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Moving from New York or New Jersey to Vermont?

Thinking about moving to the Green Mountain State?

Montpelier, Vermont's state capital, is the least populous state capital in the country, making it a rather peaceful place to live. So, you might assume the only people moving to Vermont are retirees looking to settle down with a quiet, slow-paced lifestyle. Many citizens of Vermont believe the state is losing its young people in droves as they head out of state for college or exciting job opportunities.

But, you may be surprised to learn that according to data from the Internal Revenue Service, nearly as many young people are moving to Vermont as those leaving! Vermont was the second highest inbound state in 2016!

The All Jersey Moving & Storage team has helped retirees relocated from New Jersey to Vermont, but we have also helped many families and young professionals move to the Green Mountain State. Vermont is a beautiful state with so much to offer, from friendly neighborhoods and great schools to fresh local food and plenty of Ben & Jerry’s locations (more on that later!).

Moving to another State.

Moving to a new home a in the same neighborhood or to a town close by can be stressful. But moving to a new state requires juggling so many more pieces than a local move. If you’re planning a move to Vermont to enjoy retirement, take on a new position or be closer to family, you’ll have to uproot your life, leave the comfort of your familiar surroundings and manage a major move. Here are few tips for making your move to Vermont a success:

  • Establish a Moving Budget. Interstate moves are more costly than local moves. Create a budget that factors in such as expenses as gas, shipping, insurance, security deposits (if you’re renting), starting utilities at your new home, etc. If you have the luxury of planning your move in advance, start saving to ensure that you can comfortably cover the associated moving costs without going into panic mode or dipping into savings.
  • Determine if Employer Covers Moving Costs. If you’re moving to Vermont for a new job opportunity or have been transferred to Vermont by your current employer, it’s worth inquiring if your employer covers relocation costs. Don’t be vague in your inquiry! Ask exactly what coverage includes. Ask your employer if they cover shipping/moving costs, transportation, travel expenses, packing services, storage, temporary house, lease cancellation fees, realtor assistance, etc. These questions should be part of the conversation when you’re negotiating during the hiring process or before you agree to a job transfer.
  • Take Stock of Your Belongings. When you’re moving to another state like Vermont, you have to be thoughtful about what you can bring along with you. Consider what items you want to take to your new home, from pieces of furniture and family heirlooms with sentimental value to artwork and antiques with monetary value. Then, take stock of the items it makes more sense to sell and replace new when you arrive in Vermont. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective not to haul heavy items to a new location, especially if they are low in value and hold no sentimental value. If you’ll be downsizing in Vermont, measure your furniture and new home dimensions carefully to see what will realistically fit and what needs to be stored, sold on a website like Craigslist or donated to charity.
  • Get A Break When Tax Season Comes Around. Are you relocating for work? Does your move meet certain time and distance requirements? If the answer is yes on both counts, the good news is that you’ll be able to deduct certain moving related expenses next tax season. Remember to save you receipts and speak to your accountant!
  • Hire A Professional Moving Company. When you’re moving your belongings to a home in another state, hiring a reputable moving company is absolutely critical. Make sure that the moving company you are considering has experience with interstate moves. The professional movers at All Jersey Moving and Storage have been executing residential moves and office moves for decades. We have experience moving professionals families and retirees from New York and New Jersey to Vermont and other states in the Northeast. Our movers know how to protect your floors, walls, staircases and personal items from damage. By hiring a reputable moving company, you can have peace of mind that your furniture and valued items will reach your new home in the same condition they left your old home!
  • Do Your Research. You don’t want to worry about your belongings being damaged or your moving company showing up late or charge unexpected fees. To ensure moving day is as successful and stress-free as possible success, invest time in conducting research to find the right professional movers. The best way to ensure your moving company is reputable is to look for a local moving company with outstanding customer reviews. It’s also wise to ask your friends and family who they’ve used for their most recent moves. Personal referrals are the most trustworthy. Once you’ve selected your preferred mover, don’t wait until the last minute to book them for your move to Vermont. All Jersey Moving & Storage has a busy schedule of short and long distance moves, but we always do our best to accommodate last minute move requests.
  • Make Packing A Priority.  It takes a lifetime to accumulate your furniture and belongings so it’s not surprising that packing is so time-consuming. When packing is left until the last minute, items are poorly wrapped and packed in an unsafe, disorganized fashion. This increases the likelihood that items will be damaged or lost in the moving process, not to mention the headache of organizing a houseful of goods when you arrive at your new home. Make packing a top priority on your moving to-do list. If you don’t have time to pack or unpack your belongings, consider hiring a mover to do so for you. If this isn’t an option for you, research some packing tips that the moving pros use!
  • Keep Your Valuables On You. While professional moving companies like All Jersey Moving & Storage have the expertise necessary to safely pack and move antique furniture, artwork, pianos and more, there are certain valuable, irreplaceable items you should always keep with you. The pearl necklace you wore to your wedding, your grandfather’s heirloom Rolex, and the delicate glass figurines you’ve been collecting since childhood should be kept with you, whether you’re driving or flying to Vermont.
  • Update Your Information ASAP. When you’re moving out to state, you have a long list of important items on your to-do list. Make sure that updating your information in your new location is amongst the top items on that list. Be sure to update recurring bills (i.e. car payments, student loans, etc.), credit cards and bank accounts to reflect your new address. Let the US Postal Service know about your address change. They will forward your mail to your new address for up to a year while you let friends and family know your new information.
  • Get a new driver’s license and vehicle registration. When you move to a new state, you’ll have to register for a new driver’s license and registration. Be aware that each state has different timelines in place. As soon as you’re settled from your move, visit your local DMV and knock this task off your to-do list! Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the laws in your new state and update your car insurance policy.

Hiring a Professional Moving Company to Execute Your Move to Vermont

Whether you're moving to Vermont on your own or with your family, the professional movers at All Jersey Moving & Storage can help make your move a smooth-sailing success.

Now that you have the tools and resources you need for a smooth move, here are some interesting things you should know about Vermont – your new home!

*Vermont winters can be fierce. There’s no way around it – Vermont can have some pretty harsh winters, with an average high temperature in January of 27 degrees and an average low temperature of just 10 degrees! Be prepared to invest in a winter wardrobe if you’re moving from a state with milder weather. You may also want to get yourself a snowboard or a pair of skis! Snowboarding and skiing are big business in Vermont.

*More than Just Cabot Cheddar. When people think of Vermont cheese, the classic Cabot cheddar is often the first to come to mind. But there are plenty more delicious, noteworthy cheeses that come out of the state of Vermont, where independent cheese producers are thriving.

*Vermont is home to the Ben & Jerry’s factory. Ice cream lovers can celebrate the fact that the Ben & Jerry’s Factory is located in Vermont. Take a 30 minute guided factory tour to learn how Ben & Jerry’s makes such delicious ice cream.

*Outdoor enthusiasts love Vermont. If you love being one with nature, you’ll love exploring the beautiful nature Vermont has to offer. The views at Quechee Gorge and Granville Gulf Falls are second to none. Many Vermonters take advantage of the beautiful outdoors by leading active lifestyles. If you hike, ski or snowboard you’ll feel right at home in Vermont.

*Vermont is Famous for its Maple Syrup! You won’t find fake syrup at your neighbor’s Sunday brunch. Vermont is famous for its real Maple Syrup. You won’t just find it at wffle and pancake houses. Vermonters put it in sauces, candies, jellies, cookies and more.

*Famous for its covered bridges. Vermont – like other New England states – is known for its historic, picturesque covered bridges. If you enjoy strolling around scenic routes, get a map of all the state’s covered bridges!

*It can get muddy! Spring in Vermont is “mud season”. After the winter snow melts, the ground becomes muddy and wet. For that reason, many homes in Vermont have a “mud room” or arctic entry where people can remove their muddy boots. You’ll see what we mean after your first Vermont mud season!

*Soak in the beauty of Lake Champlain. It’s no wonder that Lake Champlain – the 6th largest lake in the US – is so popular. It’s simply beautiful. Make time for a boat tour of the lake and its islands or stroll along the lakefront. You can also picnic in Burlington’s Waterfront Park and enjoy picturesque views of the lake.

If you're looking for a top-rated long distance moving company that has complete control over the quality of service from start to finish, you can have peace of mind turning to All Jersey Moving & Storage. Moving from New Jersey to Vermont? Call us today for a complimentary estimate.

Moving to Vermont