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Moving Trucks and Bedbug Infestation


Bed bugs invadeBedbugs are back and with a vengeance.  A new report found that bed bug infestations are continuing at high rates in the United States. These small insects feed on human blood and cause itchy skin welts on the body.  However, they are not known to spread diseases or cause serious health problems, they can just be annoying and a nuisance.

The top identified bed bug infestation locations include hotels and motels, college dorms, nursing homes, office buildings, schools and day care centers, hospitals, public transportation, movie theaters, retail stores and libraries.  Clearly, bedbugs can make a home anywhere, especially in moving trucks and inside the flutes of used cardboard.  The fact is that few moving companies have protocols in place to avoid transmitting bedbugs.  When looking for a moving company, it is important to hire a mover that takes the upmost care in protecting your belongings from bedbugs.  All Jersey Moving & Storage is proactive against any possibility of cross contamination.  Below are a few helpful tips to protect yourself from a costly bedbug infestation during your move.

  • If your mover offers wardrobe rentals….say no thank you!  Don’t hesitate to purchase new ones.
  • Steer clear of any used boxes unless you’re certain they are safe.  I would advise against them anyhow, as their integrity is usually compromised and don’t provide the protection that is needed.  If you’re not hiring your local mover to pack your belongings I would recommend that you purchase new boxes at Home Depot (this is the most cost-effective option)
  • Ask your mover if the option “exclusive use of vehicle” is available for your move.  You typically would have to pay a premium for this service on “Out of State” moves but it’s worth asking to evaluate all your options.

We take precautions with every customer and make sure your mover does the same.

  • We fumigate our trucks regularly as a prudent protective measure.
  • Our sales people and employees are trained to look for the warning signs to avoid any chance of us coming in contact with any infested households.
  • We encapsulate all beds, sofas and upholstered goods in plastic shrink wrap.

Consider All Jersey Moving & Storage for your next move. We are a top-rated NJ mover located in Bridgewater, NJ.  We are residential movers, commercial movers, office movers, piano movers, as well as the mover of choice if you’re moving to Washington, DC or moving to Boston, MA or moving to Baltimore, MD and want direct service. We offer local moving and long distance moving services within a 500 mile radius.  Contact us today for your free moving quote.

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