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Short and Long-Distance Moving Trends During the Pandemic

Since late winter of 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States and reshaped our lives, moving patterns have shifted. Of course, in early days, many stayed put, both for safety and because of the uncertainty of what lied ahead. But as the months passed, that very same uncertainty prompted many to reconsider their geography.

A recent study indicates that COVID-19 is affecting American’s short- and long-term planning when it comes to moving. FinanceBuzz conducted a survey which showed that 26 percent of Americans are considering moving permanently as a result of coronavirus. Some are considering buying or renting new homes while others are choosing to temporarily move back home with their parents. This article explores how the pandemic has influenced housing trends, and why many are choosing to move out of state.


Whether or not people have taken a financial hit due to job loss or income reduction, the uncertain times have prompted some home owners to downsize to smaller, more affordable homes. Some renters are also choosing to relocate to more modest apartments due to financial difficulty. In addition to helping individuals and families with their moving needs, All Jersey Moving & Storage offers short-term and long-term containerized storage solutions at our own secure, immaculate New Jersey-based facility. Those who are downsizing can safely store items they cannot bring to their smaller home, but are not ready to part with, such as sentimental heirlooms, antiques, large pieces of furniture, exercise equipment, artwork, etc.

There are many benefits to containerized storage rather than self-storage. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, your furniture and valued items are sealed and secured in large wooden containers as well as blanket wrapped to keep them safe. Movement into and out of our storage facility is closely monitored to ensure the safety of each container stored with us, and you can purchase full insurance coverage for additional peace of mind. With stable rental fees and no move-in administration fees, the All Jersey Moving and Storage warehouse facility is a cost-effective, reliable choice.

Moving Back Home with Parents

Many of those who have lost employment or suffered financial setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic have made the decision to move home with their parents until they are back on their feet. Numerous university students whose schools have converted to a remote learning model for the 2020/2021 school year have also chosen to move back home for the time being. For some, these moves have meant moving from the city to the suburbs. Others have had to move out of state to move back with their families. All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped many students, young professionals and even young families make this move whether locally or across state lines.

Relocating to more Affordable States or to the Suburbs

Some people who have lost their jobs or taken an income hit as a result of the pandemic have decided to move from large, costly city centers to suburban communities while others have made even bigger moves out of state. This migration is especially true for those living in costly urban centers like NYC and Jersey City. Many of those moving to the suburbs or out of state are drawn by more affordable rent or housing as well as lower taxes and cost of living.

In reality, many professionals and families were already contemplating such moves prior to the pandemic due to the unsustainably high cost of living in some cities and states. The All Jersey Moving & Storage team has been busy executing city-to-suburb moves as well as many out of state long-distance moves. Professionals and families making these larger moves have had peace of mind knowing they are working with a professional, experienced team they can really count on.

Relocating Due to Changes of Employment

Another group of individuals who have had to move to other cities or states is those who lost their jobs during the pandemic and found new employment elsewhere. Many of these moves have had to happen quickly, as soon as new positions were secured. All Jersey Moving & Storage is dedicated to trying to accommodate last minute moves to ensure those who have been fortunate enough to find new employment are able to get back on their feet. Those who have to execute last minute moves can also take advantage of All Jersey’s professional packing and unpacking services.

Relocating Due to Remote Employment

Months ago, pandemic-related work closures forced much of the workforce to work from home. This movement, coupled with technological advancements, has made remote work more popular and widely accepted by many employers. With remote employment opportunities on the rise, employees lucky enough to secure such positions are able to reconsider their zip code. Some are choosing to relocate to be closer to family, while others are relocating to more affordable neighborhoods, cities and states as they are no longer required to commute to a physical office space.

Moving Out of Senior Communities

Some adult children have opened their homes to elderly parents living in senior communities or assisted living facilities, in an attempt to protect their health during these uncertain times. All Jersey Moving & Storage is known for its senior moving expertise. We do our utmost to make these challenging, sensitive moves as seamless and stress-free as possible. We can also assist seniors by offering professional packing and unpacking services, reducing the difficulty of moving substantially.

Moving to a Preferred State

If nothing else, this world-shaking pandemic has reminded us all that life is fragile. Many have chosen to live their best lives without delay by finally making a big move to a new, preferred state – moves that were previously procrastinated or delayed for one reason or another. Many of these moves are long-distance, as professionals, families and retirees are attracted by the many benefits of life in other state, from nicer weather to better quality of life or employment opportunities.

Long Distance Moving – Leaving NYC & Jersey City

People are leaving costly cities like NYC and Jersey City in droves for many reasons. Some are relocating due to staggeringly high cost of living, while others would rather be in less densely populated cities and states. All Jersey Moving & Storage has executed innumerable long distance moves in the past few months from New Jersey and New York to several sunny states in particular – Florida, North and South Carolina and Texas.

Moving to Florida

Known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is more than the second largest producer of citrus fruits in the world and the home of Walt Disney World and the Miami Heat. It is a beautiful state with glorious weather and so much to offer, from excellent school and numerous healthcare facilities to endless recreational options. Many professionals, families and retirees are proud to call it “home”.

Florida has five distinct regions: The Florida Panhandle, Northern Florida, Central Florida, Southern Florida and Southwest Florida. Each has something unique to offer. For example, Central Florida is home to Disney World, SeaWorld and the Kennedy Space Center while the Florida Panhandle is home to the state capital of Tallahassee and known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches.

Many people, including but not limited to seniors, are attracted to Florida’s weather and lower cost of living. Seniors with fixed incomes appreciate that there isn’t a state income tax, inheritance tax or estate tax. Young professionals also move to Florida because it ranks fourth in the US for job growth and has a growing economy.

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Moving to North Carolina

Bordering South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina is made up of a whopping 100 counties! If you're moving to North Carolina, have peace of mind knowing that you're in good company -- Raleigh and Charlotte are two of the fastest growing cities in the United States. You can also expect southern hospitality at its finest.

Also known as the Tar Heel State and Old North State, the economy in North Carolina has shifted from a focus on textiles, furniture-making and tobacco to energy, biotechnology, engineering and finance. Its subtropical climate makes it ideal for a range of recreational activities, from boating or swimming at the beach to rock climbing or biking in the mountains.

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Moving to South Carolina

South Carolina boasts an expanse of shoreline, including Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island, and numerous golf courses. The state is rich in history and unique architecture, from grand cotton plantations to Charleston’s pastel hued houses. These features also make South Carolina a place that many families and professionals proudly call home.

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Moving to Texas

The second most populous and second largest of the 50 U.S. states, Texas is popularly known as the Lone Star State. Known for its Southern food and hospitality, vast farmland, country music and popular urban centers, Texas is a state many families and professionals proudly call home.

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Moving Long Distance? Why Choose All Jersey…

Operating since 1956, All Jersey Moving & Storage has the expertise necessary to ensure individuals and families experience a smooth move to Florida, the Carolinas, Texas and a myriad of other popular states.

With our expert movers and logistics coordinators and state of the art equipment and trucks, you won’t have to worry that your possessions have been lost or damaged en route. All Jersey Moving & Storage never employs casual labor. Our employees are skilled and honest and our service is top notch.

If you're seeking an award-winning long-distance moving company with complete control over the quality of service from start to finish, look no further than All Jersey Moving & Storage. Contact us for a quote – you’ll be surprised that peace of mind is so affordable.

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