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Who’s Handling Your Office Move?


Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or simply relocating, moving a business office is a logistical challenge. Moving your business requires consideration of a multitude of factors from the logistics of the move itself to how to minimize the disruption of the move on business operations.

Many business owners who haven’t experienced an office move before make the mistake of searching for a residential moving company to execute their office move. But the truth is not all moves (or movers, for that matter!) are created equal. Choosing a moving company with expertise in office moving can spell the difference between a moving disaster and a smooth, successful move.

Proficiency in office moving matters a lot more than you might think. A skilled office mover has the experience and know-how to handle all your moving needs, whether you have a small one-room office or a large corporate office with hundreds of employees.

Professional office movers master the techniques necessary to safely move office equipment and furniture, such as customized office systems, copiers, computers, printers, and fireproof file cabinets. These costly items can be delicate, heavy or awkwardly shaped and difficult to maneuver. Experienced movers have the training and experience necessary to move office furniture and equipment safely without causing costly damage and disruption to business once the office move is complete. Office movers protect these items by packing them securely and transporting them using specialized equipment.

Most residential moving companies don’t have the experience or equipment to perform an efficient office move. All Jersey Moving & Storage is an exception. Our team has decades of experience performing both residential moves as well as small and large scale office moves. We have the packing supplies and moving equipment necessary to safely move office furniture and equipment including plastic crates; computer, library and panel carts; Masonite; speed packs; dollies; keyboard and mouse bags; and more. Securing professional office movers reduces the risk of damage to furniture and electronic equipment in transit, not to mention damage to the walls, stairwells, and floors of the new office space!

Understandably, business owners and managers fear the disruption that moving their office will have to business operations. Working with highly recommended professional office movers is the surest way to achieve the most efficient, cost-effective and stress-free move so your team can get back to “business as usual”.

At All Jersey, we also offer partial and complete packing & unpacking services so that you can focus on the bottom line rather than bubble wrap and boxes. If you do plan to take responsibility for packing, we recommend starting as early as possible, especially items that aren’t used frequently. This will give your team time to pack in an organized and efficient fashion. We recommend marking the tops and sides of your boxes and creating a labelling system so your movers can strategically pack their trucks, keep track of your items, and unpack your boxes and equipment correctly at your new location. “Strategic packing” will also make it much easier for your employees to find what they need when they arrive at your new office space.

Take a look at our Office Moving Guide for helpful tips on how to protect your valuable technological equipment, keep your information and files secure, how to purge your office of unneeded items, and much more.

To avoid damage to your valuable technological equipment, make sure to wrap each monitor with anti-static bubble wrap and secure the wrap with tape. Be careful not to get tape on the monitor itself and never place monitors in boxes or stack computers on top of each other. To ensure your online files are absolutely secure, back up all data on a removable hard drive.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has become known as one of the best, most reputable office movers and commercial moving service companies in New Jersey.  Contact us today for a free estimate on your upcoming office move.

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