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Moving? Long-Term Storage: 5 Things To Know

If you need to move in a hurry or can’t decide what to take and what to discard, placing possessions in long-term storage can buy you time and eliminate anxiety. Don’t be too hasty about selecting a facility, however.  As with choosing a professional mover, getting several quotes and doing your research are essential for lowering stress both on moving day and during the following months when you’re settling in to your new surroundings. Here are 5 important points to consider when researching long-term storage:
  1. Some storage businesses charge a move-in administration fee. This is typically attributed to the costs to set up your account and process the paperwork.
  2. Some storage facilities quote a reasonable rental fee but increase it after the first few months. They’re counting on their clients...
    • Being too far away to transfer their belongings to another facility
    • Deciding it’s too much hassle to repack their possessions and remove them
    • Reckoning that it’s too expensive to rent a van or mover again
Other shady tactics include not sending out monthly invoices until just before the deadline and then applying late fees or even auctioning off contents.
This is when it really pays to deal with a reputable moving and storage company from the start.  All Jersey Movers & Storage does not charge admin fees and keeps its rental fees stable. We prefer to make money from a high volume of satisfied customers.
  1. The correct packing and protective wrapping is critical to store your goods properly. Since you’ll probably be stacking containers on top of each other to maximize the space, be sure to pack them to capacity so they don’t bend or buckle over time. Buy sturdy boxes from your movers or durable plastic totes. Remember that you may want to access individual boxes while they’re in storage so factor in some room in your unit for you to stand or move containers around. It’s also essential to put a detailed list of the contents on each box as you may forget exactly what you stored in each.Be aware that movers will remove the blankets and other coverings that protected your furniture while in transit once it's placed in a self storage facility.
  2. There are different types of storage available – compare self storage with containerized storage. Most people aren’t aware that containerized storage is available and has numerous advantages over regular self storage. A professional moving company will educate you about the differences so you make an informed choice. All Jersey Moving & Storage has its own containerized storage facility with the following benefits:
    • Furniture is blanket wrapped for the entire time it’s in storage and all items are packed in large wooden sealed containers
    • Warehousemen are available to help you access your containers
    • All movement in and out is monitored to ensure items are secure, no infestation occurs and no hazardous materials are stored
    • Tenants are only charged for the amount of space they actually use
The advantage of self storage is that tenants typically have access to their unit at any time. Because containers are sealed and entry is restricted at our facility, access is limited to office hours and we charge a fee.
  1. Ensure you have adequate insurance. Homeowners’, renters’ or business insurance may cover part of the value of the goods stored and most facilities will offer you additional insurance. All Jersey Moving & Storage provides full value insurance to give our clients peace of mind. Keep in mind that some outer units in self storage facilities may be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. If tenants’ contents are not checked, they could contain flammable items or bugs. Some criminals rent self storage units solely to obtain access to others’ possessions so tenants should always ask about video cameras and other forms of monitoring or security.
All Jersey Moving & Storage offers premium secure storage at affordable prices, as well as a full array of packing and moving services. Contact us for a free estimate.