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A Purrfect Move: The Secret to Moving with Pets

Moving comes with a lot of checklists, and we’ve got you covered with this moving checklist for pets.

One of the most stressful parts of a move is ensuring the wellbeing and safety of your pet. A move can bring unprecedented stress into your home, disrupting routines and the sense of security your pet is accustomed to. Your pet notices these changes and is likely to be affected by them as much as you are, if not more.

Your pet, however, can’t exactly be told why the house is being emptied and why your belongings are being taken away. It can be an overwhelming and confusing period of time for your pet. It’s easy for them to become stressed by in this type of situation.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped numerous pet owners prepare for their move, alleviating some of that stress that can affect the family, pets included. As you prepare to move your pet and all of your belongings, there are some steps you can take as a pet owner before, during, and after the move, to ensure the wellbeing of your pet. This comprehensive list of action items can ensure a positive and successful move, with the result being a happy pet in its new home.

The Importance of Adhering to a Routine with Your Pet During a Move

Throughout the entire moving process, one of the most important pieces of advice is to adhere to a routine. A consistent routine will add stability to your pet’s everyday life, helping to alleviate the stress they must be feeling.

Ideas include going on a daily walk through the park, spending quiet time together in the home free from packing or computer research, and sticking to a consistent diet and feeding schedule.

Although the rest of your time may be filled with packing, researching your new neighborhood, and saying goodbyes, your pet should have some sort of a routine to keep them comfortable. Needless to say, a lot will be changing. A steady routine can be the one consistent thing your pet can count on until they adjust to your new home.

Moving with Pets - BEFORE Moving Day

Prior to your moving day, there are some essential things you need to do to prepare for the move. From a check-up at the vet to preparing a day bag for your pet, it’s important to comb through this pet-related moving prep list and make sure you’ve taken care of everything.

  • Take your pet to the vet for a check-up. This is an opportunity to make you aware of any health changes in your pet. Let your vet know about the upcoming move and ask about moving your veterinarian records. You may be able to bring paper copies of veterinarian records with you to your new home or they may have to be sent directly to your pet’s new vet.
  • Implant an ID chip. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to make sure your pet has a microchip. This makes identification easy in case of any lost pets. This may also be required for air transportation if you plan on flying with your pet to your new city or state.
  • Take identifying photos of your pet. Despite best efforts, pets sometimes go missing. Before your move, take updated, easily identifiable photos of your pet. This will give you peace of mind that your pet will make it back home if anything happens. Be sure to note any identifying physical traits your pet has, such as scars, spots or birth marks.
  • Update your pet’s tags. Be sure to update your pet’s tags with your new address and current contact information, if possible before moving day.
  • Pack a pet bag. Pack a moving bag specifically for your pet with their favorite toys, bedding, and the food they will need during the move. This should not go in the moving van; rather, it should stay with you and your family during the move. Any pet medications should also come with you.
  • Stretch your packing into a longer period of time. Packing slowly will avoid the sudden complete change of your pet’s home and enable them to more easily continue with their routine in an environment that is more familiar to them.
  • Have portable food and water for a cross country move. If you’re planning on a long day of driving or two, set aside food and water for your pet that they can easily eat and drink from while you’re on the road.
  • Pay attention to your pet’s stress levels while packing. Changing your pet’s home environment may have a dramatic effect on their stress. Make sure to console them and give them plenty of attention, giving them confidence that the move is a happy, positive process.
  • Research stress symptoms for your pet’s breed. Your pet may have never experienced the stress that comes with a move. Be prepared ahead of time for what to look out for so you’re not caught off guard if your pet’s digestive system, for example, is turmoiled by the stress of the move.
  • Look up local pet rules and regulations in your new area. Your pet may need additional vaccinations or identifying records. Your neighborhood HOA may even have its own rules as to what breeds are allowed. Be sure to research these rules ahead of time so you can take care of the necessary items before you move.
  • Pick an area to live in that is suitable for your pet. Do you need nice, local walking paths for your pup or chattering chipmunks to entertain your cats from the window? Pay attention to pets you see near the area you’re looking to move into. Are there neighborhood animals that are aggressive or any other concerns that could impact your pet’s safety, like a busy road?
  • Plan for a Long Trip. If possible, try to exercise your pet before driving cross country or flying in an airplane. For a dog, this could mean a long hike, a few hours at the dog park, or a long session of fetch in the backyard.
  • Look into professional movers to help alleviate your stress throughout the move. One of the best things you can do to lower the stress and anxiety levels in your house (for the benefit of your family and your pet) is to hire professional movers.

Moving companies, like All Jersey Moving & Storage can pack, unpack, and carefully transport your possessions, even items such as fine art and antiques.

Moving with Pets - ON Moving Day

Soon, moving day will be here and it will be time to pack up the van and drive or board a plane and fly to your new home. This is one of the most crucial parts of the move. It also tends to be the most chaotic and disruptive day of the moving process. Here are our moving day tips to help keep your pets happy and safe.

  • Consider keeping your pet with a boarding facility, friends or family on moving day. The in and out of movers, and the emptying of a house may wreak havoc on your beloved dog, cat, bird, or other pet. You can pick up your pet when the moving van is all packed and you’re ready to go. Make sure to arrange any boarding or pet sitting before moving day comes, so you aren’t scrambling for a solution the night before.
  • Keep your pet with you for the transportation. This could mean in your car across the country or in the plane.
  • Give your pet plenty of attention. You’ll be completely occupied on moving day, but make sure to give attention to your pet. This can go a long way in keeping their anxiety levels lower.
  • Give your pet a comfortable place to reside during the drive. If your pet prefers being crated, throw the crate in the car for the move and make sure your pet has comfortable bedding too. It’s a long drive for you and your pet.
  • Take semi-frequent stops for quick walks, food, and water. Your pet may be too stressed to eat, but a stroll around the gas station pit stop should make them feel more calm. Be sure to set out a water bowl and some food and give them time to eat and drink.

Moving with Pets - AFTER Moving Day

After your items have arrived at your new home, it’s time to settle in. Here are some tips after moving day to help you and your pet adjust.

  • Introduce your pet to the home, speaking in positive tones. Your pet’s first impression of their new home is important. Let them investigate the area, and do what you can to make the experience happy, whether that’s using positive tones or playing calm music and giving your pet a familiar treat.
  • Unpack your pet’s items first and pick the area that they’ll sleep in. You’ll want your pet to know where they can rest and find peace during the typical chaos of unpacking.
  • Pet proof your new home! Look out for poisonous houseplants, chords that are peeking out, poisonous traps, and other dangerous items.
  • Register your pet in your new town. Be sure to check with your state and/or city to see what registrations your pet needs.
  • Find a new, trusted vet and transfer your pet’s medical records. This is important to complete quickly so you have a place to go for your pet in case of an emergency.
  • Get to know your area. Find the best park for dog walking, the best company for pet sitting, and remember to start enjoying your new home with your pet. Your pet will be just as apprehensive as you are, but once you get out into the neighborhood and start exploring, you’ll find new things you love, and old, familiar habits you can continue in new places.

This moving checklist for pets may seem daunting, but taking sure of every item will result in a happier pet and an easier transition.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are some measures you can take to outsource some of the many moving responsibilities on your To Do list. All Jersey Moving & Storage is happy to be your go-to moving professional.

We offer partial and complete packing and unpacking services. We also have the professionals, equipment, and experience to safely transport all of your possessions. The only thing you’ll have to take care of is your family and your pets!

We’ll get your items from point A to point B, whether it’s over the bridge in New Jersey or halfway across the country. All Jersey Moving & Storage has been operating since 1992. We’ve helped scores of pet families complete a successful move, one in which the whole family arrives happily and peacefully at their new home.

We aim to making moving a positive, and even exciting experience for the whole family. A move is a fresh start, even for your pet.

We hope you look forward to making new memories with your pet in your new town. Be sure to contact us today for a free moving quote.


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