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Ten Things People Forget About Before They Move

Most people assume that their movers will pack and transport everything. A professional moving company will advise their clients well in advance of the items they won’t transport in the moving truck. These include:

  • Lawn movers and slow blowers if the gas hasn’t been drained ahead of time
  • Bleach, cooking oil, flammable material like paint and perishables like food
  • Live plants
  • Valuables like jewelry, coin collections, personal documents, firearms and furs
  • Exercise or play equipment that hasn’t been dismantled

Asking how many trucks your movers own

Don’t get caught out using too small a moving company. If they have a problem with their single truck, you’ll be left stranded on moving day. It’s best to check online reviews and ask for recommendations too. All Jersey Moving & Storage has a fleet of recent model trucks and has won the elite “Circle of Excellence” designation from the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association. Despite the high quality of service we provide, our prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Disconnecting and draining appliances

Your movers should transport these carefully on moving day but disconnection, servicing and reconnection are the owners’ responsibility. Once again, a reputable moving company will advise its clients ahead of time of what they’re responsible for.

Notifying all financial institutions of a change of address

No one wants their confidential information to fall into others’ hands or risk being swindled out of money. Make sure that you’ve advised your bank, investment advisor, insurance broker and credit card companies of your change of address. It’s also worth paying the post office to forward your mail for several months following your move.

Advising doctors of your move and finding new doctors in your new neighborhood

Once again, you don’t want strangers to know your personal medical information so ensure that no medical reports are sent to your old address. You should also request copies of your medical files well in advance and find a new doctor (and dentist and pharmacist) ahead of your move.

Planning the route you’ll take

Find out ahead of time whether there’ll be construction or roadwork that will require a detour. Remember to check where there are rest and dining facilities too, especially when you’re traveling with seniors, children or pets.

Packing a bag of essentials

The contents of this bag would vary depending on the family but includes favorite toys or blankets, changes of clothing, tea, coffee and snacks, an opener and matches. This can save the day during your trip and on arrival at your new premises.

Ensuring you have heat or air conditioning at your destination

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home to discover you don’t have utilities, especially when your blankets are buried in a box or protecting items you didn’t plan to unwrap yet. You’ll also need towels for a refreshing shower after a long day. It’s evident that the right movers will be a valuable resource to help your transition go smoothly and leave you less to worry about. Contact us now for a free quote – you’ll be glad you did.