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Senior Moving: What You Need to Know

The Challenges of Senior Moving

You have probably heard that moving is one of the top stressors in life along with divorce, a major illness, and job loss. It can be nerve-wracking and exhausting, not to mention physically draining. For seniors, moving can take an even greater emotional and physical toll.

Physically Exhausting

Moving to a new home requires a lot of energy and physical exertion that can be tough on anyone. But what is tiring for young families or professionals tackling a big move can be utterly exhausting for seniors. The days of sorting, packing, organizing and lifting take their toll. Many seniors are not able to execute their move solo, and that’s perfectly okay! With the right help and advance planning, a big move doesn’t have to equal a grueling toll on the body.

Senior Moving Tips:

  • Learn the layout. Get a room layout of your new home so you know exactly how much space you have. This is especially important if you are downsizing or moving to a retirement residence. Having a layout will give you a clear picture of what furniture and belongings will fit and how much can be kept.
  • Start small. In order to make your move more manageable, take it step by step. Start small. Tackle a desk or a box from the attic. Completing the task will give you a sense of accomplishment that helps fuel the rest of the sort and packing process. Move task by task, room by room until the move is complete.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Moving to a new home can be a gargantuan task for anyone, regardless of age or life stage. Yes, your move will probably be a lot of work, but remember – many hands make light work. Don’t try to do it alone. Ask friends and family to help.
  • Delegate. You may be uncomfortable with your children making “keep or giveaway” decisions for you, and that’s ok. But there are a multitude of other tasks they can take on to help out. Speak openly about the move and be specific about what tasks they can assist with to help the process move smoothly, such as packing or researching a reputable moving company.

Helping a Senior Move?

  • Many seniors have accumulated a lifetime of belongings. Help them with the physically laborious aspect of sorting through their furniture and other possessions. Create a simple, organized labelling system so they can keep track of the belongings they choose to keep. This will make the unpacking process a lot easier and less overwhelming.
  • Assist your parent with the packing process. Obtain the right packing boxes and supplies to ensure their belongings are securely protected. Nothing is more upsetting than arriving at a new home after a long move and discovering valuable or sentimental possessions have been damaged or misplaced.
  • Like everyone, seniors often hold on to items they no longer need or use. If your input is welcome, gently suggest that they let go of the possessions they don’t use or infrequently use. Encourage them to sell, donate or give away these items, and help facilitate this process by offering to post items on Craigslist, host a garage sale or coordinate a pick-up from a local charity.
  • If your parent is reluctant to let go of an item that has sentimental value but will not fit in their new space, suggest that they keep the item in the family by giving it to a sibling, child or grandchild. Alternatively, recommend that it be placed in storage.

Emotionally Taxing

Seniors move for a variety of reasons. Some moves are prompted by declining health or the inability to care for a large home anymore. Others move because they require the facilities of a retirement residence due to reduced mobility, capability and memory. Moving can be painful because homes are built on memories. When seniors move, they have to say goodbye to homes and neighborhoods that are built on many years or decades of memories. Leaving familiar, comfortable environment for a new, unfamiliar home is understandably challenging.

Senior Moving Tips:

  • Plan your move. When executing a move after years or decades of living in the same place, you can expect some emotional road bumps. You don’t want to feel rushed as you sort through and pack away belongings that bring up memories and hold sentimental value. Planning and preparing for your move well in advance will give you time to work at a slower pace, take breaks when you need them, process the difficult changes and embrace the next chapter.
  • Begin in a less sentimental room. If you find yourself procrastinating packing for sentimental reason, get the ball rolling by choosing a room with less sentimental attachments such as your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. This will help build the momentum you need to tackle rooms with more memories, such as your living room and bedroom.
  • Personalize your space. Fill your new living space with photos of friends, family and loved ones as well as keepsakes and collectables from your travels to make it feel like home.
  • Get to know your neighborhood. Before moving day, take a few trips to your new neighborhood. Getting acquainted with local shops, grocers, banks, parks and restaurants will help ease the transition upon arrival.
  • Meet new people. Become actively involved in your new community by volunteering and attending local events and festivals. The more people you connect with, the faster you will feel at home.

Helping a Senior Move?

Whether you're helping a parent move to a retirement home, relocate to your own home or downsize to a smaller place, implement the following strategies to help support them through a difficult move:

  • Take photos of the inside of the senior’s home to help lay out their new rooms in a familiar way. Try placing objects in a similar way, from the arrangement of the bedroom furniture to the placement of the same family pictures on the wall on mantle.
  • Be patient and kind. Keep in mind that even though the senior may need your help sorting, packing and moving their things, it is a reminder that it’s difficult or impossible to tackle these tasks independently. Offer to follow their lead rather than dictating how the process should go, and try not to criticize.
  • Be empathetic. Remember – change is difficult for all of us. The older we get, the harder it is to move. Ask your parent how he or she is feeling and let them know you’re there to listen and to help.

Hiring the Right Professional Movers

Turning to a reputable team of professional movers in your area can make an otherwise stressful experience smooth and headache-free. If you’re a senior planning a move, depending on an experienced team of movers will give you much-needed peace of mind that your valuables, antiques, artwork, furniture and other possessions are in caring, capable hands.

Dedicated to minimizing the stress of a big move, All Jersey Moving & Storage has been relocating seniors for over 50 years. We are proud to have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and Super Service Awards from Angie’s List. Committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our senior customers, we have become the recommended mover for many of the adult communities, senior citizen complexes, and assisted living facilities in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Committed to making senior moves as seamless as possible, our team of movers often works alongside some of the moving managers in senior facilities.

The All Jersey Moving & Storage team understands the unique needs and concerns of seniors and their children. We understand that the stress of a move can be intensified by the pain of leaving a home where seniors spent many years and have many memories. We patiently address any and all concerns as well as the unique details of your move and provide our expertise to ease the transition. We love what we do, and we pride ourselves in being a top choice for seniors looking to make the transition into the next chapter of life more pleasant, relaxing and empowering.

Searching for a Secure Storage Solution?

All Jersey Moving & Storage has a Containerized Storage Facility!

If you or a loved one are downsizing but don’t want to sell or give away valuable or sentimental furniture, art, antiques or other possessions, you need to find the right storage facility. There are many advantages of storing your furniture and valued items in containers rather than opting for a self-storage facility:

  • When items are placed in containerized storage, all furniture is blanket wrapped and remains blanket wrapped until it is safely removed from storage.
  • At All Jersey Moving and Storage, all items in storage are packed away in large wooden containers which are completely sealed and secure. Wooden containers are the optimal environment for such items as furniture.
  • Full value coverage can be purchased to properly insure the goods you are placing in storage and give you peace of mind.
  • All movement into and out of the storage facility is managed and monitored by our team. This allows us to assure tenants that there are no hazardous materials or infested shipments under our roof.
  • Tenants only pay for the amount of space they use.
  • Rental fees are stable, so you don't have to worry about your storage expenses increasing after a few months. All Jersey Moving and Storage also charges no move-in administration fees.

All Jersey can safely store your valuables in our temperature-controlled, wooden-storage containers. We expertly wrap and store your furniture to ensure it is protected and kept in excellent condition. If you do need to access your storage container, our warehouseman are onsite to assist you.

Don’t Have the Time, Energy or Ability to Pack Up Your Belongings?

All Jersey Moving & Storage offers Packing and Unpacking Services!

If you don't want or aren’t able to take on the responsibility of packing or unpacking your home or apartment, All Jersey Moving & Storage offers packing and unpacking services. Proper packing is a critical part of the moving process. No one wants to arrive at their new home and find that their valued items are lost, damaged or in a state of disarray. For that reason, many customers appreciate knowing that this laborious task is in the hands of experts. Employing professional movers for packing and unpacking is the best way to ensure that the move goes smoothly and family relationships remain intact! All Jersey Movers & Storage can assist you with packing the kitchen and dining room, which usually house the most precious and breakable items.

The All Jersey Moving & Storage team understands the unique needs and concerns of seniors and their children. The stress of a regular move can be intensified by the pain of leaving a home where seniors spent many years and have many memories. We are happy to discuss any and all concerns as well as the unique details of your move and provide our expertise to ease the transition. We love what we do, and we pride ourselves in being a top choice for seniors looking to make the transition into the next chapter of life more pleasant, relaxing and empowering.

Are you a senior planning a move? Or are you assisting a senior with an upcoming move?

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