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The Pros and Cons of Moving to an Adult Community

Adult communities are residential retirement communities for older adults who are able to take care of themselves and live independently, although certain aspects of assisted care may be available. Adult communities are often made up of individuals in similar circumstances who are new to retirement, but also looking for opportunities for social activities, leisure and friendships. They’re often situated in smaller subdivisions with a recreation center and rules made to protect residents’ lifestyles.

One of the smartest decisions a senior can make is to move into an adult community. The surplus of benefits and the emotional support an adult community provides make senior living appealing. Such a move is the start of a new chapter and is an exciting time!

However, there are some challenges to overcome when you decide to move into an adult community, such as downsizing and leaving the familiar behind. As you consider a senior move for yourself or your loved one, here are the pros and cons of moving to an adult community.

We hope you’ll take this list and thoroughly review it before making your decision.

Pros of Moving to an Adult Community

A variety of enjoyable activities.

Often times, retirement communities have activities catered towards an older age group. This makes it easy to enjoy activities you know and love as well as continue to challenge yourself to try new things as you age, The activities are designed to encourage active participation in the community. Organized activities are available all year-round, and are varied to fit to engage people with diverse interests and personalities types.

Social opportunities for friendships.

Given that many residents are from the same age bracket and there are group activities, there are countless opportunities to build friendships. This is a huge advantage for adults who may have found themselves feeling lonely as they age. Adult communities make it easy to establish new social connections as there are activities and ample time to get to know one another in a natural, relaxed setting. This is one of the main perks of living in an adult community. It’s something you don’t find as easily in regular communities.

Recreation centers for activities and exercise.

You may be able to find a retirement community with a recreation center. This could include space for board games, ping pong, or even a pool and BBQ area. An adult community with a fitness center may also be worth looking into, as this can help individuals stay healthy and fit so they can ensure their independence.

Less house cleaning and yard work to take care of.

One of the major benefits of a retirement community is the little time and energy needed to take care of your house and yard. Some adult communities actually include yard work services. This allows you to enjoy other aspects of life without worrying about maintaining a large home and yard. In addition, downsizing into a smaller retirement home means there is less space to clean. Many adults appreciate how this automatically lightens their load of responsibility.

A quiet environment.

Seeing as adult communities are often exclusively for adults above the age of 55, you’ll find that they are tranquilly quiet. There are no loud kids running through the streets or teenagers disturbing your sleep late at night with blaring music. It’s a wonderful reprieve and can be a very peaceful place to live.

Independent living for older age groups.

Adult communities are ideal for early years in retirement when you are active and still looking for an independent lifestyle without care from service providers. They bring a sense of freedom and independence.

Cons of Moving to an Adult Community

Lack of diversity in age.

Some may find the absence of children or young adults challenging. They may miss the variety of pace found in a traditional neighborhood. In addition, younger family members will not be able to stay with you for long periods of time. This may be a concern if you live with family or want to spend extended periods with grandchildren.

No care services.

Adult communities typically do not include assisted living. There are no care services available, unless you pay to bring them in yourself. Pay attention to your community rules as some do not allow certain service types.

Unable to share your real estate investment with family.

Purchasing a home in an adult community is a real estate investment, but it is not one that can be directly shared with family. If your home is ever unoccupied, you cannot invite family under 55 to move in. The home will need to be sold or rented to continue to be an investment for the entire family.

Emotional challenges may be present.

Naturally, moving at any time in life presents emotional challenges. However, moving into an adult community may feel particularly emotionally challenging. Not only does it require leaving your comfortable, familiar home behind, but you must also enter uncharted territory — retirement. However, your senior years don’t have to feel like a step down. Instead, it can be an exciting opportunity to live your best life. This stage in life includes ample time to focus on enjoying hobbies and relationships.

Moving into an adult community brings the difficulty of downsizing.

Over the course of your life, you have likely accumulated many possessions. You may be living in the biggest house you’ve ever owned. And yet, moving to an adult community may require downsizing. Although this may seem overwhelming, it’s also an opportunity for a fresh, simple start. Plus, containerized storage may serve as the solution — a location to store your possessions of monetary or sentimental value until they can find an appropriate home.

Difficulty of sorting and packing possessions.

Moving also brings the daunting challenge of sorting through and packing all of your possessions. However, when you begin the process well in advance and move methodically room by room, packing can be doable. Contrarily, if you find that you are overwhelmed by this obstacle, All Jersey Moving & Storage offers partial and complete packing services. Take a look at more of our moving tips here.

Tips for a Rewarding Move

Start preparing as early as possible to move into your adult community of choice.

It’s important to prepare as soon as possible for your move, especially as you may be downsizing which requires pairing down your belongings. Seniors may require more time to determine what belongings to keep as many will have sentimental value. Be sure to verify the size of your new home and each room so you can strategically decide what to bring. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help. Also, consider donating what you no longer use or need. You can even hand down items of importance to family members who will appreciate them.

Temporarily store belongings as needed.

If you find that you run out of time before you can properly review all of your items, consider temporarily storing them. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, our containerized storage is a safe and stress-free way to store your furniture or important items.

Replicate your old home in your new house.

Consider placing your items in a familiar way in your new house. Moving into a new community does not mean that everything you do has to be new and unfamiliar. Arrange your bookshelf similarly or mirror the layout of your living room. Do what you need to do to feel comfortable and at home in your adult community.

Hiring the Right Professional Movers.

Moving successfully and without stress into an adult community may require hiring professional movers. Moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage have the right experience, proper equipment and friendly disposition required to make your move the best it can be. Here are some benefits of working with a professional moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage:

Professional movers can pack and unpack all of your belongings.

The process of narrowing down your items alone can be stressful and time-consuming. Once you have decided which items to bring to your adult community, turning to a professional mover to pack and unpack can save you a lot of time and prevent avoidable worry. Our packing and unpacking services at All Jersey Moving & Storage ensure that the same team who packs up your belongings will also unpack them. This makes it a more streamlined process, and increases peace of mind for seniors who are uneasy about strangers handling their belongings. By the time you move into your adult community, you’ll be familiar with your moving team and happy to see them in your new home, unpacking all of your items efficiently and safely. Relying on professionals to pack and unpack also makes the process much faster, easing the transition into a new community.

Protect heirlooms and antiques with expert care.

Moving companies have the proper packing material and experience to ensure that your priceless items are transported securely. This is often a main concern for seniors. All Jersey Moving & Storage makes sure that your valuables are protected every step of the way. Our custom crating is available for glass tops, delicate mirrors, intricate chandeliers and other significant possessions.

Decrease stress levels.

Moving often brings inherent stress and worry. Hiring a professional moving company to take care of your move helps alleviate stress and allows you to focus on meeting new neighbors or decorating your new home.

Why All Jersey Moving & Storage is the Right Company for You

As you can see, hiring a professional moving company can ensure a smooth and seamless experience — making the move into an adult community that much more exciting.

We’d like you to note that All Jersey Moving & Storage may be the best choice available for seniors moving to adult communities. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can read scores of reviews on our website, see what we’re up to on social media, and even contact us for a free moving estimate.

Other benefits of working with our company, established in 1992, include:

  • We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the Super Service Awards from Angie’s List.
  • A firm and clear legal contract provided upfront. This protects you and us, creating a professional experience all around.
  • Services available in New Jersey and nationwide through our trusted partners.
  • Storage services to protect items you want to hold on to for the time being.
  • We care about our clients. All of our staff are trained to provide best-in-class service with friendly care.

We’ve moved hundreds of families and businesses, seniors included. Moving isn’t just a matter of transporting your possessions – it’s a process of moving your entire life. Our team is trained to make this experience a positive one for you and your family.

We minimize the stress and amplify the fresh start a move can mean for you. We’re experts in all aspects of moving. Our expert care and professional services are just what you need as you move to an adult community.

Contact us here for your free moving estimate. We can’t wait to help you start this next chapter in your life.

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