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Why A Cheap Moving Quote Can Be a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Moving can be anxiety inducing for so many reasons, from the difficulty of leaving friends and familiar surroundings to the stress of packing up a lifetime of belongings.

Another reason people get nervous about moving is the price tag.

Moving to a new home can mean major dollar signs, from a new mortgage or higher rent to the cost of new furniture to fit your new space. Understandably, people wonder: where can I cut costs?

Some people choose to avoid the cost of hiring a mover altogether by asking for friends and family to chip in and help execute the move. It’s important to be aware of the risks that come with a DIY move. Moving heavy, delicate or awkwardly shaped furniture and other valued belongings safely requires expertise that your friends and family most likely don’t have. Untrained movers don’t have the appropriate packing and moving equipment to execute the job. This puts your walls, staircases, ceilings, floors and belongings at risk of being seriously damaged. It also means that your loved ones could sustain an injury while helping you move. Lastly, unskilled movers can take a lot longer to move than skilled movers, making it difficult to stay on schedule.

Others who don’t want to pursue a DIY move set out to find a cheap moving company, hoping for the best. But selecting a mover based on low price alone also comes with countless risks, and it’s important to make decisions with these risks in mind.

Here are some important questions to ask:

Do I care about my furniture?

Considerably cheaper moving companies make their money by spending less time on each move or grossly underestimating the time to complete a move to generate an attractive moving quote. These movers don’t take the time necessary to wrap your furniture and belongings correctly to prevent damage. Another way these companies cut their own costs is by employing inexperienced and poorly trained movers, which puts your belongings and home at an even greater risk of being damaged. Needless to say, these damages can be very costly.

Am I willing to take the chance that I might be opening my doors to a criminal?

Often, cheap moving companies have cheap laborers instead of full time, well trained employees. These companies often hire employees without drug-testing or completing background checks. This means that individuals with criminal backgrounds can secure employment as movers with these companies. We don’t have to spell out the risk this poses to your belongings, not to mention your family.

Am I okay with a rental truck or a random, unlettered, ill equipped truck pulling up to my house for my move?

Cheap companies don’t invest in new moving trucks or the quality moving equipment necessary to ensure your move is executed safely and seamlessly. The damage to your belongings incurred due to incorrect packaging and careless moving can be very costly – far more than the money you saved with your low price mover.

Will I be hit with hidden fees on moving day?

Like many industries, the moving business is very competitive. For a local move or a small move, the estimates you receive from various moving companies should be similar within reason if you present the same inventory and logistics. If there is a considerable difference in price, there's definitely a reason. Since local moves are billed on time, there is an honesty factor so make sure the manpower is similar on estimates. How many men and how many hours are they quoting you for? Can you trust them to clock in and out honestly on moving day? Look for reviews to see if customers feel their estimate was way lower than the bill they were presented with on moving day.

On long distance moves, the price can vary considerably for the same service. This is due to efficiencies. That’s why All Jersey Movers are agents for National Van Lines. As agents for National Van Lines, we are able to take advantage of efficiencies and offer our customers more competitive pricing. It is very hard for an independent mover to compete against the larger van lines because they don’t have a large network in place.

Do you own your own home?

Check to see if your moving company insures its workers. Cheap moving companies often don’t, which means that if their workers are injured on the job, they can sue your estate. That is a nightmare no homeowner should have to deal with.

If you’re renting, have no assets and don’t care much about your possessions, then you may want to take the risk and go with the cheapest mover you can find. But most people don’t fall into this category.

When it comes to moving, you get what you pay for. All Jersey Moving & Storage has developed a strong reputation as a trusted, competitively priced mover in the region. We don’t compete on price with the cheapest movers, because we don’t offer a sub-par moving service that puts your belongings and other assets at risk. Moving day is stressful enough. Don’t add to your stress by putting your faith in an inexperienced or dishonest moving company. Do your research, ask for referrals and read online reviews before making your decision.

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