new semester at college. Others associate the fall season with a busy, demanding time at work as businesses make every effort to finish the final quarter of the year strong. Whatever category you fall into, fall is a time of change and transition. Beginning the fall season having already moved into your new home will allow you to devote your energy and attention to the next chapter of your life.

How to Avoid the Potential Challenges of a Summer Move

*Take immediate action. As mentioned earlier, summer is the busiest moving season of the year. That means that the best, most experienced moving companies get booked up quickly. To ensure you are able to squeeze in an end-of-summer move, call your preferred local movers ASAP to secure your moving date of choice.

*Be flexible with your moving date selection. If you’ve got your heart set on moving before the end of the summer, try to be flexible with your moving dates if you can. Preferred movers will have limited availability and you don’t want to be forced to use less reputable movers because your top choice movers are already booked on your desired moving date. The greater your flexibility, the greater the likelihood that you’ll get to work with the professional movers of your choice. At All Jersey Moving & Storage we try to accommodate your last minute and weekend moves whenever we can, but we strongly recommend securing your moving date ASAP to ensure you can move on a date that works for you.

*Consider boarding your pet. Even with experienced professional movers taking care of your moving needs, moving day is an incredibly busy time. In the hustle and bustle, you most likely won’t be able to give your pet the care and attention the need. Your pet may also be frightened or upset by all the unfamiliar faces and unusual activity of moving day. Simplify your move by choosing to board your pet or ask a friend to pet sit so you can focus on other moving day responsibilities.

*Get your kids ready for moving day. While you won’t have to worry about lugging boxes or furniture on moving day if you’ve hired a professional moving company, you’ll still need to be present to direct your movers. If possible, try to arrange for a family member or friend to watch your kids or take them on an outing on moving day. Having peace of mind that they are happy and out of harm’s way will allow you to focus on the task of moving. If having friends or family help out with the kids isn’t possible, consider hiring a babysitter who can watch them while you’re busy with other tasks.

Whether or not you have extra help with the kids on moving day, be sure to leave out a few changes of clothes, toys and games, as well as plenty of snacks for the kids to enjoy after the rest of their belongings and the kitchen has been packed up.

*Invest in packing and unpacking services. Being that it’s now August and there is only one month left of summer, if you want to move this summer you need to take immediate action. When it comes to moving, packing and unpacking is the greatest, most time-consuming undertaking. If your time is limited but you want to make sure your furniture and belongings are safely packed and unpacked, you may want to think about hiring a professional moving company that offers partial or complete packing and unpacking services. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers these services to help reduce the stress of moving and ensure all items being moved are packed with great care.

*Read our moving tips. If you’re unable to afford packing and unpacking services, take some time to review All Jersey Moving & Storage’s Packing Tips Guide. This in-depth packing guide features into our movers’ tips and tricks, having helped thousands of families, professionals, students, and seniors execute smooth, stress-free moves. The guide will teach you the best way to pack just about everything, including live plants, rakes and brooms, lawnmowers, antiques and artwork, flammables and combustibles, small and fragile items, drawers and cabinets, and more. You’ll also learn the importance of properly labeling your boxes and how to do so in a clear, organized way. Doing so will help reduce chaos, confusion and frustration during the unpacking process!

*Donate belongings you no longer want or need. During the packing process, you will most likely come across furniture and other belongings that you no longer want or have a use for in your new home. Being that it’s already August, if you’re planning on a summer move at this point, you might not have the time to sell your items online or organize a moving sale. One way to get rid of unwanted items in reasonable, usable condition more quickly is to simply donate them. Your professional moving company may be able to recommend some local charities that will pick up these items from your home and get them to needy individuals and families who can benefit from them. If your items are too valuable to give away or you may wish to use for them in the future, you may want to think about storing them securely short-term or long-term at a containerized storage facility.

*Consider moving in the fall. A summer move may be optimal, but if you aren’t able to make it happen quickly enough, fall is still a great time to schedule a move. Many people actually prefer a fall move because movers often have greater flexibility with moving dates and may even charge slightly lower rates. If it’s important to you that you move with your preferred moving company on a date of your choice, a fall move may work out better for you. But don’t wait until fall to book your move – call All Jersey Moving & Storage today for a complimentary moving quote.

All Jersey Moving & Storage is Booking Appointments for Summer and Fall.

At All Jersey Moving and Services, we always do our utmost to meet our clients’ scheduling needs. We have spent decades offering best-in-class residential moving and commercial moving! We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering exceptional service EVERY move we make – winter, spring, summer and fall. If you want or need to schedule a move before the end of the summer, our team will try our best to accommodate your needs and date preferences.

Our professional moving and storage services include:

  • Short- and long-term storage
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Senior moving
  • Office and commercial moving
  • Antique moving
  • Piano moving
  • Gun safe moving
  • Last minute moving.

Contact us today for a complimentary quote or to schedule your summer or fall move. We’ll do our best to make your summer move seamless so you can enjoy the sunny dog days of summer with greater peace of mind.

Plus, stay tuned for Part II of “Your Guide to a Stress-Free Summer Move”, where you’ll learn packing tips for a stress-free summer move. We’ll also share what you can do to keep you and your movers cool during your summer move, common summer moving mistakes to avoid, and advice on how to make the most of your summer if you’re planning on moving.

Have a safe and relaxing summer!

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