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Movers Tips for the US | All Jersey Moving and Storage

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Moving isn’t easy especially when closings don’t coincide with each other but here’s some helpful tips.  It seems now more than ever homeowners are facing the dilemma of needing temporary storage or S.I.T. (storage in transit) as movers call it.  If you are facing this problem I hope this moving blog relieves you of some of the moving stress and saves you a chunk of money at the same time. In some cases the closing could be the following day but sometimes days and weeks pass between closings.

1. Overnight Storage:  Most movers offer this service.  The movers simply load the truck on one day and arrive the following day to unload.  The items stay on the truck so there’s no additional labor just additional travel or overnight storage fees that may apply.

2. Rent your home from the new buyers:  This is usually the best option if you have more than a few days between your closings.  It’s the least disruptive on yourself especially if you have kids and pets.  Rather than shacking up with in-laws or the expense of staying in a hotel coupled with the cost of a double move and storage fees.

3. Store the items in the garage of your new home: This is definitely a viable option if at all possible.  Hire the movers to pack all your belongings in the garage of your future home until the closing is complete or you receive the CO (certificate of occupancy).  It’s a lot cheaper to hire the movers to come back and redistribute the furniture and boxes to the correct room than pay for two moves and storage fees.

4. If none of these options are possible: Your best bet is to hire your local mover to store your belongings in their storage facility.  Your furniture will stay blanket wrapped and stored in large wooden storage containers which is the best environment for your furniture.  If you’re within our service area visit our storage page  We offer a clean, secure, fully containerized storage facility located in central New Jersey.

5. Self Storage? Nah! I don’t recommend it unless you need constant access to your stuff in storage.   If you’re hiring a mover for this service to save a few bucks, keep in mind….

a. Movers will be removing all their blankets and protective material and your furniture is likely to get some bumps and bruises.

b. Walk into one of the storage units and look up and around.  They are secure but not contained.  Since items moved into these facilities are not monitored the adjacent unit may have bugs or hazardous materials.

c. You could purchase adequate insurance from moving companies.  Most self storage facilities only offer their tenants the ability to purchase a minimal amount of coverage.

If you need to hire a mover for both moving and storage it’s especially critical that you hire the right company.  The last thing you want to do is attempt to save a couple of bucks and hire a rouge or questionable mover that provides lackluster service.  That leaves your hand on your head in discontent as they are pulling away with all your furniture and cherished belongings that you may not see anytime soon.

Consider All Jersey Moving & Storage for your next move. We are a top rated NJ mover located in Bridgewater, NJ.  We offer a clean, modern, and secure storage facility.  We are residential movers, commercial movers, office movers, piano movers, as well as the mover of choice if you’re moving to Washington, DC, moving to Baltimore, MD, moving to Cape Cod, MA, or moving to Boston, MA and want direct service. We offer local moving and long distance moving services within a 500 mile radius.  Contact us today for your free moving quote. 

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