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Storage Solutions 101: How to Choose the Right Storage Facility for You

Are you moving out of your old home before your new home is ready? Are you downsizing but don't have enough space in your new home for the household items and furniture you love? Or did you just inherit some furniture that you'd like to save until your children move into places of their own?

Whatever the reason, you're looking into storage for the first time...but what exactly should you be looking for? How can you weigh your different storage options and choose a facility that meets your needs and fits your budget?

Check with Your Moving Company

If you're working with a reputable, reliable and affordable moving company, use them as a resource. If they have their own storage facility, explain your needs and ask them for a quote. Using the same storage company that you're moving with is convenient and reduces the number of people who will handle your treasured personal items and furniture. That said - remember to do your research and read reviews that other tenants have written about their services!!!

Here are a few things you should find out before you decide which storage facility is best for you...

Will you have access to your things?

Speak with your moving company to see when you can access your valuables. If you need to access your storage container at All Jersey Moving & Storage in New Jersey, experienced warehouseman are onsite to assist you. Because stored items are sealed and secured for their protection, you must schedule access during regular business hours and pay a small fee. Make sure to sort through the items you place in storage so that nothing you need on a regular basis gets tucked away in a box or under a sofa cushion.

What are the downsides of self-storage?

If you're leaning toward self-storage, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making your final decision. Self-storage facilities aren't monitored or contained, so there's a possibility that units adjacent to your storage containers may be bug-infested or contain hazardous materials. It's also important to be aware that because movers remove their blankets and other protective materials when they deliver your cargo, your stored items aren't protected and are more likely to get banged or scratched in the process.

Self-storage facilities usually don't distribute monthly invoices nor do they alert tenants of upcoming due date deadlines before late fees are applied. They also often charge move-in administration fees and increase their rates after the first few months of storage.

Do I need containerized storage?

In containerized storage at All Jersey Moving & Storage, all items are blanked wrapped and stored in large, sealed wooden containers. This gives tenants peace of mind that their valuable items are secure. To further guarantee security, all movement into and out of the All Jersey Movers storage facility is monitored. This also allows the team to ensure that hazardous materials or shipments infested with bugs don't make it into the facility.

Some other benefits of containerized storage include that you only pay for the space you use, rather than paying for a storage unit that is larger than you actually require. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, rental fees are stable and there aren't any move-in administration fees.

All Jersey Moving & Storage  is a moving and storage company you can trust to meet your short and long-term storage needs. A secure and affordable storage facility located in New Jersey, you'll never have to worry about leaving your treasured valuables in storage again.

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