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Who Would You Trust to Move Your Manor Estate?


Most of the time people search for a reputable moving company, they need assistance moving or storing the contents of their apartment, condominium, dorm room, townhouse or home, not a mansion or manor. Everyone making an investment in a moving company deserves to work with movers they can trust to do their job safely, honestly and on schedule. Unfortunately, however, ill-experienced and rogue movers who damage peoples’ homes and valuable possessions or surprise people with “hidden fees” when the bill arrives abound.

Regardless of the scope of your move, if you’re searching for a reliable moving company you need to do your due diligence. This means speaking with friends and family and consulting independent crowd-sourced websites for recommendations. It is also a wise idea to find out how long the moving company you are considering has been in business. You don’t open your door on moving day to discover an unemployed body builder with a van who decided the prior day that moving is an easy way to make money. All Jersey Moving & Storage was established in 1992 and has undertaken thousands of successful moves since then. We have a history of providing great service and have earned prestigious Super Service Awards from Angie’s List.

A Historic Move: The Cornelius Low House

Because of All Jersey Moving & Storage’s extensive experience executing moves in the New Jersey Area and across the United States, we have been sought out for special moving projects in addition to the traditional residential and office moving projects that are the bread and butter of our business.

One such project was moving and storing the contents of the Cornelius Low House, a Georgian manor in Piscataway, Middlesex County in New Jersey. The Cornelius Low House was a two-story stone home built in 1741 for a wealthy merchant of Dutch ancestry. Also known by the name Ivy Hall, the Cornelius Low House is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places. It houses the Cornelius Low House/Middlesex County Museum.

As the residence undergoes renovations, All Jersey Moving & Storage was contracted to pack up the museum’s contents and temporarily move them to our containerized storage facility. When furniture is stored in our facility, it is carefully blanket wrapped and remains so until it's safely removed from storage. All items are stored securely in sturdy wooden containers - the optimal environment for valuables such as furniture and other delicates. In executing the Cornelius Low House move, our moving experts packed antique artwork, furniture and other valuable items with the utmost care into boxes. Certain delicate antiques were packaged into special wooden crates for added protection before being transported to our storage center.

How has All Jersey Moving & Storage Become One of the Most Sought After Moving Companies in New Jersey and across the East Coast?

Since 1992, All Jersey Moving & Storage has been dedicated to providing neat, professional, and reliable service that exceeds customers’ expectations. By training and providing high quality employees, we have earned a reputation as trusted leaders in the moving and storage industry. The All Jersey Moving & Storage team has experience safely and efficiently moving valuable contents of all shapes and sizes, including antique furniture, fine artwork, pianos and more. We use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that clients’ valuables and home are protected every step of the moving process.

Whether you are moving to a sprawling new home or to a modest apartment in the city, All Jersey Moving & Storage is here to ensure your move is both successful and stress-free. Understanding that your possessions are valuable and your time is priceless, we do our utmost to meet or exceed your moving expectations. Contact an All Jersey Moving & Storage representative today!

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