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Sensible Splurges to Consider when you're Moving


One of the reasons people dislike moving is that it inevitably involves spending money. Added to the chore of packing up your belongings, change – which can be stressful even if it involves something positive like a bigger house, and the huge amount of planning involved, a move can seem overwhelming and expensive. Many people assume that reducing the cost of a move will make moving seem less unpleasant but that’s often faulty logic. Sometimes so-called ‘splurges’ can save the day and decrease both stress and expense: Let’s look at those that are worth it.

Using Professional Movers – A do it yourself move is top of the list when people think about ways to reduce moving costs. In fact, you should always get moving quotes from at least three companies before contemplating moving yourself. A reputable moving company will do a thorough assessment beforehand so there’ll be no surprise charges added to your bill on moving day and can be surprisingly affordable. Their workers are also trained and insured. Consider the medical expenses and the cost of time off work if you or one of your helpers is injured while carrying heavy furniture.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has been in business for decades and undertaken thousands of successful commercial and residential moves. We’re endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List and our customers say we’re worth every penny!

Eating Meals Out – It’s tempting to try and use up everything in your fridge and pantry before moving day but think about the time it takes to cook and wash up. You’ll also want to pack your dinnerware and pots and pans ahead of time so there’s no last minute rush. The thought of a meal out can brighten a day filled with packing and the outing will be a treat for your children. It’ll give you time to relax with your family and regroup.

Buying New Moving Supplies – Many people try to get boxes from grocery stores because they’re free and it seems like the environmentally friendly thing to do. Proper packing cartons are reasonable, won’t contain bugs or food residue and are made of durable material. Plastic totes can be reused many times and will help you organize your belongings after the move. Newspaper will leave smudges on your glasses and plates so stick with plain newsprint when wrapping breakables.

Getting Help With Packing - People often underestimate how much stuff they own and how long it will take to pack. Instead of calling in your friends and family to haphazardly cram your remaining belongings into boxes and bags as the deadline approaches, think about enlisting your moving company to help instead. They’re able to pack better and faster and their services can be affordable.

All Jersey Moving & Storage offers partial or full packing and unpacking services and can also step in at the last minute. We charge around $500 to pack your kitchen and dining room which covers labor and materials. Our workers are trained so there’s no risk of breakage. One setting of fine china can cost $130 so calculate the cost of replacing a whole boxful. We also specialize in moving antiques, fine art and pianos.

Employing a Cleaning Service - Even if your move doesn’t involve children, seniors and pets, you’ll have a lot to organize and be physically and mentally exhausted after even the smoothest move. Using a cleaning service once your former residence is empty will ensure you get your deposit reimbursed, thus saving you money, and the new occupants will be more agreeable about forwarding mail and the like if you’ve left them with a clean place.

Using Good Storage Facilities – If your possessions are precious or important enough to be placed in storage, it’s worth finding a well maintained and secure facility. All Jersey Moving & Storage has our own containerized storage premises, with all movement in and out closely monitored. Your belongings will be sealed and secured in large wooden vaults as well as blanket wrapped to keep them safe. With no move-in administration fees and stable rental charges, this ‘splurge” is actually a cost-effective choice.

Call us now or fill out our comprehensive online form to obtain a free quote and see the value for money we provide. After all, peace of mind is priceless.

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