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The Tipping Point - Should you Tip Your Movers?


The big day has finally arrived when you’re leaving your present home for another. This major life event is usually preceded by a lot of preparation and brings mixed emotions – excitement, nostalgia, sadness and relief.

Some people take advantage of extra services offered by their moving company like packing and unpacking if they find they’re running out of time or don’t think they can do a thorough job of protecting their valuable possessions. If they’ve done their homework, they’ve asked for recommendations, searched online for reviews or consulted the Better Business Bureau before choosing a moving company. They’re allowing strangers into their house whom they probably can’t supervise all the time so they need to know they’re trustworthy and bonded.

An established moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage never uses casual labor and trains our employees thoroughly. We don’t want our clients to worry about their biggest purchase – their home – or the contents accumulated over a lifetime and the family members which it contains being in the hands of unskilled or untrustworthy people.  We try to establish rapport and work with you as a team to minimize stress and pack your home efficiently. Often customers are so pleased that they insist on providing refreshments, a meal or a tip to our employees.

Our staff never expect to be tipped and do the job to the best of their ability – we want to provide five star service no matter what.  Tipping is appreciated but not expected. All Jersey Moving & Storage understands that moving usually involves a lot of different expenses. We also aim to offer the best moving experience at a surprisingly affordable price so you’ll never have to feel resentful about being overcharged and thus annoyed at the thought of tipping on top of your bill.  Get a free quote now and see for yourself.

What’s the average tip movers receive?

We’ve found that typically people give about 8% of their moving cost.

What’s the etiquette for tipping?

Typically the customer hands the tip to the foreman, who distributes equal amounts to the movers. Sometimes a customer wants to give the foreman extra; in that case it’s best for the customer to hand out the tip individually.

How much do people give packers?

It’s not unusual for packers to receive a tip, which ranges from $10 to $20 each.

When should a tip be given for a same day or next day delivery?

A tip upon completion is perfect.

What if it’s a cross country move or one involving two teams?

In that case, it would be best to split the tip and give the movers a portion after the loading is completed and the remainder upon completion.

Besides the usual services that moving companies provide, we specialize in moving valuable but fragile items like artwork and antiques; heavy, awkward but delicate pianos as well as gun safes that can weigh a couple hundred to over a thousand pounds.  Not every moving company has the experience and expertise necessary to handle these items safely while ensuring there’s no damage to floors, walls or stairs.  Unlike some people assume, moving doesn’t just involve brawn and muscle. Often our clients are so grateful and relieved to see these valuable items remain intact that they happily compensate the skilled workers who made it happen. 

All Jersey Moving & Storage is also extra-careful with moves involving children, seniors and pets. Our customers are thrilled to see that we’ve made a stressful day as easy as possible for their nearest and dearest and often tip our workers in appreciation. We can also step in to provide last minute moving, something our relieved customers feel is priceless.

Even if you don’t want to tip, we have plenty of moving tips to give you – free of charge.  Contact us now and see how you can save money on your move.