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Planning a Winter Move

In a perfect world, no one would move in winter. In the other three seasons you may have to deal with precipitation, but in winter it can turn to ice and become a hazard. What's more, you may be outside in sub-zero temperatures. In December, you’re also facing school vacations, roads and stores crowded with shoppers, and business closures. Moving is stressful enough without all these additional factors.  If you do have to move this winter, here are some recommendations for planning a winter move to minimize anxiety and ensure a successful move.

Find A Mover You Can Trust

This is the paramount way to ensure a low stress winter move. A professional moving company like All Jersey Moving and Storage will

  • help you plan in advance
  • anticipate weather-related problems  
  • know how to protect your possessions from the elements
  • have detailed knowledge of the roads, buildings and areas it serves.

We have decades of experience navigating moves in all types of weather. Based in New Jersey, we specialize in expedited service on long distance moves within a 500-mile radius, up and down the East Coast, including all points between Maine and the Carolinas. We can also help you with any long distance move within the continental US.

Consider Using Packing And Unpacking Services

Problems with badly packed or sealed containers is that spilling their contents are worse when it’s snowing and freezing outside and you want your move to be speedy and efficient. Surfaces may be muddy or slushy, which could seep into boxes or damage your furniture. A good moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage can pack and unpack your belongings to ensure they arrive clean, dry and intact. If a spell of bad weather has made it difficult for you to shop for the right packing materials and you’re running out of time, our moving company can step in and complete the job for you.

Ensure That Surfaces Are Safe And Accessible For The Movers

It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to:

  • Clear and salt driveways, walkways and stairs before the movers arrive
  • Lay down old bed sheets or buy adhesive carpet protectors
  • Purchase adequate moving insurance

We advise against laying down paper or plastic tarpaulins as they can become hazardous for the movers.

Your movers should:

  • Provide a runner or two
  • Wear protective shoes
  • Ensure that walkways remain clear

All Jersey Moving and Storage has a workers’ compensation policy which protects our movers in the event of a slip or fall. Without this coverage, the worker could sue the homeowner.  This is why it’s essential to use a licensed reputable moving company like us.

Think About Your Pets On Moving Day.

It’s a good idea to board your pets on moving day. With doors being opened and the amount of activity, it’s easy for them to slip out unnoticed and be exposed to freezing temperatures. If you can’t board them, move them first and have someone stay with them in your new destination if possible. Pack food, treats and toys in case they feel unsettled.

5 Tips For Staying Warm during Your Winter Move

1.    Remember not to pack your winter coat, warm clothes, hats and boots away before moving day.

2.    Get the utilities at your destination turned on in advance.  You don’t want to arrive at an icy house or apartment or deal with frozen pipes.

3.    If packing yourself, remember to make duvets and blankets easily accessible. When packed at the top of boxes, they also provide a layer of protection for the contents.

4.    Have towels handy so you can mop up wet spots or take a warm shower.

5.    Know the whereabouts of your kettle. Create a kit of tea bags, hot chocolate mix, instant soups, sugar cubes and polystyrene cups. You'll enjoy these hot treats upon arrival at your new home.

Contact All Jersey Moving and Storage now for a free moving quote and look forward to a warm reception and personalized service.

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