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Moving Soon? 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Valuables

The stress of moving to a new home can range from minimal to mind-boggling, depending on a number of factors. One of the most critical things you should prioritize second to hiring a local professional moving company is advance planning. Planning carefully and well in advance of moving day can make the difference between a successful move and a moving nightmare.

One of the biggest causes of stresses leading up to moving day is rooted in the fear that your most precious possessions might get damaged or broken in the moving process. While some items are relatively basic to pack in small boxes, moving more delicate items like fine china, artwork and electronics can be more challenging.

You can always hire professional movers at All Jersey Moving & Storage to pack your items for you at a competitive rate, but if that's outside of your budget, keep the following tips in mind to keep your valuables safe and give you peace of mind.

1. Create an Inventory

Don't drive yourself crazy to take copious notes on each and every last item you place into your boxes. However, when it comes to more valuable and meaningful items, it's worthwhile to make notes and take photographs of what you're packing away. Why? In the event that you need to file a claim against your homeowner's insurance, you'll have documented the condition your item was originally in. Anything that is moved by your professional movers should be covered by insurance. Be sure to check if your homeowner's insurance covers your move before purchasing additional insurance. One thing to keep in mind is the contents inside a box are not covered unless you hire your mover to pack and unpack the items for you.

2. Don't Shlep the Big Stuff Alone

While you may try to cut costs by moving some of the smaller boxes on your own, don't make the mistake of attempting to move large items solo or with the help of friends or family. Whether you need to move a piano, crystal chandelier, or dining unit, safely lifting heavy and expensive items and furniture requires expertise that only professional movers have. Giving it a go on your own could lead to extensive damage to the item itself, walls, stairs, ceilings or flooring. Worse, it could result in serious personal injury. All Jersey Movers are piano moving experts and have decades of experience moving antiques and valuables.

3Tape Your Paintings

If you're an art lover and will be moving paintings to your new home, you surely want them to arrive safely and in excellent shape. One moving tip to keep in mind is to use masking or painter's tape to place an "X" across any painting or print under glass. Storeowners often do the same to their shop windows when there are hurricane warnings to help prevent the glass from shattering. Professional movers like the All Jersey Moving & Storage team have extensive experience transporting artwork and know how to keep it safe.

4. Become A Boxing Expert

When you're packing fragile items in a box, remember that padding is king. Once you've carefully placed and padded your items, gently shake the box and see if any of your items move. If they do, add padding! It's also crucial not to forget to tape the folds of your boxes rather than simply folding them shut. Remember to fill your boxes sufficiently so that the tops don't cave in, putting your fragile items at risk of being cracked or crushed. You should also be prepared to purchase some specialty boxes when necessary, like for pictures or your television. The investment in a quality padded box is well-worth it when you consider the daunting expense of replacing items that may get damaged if they're poorly packed. Check out All Jersey Moving & Storage's helpful packing tips!

5. Keep The Little Stuff On You

While this isn't necessary, you may want to avoid leaving your expensive jewelry and irreplaceable documents (think: passport, birth certificate, etc.) with your movers. Reputable professional movers should have no problem transporting these items, but we can assure you that when they're with you, you have greater peace of mind.

If you're looking for a residential or commercial moving company with decades of experience, turn to All Jersey Moving and Storage. Our team has the experience necessary to ensure that your furniture and other belongings will arrive in the same condition that they were in when they left your old home or office. In addition to packing and moving services, our professional movers offer last minute moving serviceslong distance moving services, piano moving services and containerized storage. Contact us today.

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