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Tips for a Successful Move in 2023

After ushering in 2023, you’re ready to kick off the new year by planning your move to a new home. Perhaps you’re moving because you have been offered a great new job, want to be closer to family, or simply found a community that better fits your budget or lifestyle. Whatever the reason for your upcoming move, the secret to a successful move is actually pretty straightforward. The better you plan, the smoother your move will be!

All Jersey Moving & Storage has been helping professionals, families, seniors and students move to their new homes for decades. Our team is dedicated to making moving as stress-free an experience as possible. With New Years now behind us, the movers at All Jersey are here to share insider knowledge gained from years of residential moving experience to help ensure a successful move in 2023!

Choose Professional Movers You Can Trust

One of the biggest action steps you can take to ensure a successful move is to hire an experienced professional moving team. Movers are not all created equal! Rogue movers, unfortunately, abound. Professional movers are insured, experienced movers who have the expertise and equipment necessary to execute an efficient, successful move. Be sure to ask friends and family for movers they have used, as online reviews aren’t always reliable. Get a few customized moving quotes to make sure the service you’re comparing is comparable. Never wait to sign a contract until moving day! Have your quote in writing, and make sure it is detailed and accurately reflects what needs to be moved. A contract is there to protect all parties, and should avoid frustration on moving day.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has been a member of the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association for over 15 years. The company has received the Association’s “Circle of Excellence” designation for movers who go above and beyond industry standards. All Jersey Moving & Storage has also won a variety of awards, reflecting the team’s commitment to exceptional service.

Secure Your Preferred Moving Date ASAP

Once you have selected a reputable moving company, the next step is securing your moving date. Let your moving company know your preferred moving date as soon as possible, to ensure you can move on a date that is most convenient for you. Keep in mind that spring and summer are the “busy season” when it comes to moving. It is especially important to secure your moving date well in advance if you plan on moving during the warmer months or on a weekend. Even if you plan on moving in the winter months, it’s a good idea to secure your moving company of choice as soon as possible.

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we understand that sometimes people need to move urgently, with little notice. We do our utmost to accommodate last-minute moves and weekend moving requests whenever possible.

Pack like a Moving Pro

It’s no secret that many people dread the packing process before a big move. The reason is simple – packing can be a gargantuan undertaking. It takes a lifetime to accumulate your belongings, so naturally, sorting through and packing them can feel like a daunting task. Procrastinating packing is understandable, but doing so makes for a much more stressful and chaotic moving process as moving day approaches. It is a good idea to begin packing at least a month before your move. Make sure you have all the materials you will need to pack, including sturdy boxes, wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap, box cutters, labels, permanent markers, etc. That way, your progress won’t be unnecessarily delayed when you run out of packing materials.

It’s important to sort your belongings into clear categories, such as: “keep”, “sell”, “donate”, and “trash”. Items you wish to keep obviously need to be organized and carefully packed. Belongings you wish to sell should be advertised as quickly as possible, to increase the likelihood of getting an acceptable offer. You can host a yard sale (weather permitting) or post the furniture and other items you would like to sell on online marketplace platforms. As you sort through your belongings, you may come across items you want to give away to friends or family, and others that you wish to donate. Leave yourself ample time to do so, to avoid being overwhelmed with tasks as moving day approaches. If you wish to donate items, ask your movers for recommendations of non-profit organizations in your area that may accept or even pick up your donations.

Tackle packing slowly and consistently, to avoid getting overwhelmed or burnt out. Beginning at least one month prior to moving day, set aside time each day for packing. Some people start by packing smaller rooms, such as laundry rooms or bathrooms, because doing so gives them confidence and energizes them to tackle larger rooms. Others challenge themselves to begin with the most challenging areas, such as the kitchen or master bedroom, because once these rooms are complete the rest seem easy to conquer in comparison.

Remember to clearly mark the contents of each box you pack, and note their intended destination (i.e. “Kitchen – pots and pans”, “Children’s bedroom – linens and pillows”, etc.), This will help your movers ensure that each one of your boxes are transported to the correct location, and will ultimately make the unpacking process much smoother and more efficient. If you’re weary about the packing process or concerned about packing under a time crunch, you may want to consider investing in partial or complete packing and/or unpacking services. The All Jersey Moving & Storage team is seasoned in the science of secure and efficient packing! If this service is out of budget, review All Jersey’s moving tips to ensure the packing process goes smoothly.

Minimize Moving Day Stress

Moving day can be utterly exhausting, even if you’re well prepared for it. Thankfully there are many practical steps you can take to minimize stress and tension on moving day. First and foremost, hiring professional movers will alleviate a lot of preventable moving mishaps. Professional short- and long-distance movers have a system for efficient moving! A reputable residential moving team will have the knowledge and equipment necessary to protect your home and belongings throughout the move. There is nothing more stressful than having inexperienced or reckless movers damage furniture or cause structural damage to your new home, so be sure the movers you have hired are reputable and insured.

Another important action you can take to minimize moving day stress is to ensure you have adequate child and pet care. Even with professional movers, you will be busy on moving day answering questions and directing traffic. Fulfilling your moving responsibilities can be difficult when simultaneously tending to young children and pets. If you have the luxury, consider hiring a babysitter for the day or boarding your pets. Knowing they are in good hands will allow you the peace of mind necessary to focus on other responsibilities of the day.

Be sure to pack a bag of necessities you will need access to on moving day. This may include a change of clothing, phone chargers, snacks and bottled drinks, important documents, tissues and basic toiletries.

Make Your House a Home

So much emphasis is placed on preparing for a big move, packing and surviving the chaos of moving day. But sometimes, not enough attention is paid to adjusting to life in your new home after the movers have gone home. Make sure you have what you’ll need for the first few days you have moved into your new home before you are unpacked. Items you’ll need will include fresh towels and toiletries, bed linens, a few changes of clothing, hand soap, toilet paper, etc. Tackle unpacking methodically, beginning first with boxes of items you use frequently, such as clothing, dishes and bathroom items. Items you use less frequently, such as tools, seasonal items, fine dishware, etc. don’t need to be unpacked right away. By taking off the pressure to unpack everything immediately, you decrease the likelihood of burnout out.

Besides unpacking, there are other practical steps you can take to make your house feel more like home. Décor will give life to your new living space. Hang your favorite works of art and pictures of loved ones, decorate with keepsakes from your travels, refresh your home give your home a fresh coat of paint, fand pick up decorative items in colors and textures you’re most drawn to.

Finally, your house will feel more like home when you begin creating new memories there! Consider inviting a few close friends over for pizza and wine; a board game or movie night; or a backyard BBQ. Take time to explore your new neighborhood, visiting local restaurants and cafes, walking paths and shops. The more familiar your home and neighborhood, the more at home you will feel.

All Jersey Moving & Storage – First Choice Movers for Your 2023 Move!



All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped countless professionals and families move across New Jersey, the East Coast and beyond. Whether you’re moving locally or to a state across the country, our team is dedicated to making your 2023 move as efficient and stress-free as possible. Our professional moving services include:

*Local and long distance residential moving. Whether you’re moving to an apartment just a few blocks away or to a new home in a neighboring state, our experienced movers are here to help you.
*Moving experts. All Jersey Moving and Storage’s local and residential movers have experience moving antiques, pianos, fine art and more. We use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that your valuables and your home are protected from the moment we arrive at your old house or apartment until your items are safely unloaded at your destination.
*Packing and unpacking. If you’re moving for a new job opportunity or simply don’t have the time to pack, our experienced moving team can step in and assist with packing and/or unpacking your belongings. Investing in partial or complete packing and/or unpacking services makes moving much less burdensome, to say the least!
*Apartment moving. All Jersey movers are experienced at helping students, professionals and young families move into apartments in busy city centers.
*Containerized storage. If you have valuable or sentimental items you cannot store in your new home, considering temporarily storing them at All Jersey’s containerized storage facility in New Jersey. Containerized storage gives you a safe, secure solution for storing items short or long term.
*Last minute moving. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of planning a move well in advance. The team at All Jersey Moving & Storage tries to accommodate last-minute moving requests as well as weekend moving requests, whenever possible.

If you’re planning a 2023 move, don’t procrastinate. Taking a proactive approach to planning is the best step you can take to ensure a successful move. Call All Jersey Moving & Storage today for a complimentary comprehensive moving estimate!

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