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Often people think that using a professional organizer or mover is an extravagance only the wealthy can afford. However, as they start the sometimes huge and daunting task of preparing for a move, they may realize that specialized help can end up saving them time, money and stress.

If they’ve stayed in the same home or office for a long time, even the most disciplined and orderly person may find they have more possessions than they realized. Clothes or papers may have been boxed neatly and stored in a locker or basement but rarely accessed. For a “pack rat” or a sentimental soul, pruning their stuff can be overwhelming.  Here are some tips to help.


  • Assessing the scope of the move

Unlike many moving companies, All Jersey Moving & Storage has extensive experience with business relocation. We provide free on-site estimates and prepare a comprehensive moving proposal. Contact us for a moving quote.

  • Managing the project

Once our proposal is accepted, we assign a project manager to assist you and your staff with all the planning and operations stages.

  • Assigning responsibility

All Jersey Moving & Storage fully discusses packing, explaining your responsibility, our responsibilities, and the materials, moving equipment and procedures involved.  Packing and labeling instructions are provided to aid verbal explanation. 

  • Creating a detailed system

We provide you with our labeling system including color-coding, room diagrams, directional placards, and preparing sensitive or fragile items for shipment. 

  • Doing the work

All Jersey Moving & Storage can undertake all of your packing and unpacking requirements, including filing cabinets, server rooms and PCs.

A reputable, experienced moving company like ours provides most of the services of a professional organizer as part of our regular commercial moving operation at no additional charge.


  • Getting started

A professional organizer can motivate clients to begin the process and make substantial progress. They typically require a block of time but achieve far more during several hours than the average person.

  • Making decisions

Professional organizers will help clients make hard choices about what to keep and what to discard. They sometimes suggest moving possessions offsite so clients can see if they can live without the items they’re unsure about. All Jersey Moving & Storage can assist by providing secure warehouse facilities for short-term or long-term storage.

  • Organizing belongings

Professional organizers have ingenious ideas about how to store clothes, shoes and other belongings in an orderly fashion. We can supply specialized items like wardrobe boxes to maintain the great system the organizer implemented in your closet.

  • Packing possessions

To pack lamps, mirrors and breakables, a professional mover is the best choice. For the person feeling stressed from downsizing and disposing of cherished items, All Jersey Moving & Storage offers professional packing of living and dining rooms for around $500 including labor and materials. This ensures the items you’ve decided to keep survive the move intact.

  • Implementing systems

The goal of a reputable organizer is for the client to learn to maintain what they have achieved together. For customers who can only afford a few sessions with an organizer or who need more guidance, All Jersey Moving & Storage provides comprehensive advice and resources on our website. Feel free to speak to us in person too – call 1-800-922-9109 or fill in our online form. We’re always glad to assist.