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Seasonal Moving and Storage


You’ve made the momentous decision to downsize your home or move to something more spacious, or even to another part of the country! Naturally, you want multiple offers and the best price. You’ve heard that the best time to sell a house is in spring, when people in colder climates come out of hibernation and tulips begin to bloom. This might make you nervous that you’ve missed the boat since it’s already fall and the supposedly optimal time to sell is still many months down the road. Well you can relax because studies have shown that it’s not so simple and there are various factors to take into account.


Prices for houses peak in May in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania but in June to August in Connecticut. Remember that obtaining top dollar for your home may involve renovations or staging, both of which usually require less furniture and clutter.All Jersey Moving & Storagecan pack up your superfluous belongings quickly and store them until you’re ready to retrieve them. Having our own containerized storage facilityensures that items are stored securely.

When your home is sold and you no longer need to display your antique vases or piano for staging,we can pack them safely for you. Using a professional moving company like ours means we have experience handling all kinds of fragile and precious items. In fact, we are the recommended professional piano movers for many piano tuners and refinishers in New Jersey and its surrounds.


Some homeowners aren’t eager to sell in the winter because their house has less curb appeal or they’re reluctant to keep shovelling their driveway or sidewalk. However, the lower inventory of listings can work to the sellers’ advantage. In addition, many people are transferred or hired early in the year and are eager and motivated to buy during that season.

Nervous about how wintry conditions and icy roads can impact your move? All Jersey Moving & Storage offers direct service in contrast to the 2-18 day turnaround common to most major van lines, ensuring the swiftest delivery possible. We’re based in New Jersey and specialize in local moves and expedited long distance moves within a 500-mile radius. This means we’re familiar with all the routes and can easily find alternatives in the event of weather-related detours or delays. In addition, using our packing services ensures that your belongings are protected and secure even when roads are slippery.


In summer and even early fall, your house feels brighter and airier and you can flaunt your beautiful garden and bountiful apple trees.  You’re able to paint with the windows open or undertake renovations while your children are at camp. Often, however, it takes much longer than anticipated to clear out your basement or cupboards and you may find yourself housebound while precious sunny days tick away. All Jersey Moving & Storage can step in – even at the last minute -  to provide full or partial packing services at a surprisingly affordable price, ensuring you can still enjoy the season. For an even more “zen” feel and to reduce the constant housework required for viewing, we can store some furniture at our containerized warehouse until the sign outside says “SOLD”.


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