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Whether you’re preparing to move 2 miles or 2,000 miles away, knowing how to pack your valuables is critical. When looking to move or store items such as antique vases, pictures, glass, electronics or appliances, the way you pack them will save you a lot of heartache down the road.

Follow these tips to help you pack properly:

#1 packing tip: Use plenty of unprinted newsprint.  Make baseballs with the paper and line the bottom of each fragile box.  This will give the items in the box an air cushion that offers great protection.

#2 packing tip: Pack dishes standing up on its edge in the box and in most cases do the same with drinking glasses.

#3 packing tip: Use the proper size box.  Books and canned food should be packed in small boxes no larger than 1.5 cu’ (12x12x16), medium boxes are the most popular 3.1 cu’ (18x18x18) and try to keep large boxes to a minimum 4.5 cu’ (18x18x24) as the boxes tend to buckle if the box becomes too heavy.

#4 packing tip: Fill the box up to the top otherwise the box will fold like an accordion once other boxes are stacked on them.  Fill with the unprinted newsprint, linens or whatever material is handy to do the trick.

Here are some instructions for specific items:

Vases & Glass Items: First, firmly stuff the item or vase with crumpled newsprint to create inside pressure. When wrapping the outside of an item, use bubble-wrap or unprinted newsprint which will protect the item from possible cracks and scratches. Firmly wrap the item, keeping the bubbles facing the item or use plenty of paper. When choosing an appropriate box, make sure it is sturdy and at least 1.5 times higher than the vase or glass item.  Use “NEW” boxes as they will provide much more protection than most used boxes.  Fill the box with Styrofoam peanuts or crumpled packing paper or mover’s lingo make baseballs, place the wrapped item inside and then fill in the areas surrounding it. You can also use pillows, quilts or other soft items to fill the box. Also make sure the item has no points of contact with the box or other items within the box. Seal the box well and make sure to mark it “FRAGILE.”

Pictures & Frames: When wrapping these types of items, it is important to use blank newspaper or packing paper because you don’t want any ink damaging your photos/artwork. Wrap your framed prints individually and either tape cardboard around them or wrap them with bubble wrap. Tape the frame after having wrapped it in the shape of an “X” on both sides. Preferably, you should pack framed prints in frame boxes after wrapping them. Fill in the spaces in the box with wadded paper or other soft items. Once you seal the box, make sure to label it “FRAGILE – ART.”

Electronics: Before even thinking about moving these types of items, consult the manufacturer or user’s guide for special moving instructions. These can also be found online. If any item has a toner or ink cartridge, make sure to remove it before the packing begins. Remove all CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes (if you still use them!) or other media. It is always a good idea to use original packaging, however if you no longer have the packaging, try to find a box of similar size.

Remember to stay organized when removing wires. Mark the wire, plug or cable and the port you are removing it from with colored labels or stickers. This will help you reconnect them later. Use twist ties to carefully secure the cables so that they don’t unravel and place them into a sealable bag.  When packing electronics, always use unprinted newsprint, antistatic packing bubbles, or Styrofoam peanuts. Make sure never to use items that will conduct electricity. Depending on the size of the item, try to cover it with packing material, firmly wrapping each side. Then place it in a box, putting the largest and heaviest piece of equipment at the bottom. Fill all the remaining spaces with antistatic packing material. Seal the box firmly and mark it “FRAGILE – ELECTRONICS.”

Remember that these items are the most susceptible to moisture and corrosion. Make sure to pack them thoroughly, trying to eliminate any possible areas where moisture might seep in.

Note: For those who find themselves too busy to deal with the packing and unpacking process, All Jersey Moving & Storage offers various services to help make your move easier, including full and partial packing services as well as unpacking services:

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