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Office Mover's Guide to Preparing for the Big Office Move


Office Mover's Guide to Preparing for the Big Office Move

Moving your business can be very stressful and exhausting, but it doesn't have to be. For many businesses, the first step is hiring an experienced, reliable moving company like All Jersey Moving and Storage with expertise in office moving and specialized equipment to get the job done seamlessly. To make sure your moving company of choice is available, try to book them at least a month in advance. After you've secured the right moving company for you, its time to start preparing to move out of your old office and into your new space.

A Month Before the Big Business Move

  • Purchase all the packing supplies and moving boxes you'll need for your move (if you've hired an office moving company like All Jersey Moving and Storage, they'll provide cardboard boxes or plastic totes)
  • Clean out infrequently used closets, filing cabinets, meeting rooms and storage areas
  • Sell items and furniture that you don't need or donate them to charity
  • Send change of address cards to clients, vendors, and other relevant organizations
  • Update your contact info on your printed and online marketing materials (i.e. website, business cards, stationary, brochures, newsletters, etc.)
  • Get rid of unused old office files
  • Contact building management at both locations and find out if there are any moving policies or procedures that need to be followed (i.e. Where can the moving company park their trucks? Which elevators can be used? Can the move take place during regular business hours? How many feet of masonite does the moving team need to bring to protect the flooring?)

One to Two Weeks Before the Big Business Move

  • Start labelling your boxes according to employee or the items contained within
  • Cancel services at your old location or arrange for them to resume in your new location (i.e. cleaning help, security, parking lot snow removal, newspaper subscriptions, etc.)
  • Create a floor plan of your old office and new office
  • Update all online profiles with your new business address (A good place to start is getlisted.org)
  • Confirm that all repairs and improvements have been completed at the new office
  • Back-up all the files on your desktop computers

The Week of the Business Move

  • Remind your employees to clean out and pack their personal work spaces
  • Unplug electronic machines and make sure wires are properly packaged and labelled so nothing gets misplaced or damaged during the move
  • Hold a meeting to inform managers and employees about their moving day responsibilities
  • Confirm at both locations that building management received the certificate of insurance from the moving company
  • Confirm at both buildings that the elevator (if applicable) is reserved and parking for the moving truck will be available
  • Review all your moving documents and confirm with your mover that all is in good order
  • Inform your mover of any noteworthy changes to the inventory of items that they'll be moving

The Day of the Business Move

  • Be prepared for the moving team so that they can get right to work upon arrival
  • Whenever possible, limit the involvement of employees on moving day (the concept of "too many cooks in the kitchen" rings true)

To get a hand with your next business move, contact the All Jersey Moving and Storage team for a free on-site estimate.

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