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Moving Trends – Home Ownership on the Rise

A Time for Reflection

The Covid-19 pandemic has literally ground life to a halt. With schools, businesses, restaurants, malls and theaters closed, we as a nation have had an abundance of time. Many have spent this time reflecting on what they want and how to realize their dreams.

With so much time spent at home in isolation, many professionals and families have found themselves evaluating where they live. And many have contemplated moving – from apartments to homes, from the city to the suburbs, and even to new cities or states! Families that have put off home ownership or moving to a new geographic location are now saying to themselves, “If not now, when?” They are taking decisive action in an area of their lives they can control, when so many other areas of life are beyond our control. Many renters are taking the plunge and becoming homeowners, while a number of existing homeowners are moving to larger homes or homes in other neighborhoods or states.

From City Life to Suburban Life

After spending months cooped up in tiny urban apartments, many are choosing to leave the city for “greener pastures” – the suburbs! The claustrophobia felt by those forced to quarantine in city-sized apartments isn’t the only factor driving professionals and young families to flee the city. The difficulty of social distancing during the pandemic is exacerbated in densely populated cities. This has left many longing for the space associated with suburban life.

Another reason people are moving to the suburbs is because of the cost of living relative to the city. Rentals are significantly more affordable outside the city center. But more and more city dwellers have been pursuing home ownership in the suburbs.

Remote Working Breaks Down Barriers

With countless employees forced to – or electing to – work from home, the necessity for living close to an employer’s physical office space is disappearing. This means that many professionals who were once tied to certain locations can now relocate to preferred neighborhoods, cities and states, without jeopardizing their income or career track. Many individuals who have the green light to work from home are choosing to move from where their place of business was located to more spacious and affordable apartments or homes in other areas.

Making Home a Place You Want to Be

With so many people forced to spend copious amounts of time at home, it is no wonder people are searching for ways to make their home more comfortable. For some, that means relocating from apartments or smaller homes to more spacious homes. This has been a major motivator for families that have felt the strain of being stuck at home with children who are home from school and going stir crazy. They desire homes with larger common areas, playrooms and backyards, and prefer to be close-by to parks and recreational areas.

Professionals who now work remotely are moving to more spacious apartments or homes to accommodate home offices, so they aren’t forced to work at their kitchen table or on the sofa. All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped countless families and professionals execute seamless moves to larger homes.

There are also a growing number of homeowners who are satisfied with the size of their home, but who wish to enhance their existing living space. With so much time spent at home, many are deciding the time is now for renovations they had been putting off, from putting in a new kitchen to finishing the basement to allow for more usable living space. All Jersey Moving & Storage can temporarily store furniture, art work, exercise equipment and more in our containerized storage facility, until renovations are completed.

Moving to Save Money

The pandemic has put a financial strain on countless Americans, whose jobs have been affected or even cut as a result of Covid-19 related closures. Thousands of people have been forced to cut expenses where they can to weather the storm of the pandemic. Of course, rental costs and mortgage costs are one of the greatest expenses people have, so it’s no wonder that so many of us are searching for ways to save in this area. Finding more affordable housing and reducing cost of living has become a top priority. Many professionals and families are seeking to relocate to cities with lower taxes and cost of living, or states with no income tax.

Homes in Greater Demand than Supply!

Although more and more people are looking to buy homes, there are less people selling their homes to meet that demand. Some home owners – rattled by the uncertainty of the pandemic and the havoc it has caused – are choosing to stay put. They appreciate the comfort and security their homes offer, and are uncertain of how the housing market will evolve as the pandemic unfolds.

This has meant that many of those eager to purchase homes have limited options in what has become a seller’s market. On top of that, construction on new homes has been slowed or stopped due to COVID-19. When a professional or family has found a home they like at a price they can afford, they take decisive action, which sometimes they have to move quickly. Experienced residential movers, All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped thousands of families relocate quickly and efficiently. We do our utmost to accommodate last minute moves, offer short-term and long-term containerized storage and can even assist with packing and unpacking.

Your First Choice Residential Movers – All Jersey Moving & Storage

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused each and every one of us stress for different reasons, from office closures and job losses to school shut downs and the threat of serious illness. If you have made the difficult decision to move during the pandemic, the last thing you want is to add stress and aggravation to your plate. Moving to a new home can be stressful without the right planning and support in place.

Why DIY Moves Don’t Pay

One of the greatest steps you can take to ensure a successful move is hiring a professional moving company. Some people contemplate a DIY move because they hope to cut down moving costs. You may save on the cost of professional movers with a DIY move, but there other potential costs you need to consider. A reputable professional moving company should have insurance to cover (at least partially) any breakages or damage that may occur. DIY movers typically don’t invest in insurance, not to mention liability insurance in the event that one of your volunteer movers sustains a serious injury doing heavy lifting without the appropriate tools and training. Ask yourself if you can afford to cover the cost of medical bills in the event of such an injury.

It’s also important to consider the position you will be in if you sustain an injury yourself and have to miss work. Remember – DIY movers lack the expertise necessary to minimize the risk not only of personal injury, but of breaking and damaging possessions of value as well as your home, elevator or building. The bottom line is that a DIY move has the potential to be incredibly costly when you factor in insurance, breakages and medical bills.

Because DIY movers lack moving expertise and proper equipment, a DIY move can also be extremely time intensive. In addition to being aggravating, a time-consuming move will take you away from the myriad of other moving and non-moving related tasks and responsibilities on your to do list.

Because All Jersey Moving & Storage executes local residential moves every day and utilizes late model trucks and equipment, we are able to complete moves efficiently. By executing moves in much less time than a DIY move would take, you can spend your limited, valuable time tackling other responsibilities. Because we work quickly enough to complete several small, local moves on a daily basis, we are able to pass savings along to you.

Choosing Professional Movers You Can Trust

You've probably heard moving horror stories featuring movers who lost or broke valuable items, showed up late (or never showed) on moving day, or charged hidden fees that blew your moving budget through the roof.

All Jersey Movers and Storage feels your "moving pains." You deserve to work with a reliable, affordable moving company. We've been moving families and professionals in New Jersey and across the East Coast for decades. Here are a few tips to help you avoid hiring the wrong moving company:

  1. The moving company quotes a price that is much lower than everyone else's. When a moving company charges significantly lower than their competitors, be cautious. They're likely either very inexperienced or will charge countless "hidden fees" when moving day comes around. Movers charge either by the hour or by the weight of your shipment, so there's a good chance that the low estimate you received will shoot up when your move is complete. The result? You'll end up paying just as much as you would for a legitimate mover but - most likely - for lackluster service and uninsured employees. Find a moving company that charges fair, competitive prices and has a track record of providing excellent service.
  2. The moving company didn't give you anything in writing. Another thing that should raise alarm bells is if your moving company doesn't provide you with a written estimate, an itemized inventory and a contract that needs to be signed by both parties. Companies can't be held to anything they haven't put in writing! And remember, all New Jersey licensed movers are required to provide a contract at least 24 hours in advance of moving day. It's a red flag if your mover wants you to sign the paperwork on moving day.
  3. The moving company is very vague and doesn't ask for details. Be aware if the moving company is happy to provide you with a quote before you have provided them with all the details. This includes a complete inventory of items you need to move and the location of your current and future residence. Both binding and non-binding estimates can change on moving day and rogue movers often exploit this tactic.
  4. The moving company requires cash payment. When you pay with cash, you can't really protect yourself against moving scam artists. If you pay by credit card, you can report the movers to your credit card company. With a check you can stop payment. But with dollar bills -- you're out of luck. You may also simply not want to walk around with that kind of hard cash.
  5. The movers don't have valid driver's licenses. Of course, you don't want to entrust your possessions to movers who shouldn't even be behind the wheel. Before you secure a moving company in New Jersey, double check to be certain they have a valid license. How? Visit this website:

You should also confirm that your moving company of choice is actually licensed to provide moving services. Moving companies in New Jersey and most other states require a license. Did you know that the New Jersey State police recently nabbed dozens of rogue, unlicensed movers? Do your homework and you'll be sure to avoid trouble.

If you're looking for a residential or commercial moving company with decades of experience, turn to All Jersey Moving and Storage. By choosing a reputable moving company, you'll have peace of mind that your furniture and other belongings will arrive in the same condition they were in when they were packed at your old home or office. Our team of professional movers have the packing and logistical expertise necessary to save you the unimaginable stress of a moving day going terribly wrong. We also offer last minute moving services, long distance moving services and piano moving services.

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