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What’s Worth Spending More on When You Move?


Moving can be an expensive experience. If you’re selling your home, you have realtor’s and lawyer’s fees; if you’re swapping apartments there are deposits or first and last months’ rent. Both moves often require buying new window treatments or suitable furniture. Some of our clients also take the opportunity to start afresh and replace old mattresses or appliances. With so many large disbursements, it can be tempting to save on other aspects of the move. Here are some areas where you may be tempted to cut back, but it wouldn’t be wise to do so.

  • Packing materials – It seems to be a universal idea that possessions can be wrapped in old newspapers and packed in boxes from a local supermarket. People also feel virtuous, thinking that they’re recycling and making an eco-friendly choice. Many don’t even look into the cost of plain newsprint or new boxes. These items are actually very reasonably priced and can save you time and hassle in other ways. Using new unprinted newsprint means there are no black streaks on your stemware or dinnerware and you can put them straight into the cupboards at your new home. You’ll be making a green choice too as you won’t run multiple loads in your dishwasher and you can always advertise the empty boxes on a free classified site. Using new boxes means no bacteria from food items previously stored in boxes at the supermarket.
  • A good mover – It’s optimal to find a balance between an upscale moving company and a guy with a truck. Obtain at least three quotes and look for recommendations from satisfied clients about movers combining a fair price with excellent service. All Jersey Moving & Storage will obtain the maximum amount of information from you before providing you with a detailed estimate and a reasonable fixed rate fee. This means that you’ll know upfront what you’re going to spend on this component of the move and can splurge elsewhere, like eating a great meal at a local restaurant the night before moving day.
  • Outside assistance – Since most people don’t move frequently, they’re often inaccurate in their estimates of how long it will take to pack their belongings and clear clutter. They also fail to factor in their own hourly rate and how tired they’ll be as moving day draws near. Services that seem like luxuries months before the feel like life savers as the move approaches. These include enlisting help with packing, and setting up furniture or office cubicles at the new destination.  All Jersey Moving & Storage can assist with these tasks and last minute moving for a surprisingly affordable fee. Since we’re professional movers, we complete these tasks much faster than you can, speedily bringing you priceless peace of mind. And because our rates are low, you can probably afford to hire a professional cleaning service too.
  • Carpet and dry cleaning – When will you have another opportunity to clean your carpets without removing furniture? This is a great time to have the rugs at your new home professionally cleaned, especially if they’ve become soiled by the foot traffic of other potential buyers. If you’re pressed for time before moving or are starting a new job as soon as you relocate, forget about doing the laundry and send your clothes to a professional cleaner. Beginning with a week’s worth of clean garments at your new destination will remove a tiresome chore when you’re already dealing with many changes.
  • Offloading unwanted possessions – You’ve promised your cousin that coffee table you no longer use but have realised you don’t have the time to move it yourself. Or you’ve vowed to get rid of many possessions but are running out of time to sort them. Don’t assume that a junk removal service will be cheap or will donate those items to charity. Speak to your moving company about transporting them or providing storage until you have the time to go through them at your leisure. All Jersey Moving & Storage can remove the unwanted pieces or store those you’re undecided about in our secure containerized storage facility for a low monthly charge.

We’re not only passionate about our service, but also about giving back to our community. All Jersey Moving & Storage supports Furniture Assist, a local which supplies social services clients with furniture they otherwise could not afford.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our affordability.

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