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Why It Pays To Be Prepared On Moving Day


In the holiday season, shoppers are constantly reminded in stores and advertisements of the countdown to the big day. Despite this, many people tend to leave their preparations until the last minute – the same people who “pull an all nighter” to complete a project or assignment. This can generate a lot of stress and a less-than-perfect outcome.  Leaving preparation for a move until the last minute will often result in great anxiety, added costs and lost or damaged possessions. Working with a professional moving company, even if you’re undertaking a laundry list of moving tasks and chores yourself, is the best way to ensure a smooth transition. We can assess how long packing will take, provide the best materials and give you checklists to make the move more manageable.

Your preparation should begin as soon as you know you’re moving, even if you’re unsure of the exact date. This gives you time to obtain three quotations from potential moving companies. It also gives you the opportunity to check how long the companies have been in business, read reviews of their service and ensure that they’re licensed and insured. All Jersey Moving & Storage has been serving New Jersey and the East Coast since 1992. We have numerous recommendations from satisfied customers on our website and have earned industry awards.

Besides the obvious moving-related tasks that need to be undertaken, there are many more that the average person would not think of or know about. These include:

  • Obtaining a current certificate of veterinary inspection if you’ll be crossing a state line with your pet.
  • Disconnecting your fridge if it's attached to a waterline, at least a couple of days before you move.
  • Contacting the management of buildings with elevators at least 10 days prior to moving day to find out if they require the mover to provide a certificate of insurance.

Allot yourself additional time to make these unexpected arrangements. An experienced moving company will alert you about these issues so they don’t become last minute crises.

Notify your bank, utility and insurance companies and any other service providers who send you mail about your change of address as soon as possible. This avoids disruption and minimizes the possibility of identity theft.

All Jersey Moving & Storage specializes in expedited service on long distance moves within a 500-mile radius of our base in New Jersey, and offers residential or commercial moving with same day or next day service. This saves our customers time and money, but can only be achieved when you are adequately prepared for your movers' arrival. For example, it’s much easier and more efficient to load our trucks if there’s a minimal amount of loose items and the tops of boxes are closed properly and sealed with tape.

Remember to arrange for sitters on moving day if you have children or pets. This ensures that they are safe in a calm atmosphere and allows you to concentrate on the move. Buy some special treats in advance and remember not to pack them away!

Sometimes, despite prior planning, our customers see that they’ll be unable to complete their packing on time. Instead of panicking and throwing items haphazardly into boxes, contact your mover and ask for help. Our packing and unpacking services are surprisingly affordable and ensure that fragile and expensive possessions remain intact. The peace of mind you’ll experience for letting us take care of your problems is priceless.

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