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The Tipping Point - Should you Tip Your Movers?

When planning a move, many individuals choose to hire a professional moving company. They research their options and carefully select the one that they hope will provide the best and most professional service. Moving is indeed a service, but since it’s not one which individuals encounter regularly (like they do at restaurants or salons), they may find themselves wondering what standard tipping practices are in this industry. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, tipping etiquette is a popular inquiry. The answers to “Do I tip?” and “How much do I tip?” vary and are dependent on a number of factors. Are you moving locally or long distance? Were your movers courteous and professional?


Here are a few such questions to ask yourself in order to determine whether or not to tip your movers, and how much! 


Were you satisfied?


Like in any industry, if you tip, and how much you tip depends largely on the quality of the service you receive. If you feel that your movers met or even exceeded your expectations, it would be appropriate to acknowledge their good service with a tip. If, however, you don't feel that you received good service (for instance, if your movers were impolite, arrived hours late or caused damage to your belongings), then don't feel obligated to tip. 


Did they have to work in difficult conditions?


Professional movers will always have easier jobs and harder jobs.  For example, some moves might involve multiple sets of stairs or very steep stairs. Some homes may be immaculate while others may be dilapidated and dusty. Sometimes, your movers will confront unforeseen obstacles that make the job much more difficult but don’t affect the base price of the job. So, while they may have to face challenges such as unforeseen weather conditions like a snowstorm, a downpour or a heat wave, your movers aren’t necessarily getting paid more to work in those difficult conditions. If you know that your home or moving day conditions presented challenges for your movers, try to tip them in acknowledgement of their hard work under difficult circumstances.  


Did your movers go beyond the call of duty?


Your movers’ job is to move your furniture and belongings from one home to the other in a safe and professional way. Anything beyond that is going above the call of duty. If, for example, they worked hard to accommodate your last-minute move, or if, on moving day, they assisted you with last minute packing even though that’s not their responsibility, or if they patiently moved furniture from room to room in your new home as you decided where it best belonged, show your appreciation through a tip.


Tipping Calculator


After answering these questions, it’s up to you to decide how much to tip. Our movers work hard so they appreciate a tip, but they don't expect one. We believe that customers should feel that their movers did a great job and be satisfied with the quality of service they received before reaching into their pockets. 


While it’s up to you to decide the exact amount, if you’re looking for some guidance, try using our Moving Tipping Calculator to decide on an appropriate tip.


For movers who will undoubtedly deliver tip-worthy service, contact All Jersey Moving & Storage today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll handle your move - whether it’s local or long distance, commercial or residential - with professionalism and exceptional service.