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The ABCs of Boxes and Other Moving Basics

Congratulations, it’s official: You’re moving! Whether you got a new job, are downsizing or are relocating to be closer to family, moving is a major life change. Unfortunately, like all significant life changes, moving can be stressful. In fact, moving ranks amongst the most stressful life events, along with divorce and job loss!

If you’ve moved before, you know that moving is a tremendous undertaking. This is true even if you’re only moving down the block or to a neighborhood nearby. Moving to another city or state requires even more planning and hard work.

Packing and Peace of Mind

Moving to a new home involves sorting through all your belongings, packing them, unpacking them, and finding a place for them all in your new home. If you have a lot of possessions or haven’t sorted through your belonging in a while, this process can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming.

The best way to ensure a successful move is to start packing early. Professional movers like All Jersey Moving & Storage often recommend getting started a minimum of a month prior to your move. That way you can work your way slowly and methodically through your belongings without getting overwhelmed or physically exhausted.

Another way to make packing more manageable is to have a concrete plan. Identify which room you will begin with, which you will tackle next, and so on. The first step is to sort through your belongings, identifying which you intend to keep, sell, give away, place in storage or throw out.

Once you have identified which of your belongings you plan to keep, begin packing items you don’t use on a regular basis and are unlikely to need prior to moving. Items that are used regularly should be packed last.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Proper packing is a critical part of the moving process and also one of the biggest challenges a homeowner faces when they move. Many people either don’t want to, are unable to or don’t have the time to spend evenings and weekends packing. They turn to All Jersey Moving & Storage for assistance with packing their belongings in preparation for an upcoming move. We offer both full and partial packing and unpacking services depending on each client’s specific needs.

Getting Practical – Packing Boxes and Other Materials

When people envision moving, they picture moving boxes – and lots of them! One of the best ways to ensure a smooth move is to ensure you have the physical materials you’ll need to execute your move. With these moving materials easily accessible, you will avoid having to run out searching for materials at the last minutes – disruptions that are aggravating and waste precious time when moving day is fast-approaching.

Reputable and experienced professional moving companies will come equipped with everything they need to execute your move on moving day, from dollies to padding to protect your furniture. But all your packing needs to be complete prior to your movers’ arrival and you are responsible for obtaining your own packing materials.

Here are some of the moving supplies you’ll need:

Moving Boxes.

One of the most basic moving supplies you’ll need is boxes in varying sizes. While you will require large or extra-large boxes for large items, it’s also important to have small and medium-sized boxes on hand. If a box is overstuffed with too many items, you increase the risk of the box breaking and the contents spilling out. Prevent this from happening by placing heavy items in smaller boxes. Lightweight items can be placed in larger boxes and still be moved with relative ease. Try to fill your boxes to capacity so they don’t buckle under weight when stacked, but don’t overstuff them either. Doing so increases the likelihood of your boxes breaking and your belongings getting damaged or lost in transit. Boxes that are neither overfilled nor underfilled are easily and neatly stacked, allowing for secure transport.

Other Moving Supplies.

Another essential moving supply is tape. Be sure to stock up on shipping tape for sealing boxes, masking tape for labeling boxes, duct tape or strapping tape for reinforcing and closing heavier boxes, and painter’s tape for any immediate painting and frame hanging projects in your new home. To ensure you don’t run out during the packing and moving process, purchase at least two rolls of each type of tape. Also make sure that you have several pairs of scissors and box cutters on hand for packing and unpacking, as well as permanent markers and/or colored stickers for labeling boxes.

It’s also imperative that you buy protective packing materials such as packing paper and bubble wrap to keep your belongings and fragile items safe for transport. Ask your professional moving company for guidance on how to properly pack artwork, antiques, electronics and other fragile items for safe transport. All Jersey Moving & Storage specializes in the safe transport of antiques, fine art, pianos and other large or delicate items that require expertise to safely move.

Finding the Right Moving Boxes 

Many people try to cut down their moving costs by obtaining gently used boxes from various places, such as liquor stores, grocery stores or friends and family. While used boxes offer financial benefits, there are other factors to consider when deciding whether or not to invest in new boxes for moving.

  1. New moving boxes are easier to seal and label. With new moving boxes, you don’t have to worry about mending holes or taping up tears. They also aren’t marked up by previous users, making them easier to label.
  2. New moving boxes are sturdier. Your moving boxes need to be durable enough to protect your most valuable belongings for the duration of their journey to your new home. Oftentimes used boxes are so worn that they buckle or break during transport, which can result in the loss or damage of your possessions. This can be avoided by purchasing sturdy new boxes.
  3. New boxes are easier to stack. Movers stack boxes in their moving trucks, so it’s importantly that your boxes be strong enough to support the weight of other boxes. New boxes tend to hold up better than used ones do. You don’t want to arrive at your new home and discover that the boxes at the bottom of the stack were crushed along with their contents.
  4. You can choose the boxes you need. Those who plan to find used moving boxes often don’t have the luxury of being picky. Purchasing new boxes allows you to be selective about exactly what kind of boxes you need. There are many different types of moving boxes available for purchase. You can find a wider variety of new moving boxes for specific purposes than you may be able to find used. For example, dish packs are designed specifically for dishes and glasses while wardrobe boxes are perfect for your clothing. There are also a variety of boxes for your mirrors and pictures frames. Using special boxes for specific items will ease your mind about their safety during transport, not to mention make packing much easier.
  5. New boxes are clean! Moving costs can add up quickly, so it’s understandable that people search for ways to save where they can. But it’s important to consider all the risks associated with using free boxes. One of the risks is that boxes can unfortunately come with unwanted critters, such as bedbugs, months, carpet beetles and other insects. Countless stories exist about bed bug infestations from the use of used boxes – a nightmare for any new home owner. There is also an abundance of reports of bugs nesting on the flutes of boxes taken from grocery stores, a popular source of free boxes.
  6. Boxes don’t have to be prohibitively expensive. New boxes may not be free, but they don’t have to break the bank either. Places like Home Depot sell new boxes relatively cheaply. If you intend to utilize used moving boxes, consider investing in better quality boxes for heavily or more fragile items.
  7. New boxes hold up better in storage. If you plan to place your items in storage, it’s advisable to purchase all new quality boxes. Boxes in most storage facilities need to hold up to changes in temperature. Used boxes and poor quality boxes don’t hold up well to temperature changes, and tend to buckle and sag over time, especially if they’re not expertly packed. If it rains on moving day, the integrity of used and cheap new boxes is compromised more quickly than high quality new boxes and storage solutions. (It’s worthwhile noting that at All Jersey Moving & Storage’s New Jersey-based containerized storage facility, furniture and valued items are sealed and secured in large wooden containers as well as blanket wrapped for added protection!).

Making the Best of Used Boxes

If you still plan to collect used boxes from friends, family or other sources for your upcoming move, be sure to inspect them closely and carefully. Be sure to discard of any boxes that display signs of wear and tear, as well as any that look like they may have gotten wet and dried. This elimination process may spare you the unimaginable hassle and aggravation of dealing with boxes bending, breaking or buckling on moving day or while in storage.

Finding the Right Boxes is Just the Beginning

Proper packing is essential to a successful move, and you can’t pack without the right boxes. But just like you shouldn’t attempt to pack without the proper packing materials, you shouldn’t attempt to move without the right moving team. Top-rated professional moving companies in New Jersey like All Jersey Moving & Storage take the stress and aggravation out of moving. Our dedicated team of movers have the tools and expertise necessary to execute your move safely and on scheduling, protecting your home, belongings and peace of mind in the process.

Whether you’re moving locally, out of town or state, or even across the country, our team is here every step of the way to simplify your move. Take a look at our Moving Tips Guide for insights from our movers on how to efficiently tackle the packing process and confidently make it through moving day.

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