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Moving As A Senior


Safety in numbers. Gee, was this phrase and its subtext thoroughly massacred in the pandemic. While many moved back home to stay with their families, some feared for those who were crammed inside. Scores of older adults already living in retirement communities were unable to celebrate Christmas in the first half of the pandemic. The following year, the Greek alphabet soup of variants kept the rest of the seniors from moving into assisted living facilities. This forced many family members to return home and juggle careers with caregiving. Now that the lockdowns are lifting (like Schrödinger's cat, sigh) take this opportunity to fly the coop and end the hold-up. The problem with delaying the inevitable move is that some older adults need the kind of caregiving that can’t be met at home. Primarily, when variants are rampant.

In many ways, our population is growing older. People are living longer than ever (despite chronic health conditions). Especially, there are 55 million seniors over the age of 65 and 12.5% over the age of 85. Those who are 85+ are the second fastest growing age bracket in the U.S. as of 2010. This means that we have an aging population that needs certain amenities. As a person of a certain age, making the decision to move your home can be difficult. Whether you’re downsizing or moving into an adult community, senior citizen complex or assisted living facility, you need to find a moving company that you can trust and depend on. Finding reputable moving companies is a process and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s what you need to know when choosing a moving company.

But what about the decision to make a move as a senior? How do you decide when and if you should uproot your life? Here are some factors to consider as senior looking to relocate:

1) Health: This is the number one reason seniors move. If you or a family member is experiencing a decline in health, it’s important to consider both short and long-term options. Finding an area with easily accessible and quality healthcare is crucial. Many seniors with deteriorating health choose to move closer to a family member that can assist when needed as well. If choosing to live in a retirement community, access to quality healthcare should be one of your first questions.

2) Community Services: Finding an area or living situation that has an array of amenities is important too. Access to useful services like homecare, cleaning, snow removal, transportation and home repair reduces stress on both the senior and his/her family members.

3) Recreation: As a senior citizen, finding activities that lead to a higher quality of life is also crucial. Recreational facilities and access to outdoor pursuits, while highly dependent on the individual’s taste, can be a plus. Some older individuals may also want access to a good volunteer organization or church group, both things to take into consideration when finding a new home.

Moving isn’t easy for anyone, but if you’re leaving a home you’ve lived in for a very long time and/or dealing with a somewhat debilitating illness, it can be all the more difficult. Find a home or place of residence that best suits your or your loved ones’ needs and the moving process will be all the better. As a senior looking to transition to a new home, here are some more resources to make it a seamless moving experience.

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