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Rain, Rain Go Away It’s Moving Day!


The weather can be finicky, unpredictable and instantly problematic, especially as of late.  The West is experiencing drought and awful forest fires already.  The Midwest survived two horrendous tornadoes recently.  The South and East Coast are constantly getting pummeled with rain and hurricane weather, especially in the warmer months. You can’t control the weather, much less predict it when planning a move.  If you do have to battle the elements while moving, here are some things to keep in mind:

· Safety is the most important. Lightning storms usually don’t cause too many problems if you take the necessary precautions (here) and remain in your home. However, a moving truck, especially if it is carrying large metal appliances, can be somewhat dangerous.  Hopefully, you decided to hire a profession mover which will have plenty of experience dealing with the elements.

· Mover’s arrival:  Driving always takes some extra time on a rainy day.  If you wake up on moving day and it’s a dreary, rainy day expect the moving truck may need some extra time to get to you.

· Protection for your belongings: No worries!  Professional movers come prepared with the blankets, plastic or shrink wrap to protect your belongings.  If you hired the right mover this will not add any additional cost as the top rated movers wrap and protect your furniture rain or shine.

· Help protect your home:  Moving companies will arrive with a couple of runners or old blankets to protect your floors but it can’t hurt to have extra.  It is advisable to be prepared to lay down some old sheets or towels to protect the interior of your home from the elements.   Paper and plastic also offer protection but can pose a tripping hazard if not secured properly.

· Drive carefully. If you are driving to your new home, make sure to take it slow and know the forecast. Nothing is worse than an accident that could have been prevented by going slower.

· Dress for a bad weather move. If you are doing any of the lifting or transporting, make sure to protect yourself against the rain and wind by wearing the appropriate outfit. You may also consider gloves so that you have a better grip on items.

Good luck with your move and remember to always check the forecast a day or two before your move.  Preparation is key!

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