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The Questions You MUST Ask Yourself If You're Moving to New York City

So, you've decided to move to the big apple. Congratulations! Whether you're moving to New York City for a new job, to attend school or simply to live in the city that never sleeps, it's exciting times and you have lots to look forward to.

Unfortunately the moving process can be daunting, even if you're only travelling from a New York suburb, New Jersey or Connecticut. Preparing in advance and working with a professional, affordable moving company can save you immeasurable stress. At All Jersey Movers we've been helping people move to New York for decades, and we've learned a thing or two!

When you sit down to plan the logistics of your New York City move, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I overpacking?

News flash - if you're moving to the city from the suburbs or "out of town," then you may have to face the sometimes unpleasant reality of downsizing. Often, you'll have to say goodbye to some of your belongings or invest in city-sized furniture.

Here's the good news - downsizing is actually an opportunity to embrace the "out with the old, in with the new mentality." Seize the opportunity by getting rid of furniture, clothing, appliances and plain old "stuff" that you no longer want, need or have any use for. You'll appreciate it once you've moved into your NYC apartment or small home that doesn't look like it's been over-stuffed to the brim.

If you have to get rid of stuff that you'd like to sell, start early. Consider holding a moving sale or try selling your items online, but be sure to do so ahead of your move to make sure you're not a position where you have to take whatever lousy offer comes your way. You can also consider donating clothing, furniture and other items to a local charity. Remember to call and arrange for pickup well before moving day!

Is there parking available?

Some say that if you can drive in NYC, you can drive anywhere. Trying to navigate the always-busy streets and side streets can be tricky in a small car, never mind a large moving truck. Luckily, experienced movers can get your valuable items to your destination safely and on time. That said, it's important to consider where your movers will park once they've neared your destination. Unfortunately, New York City doesn't provide parking permits to movers.

If you're moving into an apartment, speak with your building manager to see how moves are typically handled and where cargo can be unloaded safely and without penalty. In addition to being able to park close to your home or building, your moving company will require use of the freight elevator. Familiarize yourself with any restrictions there may be involving when you can execute your move using the elevator.

Am I giving myself enough time to prepare?

If you don't want to feel like your head is spinning throughout the week leading up to moving day, you need to plan in advance. Like anywhere else, moving to New York requires a great deal of preparation. Packing your items safely and in an organized fashion is time-consuming. You accumulate "stuff" for have to give yourself a minimum of a month to pack it all away. Get the packing materials you'll need and start early so the process can be more leisurely.

Are you familiar with your new neighborhood?

Compared to many quiet, more slow-paced cities, New York City is a bustling wonderland. If at all possible, plan a weekend trip and stay at a hotel nearby your new home. Spend the day walking around and getting to know your neighborhood. Where are the closest grocery store, pharmacy and post office?  Where will you have to go to register your vehicle? Where's the closest subway station? Get comfortable using public transportation, especially the routes you'll have to take to get to school or work. The more you know your surroundings, the more comfortable you'll be on and immediately after moving day.

All Jersey Moving & Storage is a New Jersey-based moving company with years of experience helping individuals and families move to New York City. Some of the services our movers provide include:

*Honest estimates - no-surprises!

*Award-winning service

*Accommodating last-minute moves whenever possible

*Short and long-term storage

*Weekend pick-up and delivery service at no additional charge

*Piano moving

*Packing and unpacking

Contact us today for a free no-obligation estimate.

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