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Moving During the Summer


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Last week we posted about moving in bad weather, highlighting how rain can cause problems on moving day.  This week, as summer officially begins, it’s important to understand the risks of moving in the summertime.

Summertime is the high season for buying and selling residences.  While you may be avoiding other weather disturbances, like snow, the additional strain that summer heat may place on the moving process can be serious.  Hiring a moving service is your best option. Here are some summer moving tips to help you plan for the heat!

Pack at Night: If you’re going to be working hard fitting all your belongings into boxes, doing so in cooler nighttime temperatures is advisable.

Take Frequent Breaks: If you do decide to pack during the day, make sure to take frequent breaks and hydrate with water.  Heat stroke is very serious and can sneak up on you.  Avoid sugary or caffeinated beverages while packing as they contribute to dehydration.

Avoid Vehicle Overheating Issues: In extremely hot temperatures, vehicles can frequently overheat, especially when the car is overloaded with items.  Make sure your car maintenance is up to date and that you don’t completely overload your car in one trip.

Keep the Air Condition On: When most people move they don’t think twice about when they cancel the utilities.  However, strenuous activity such as moving can cause people to overheat and need breaks in cooler environments, such as air-conditioned homes.  It’s advisable to keep the AC on during your move and overall it could save you money as the movers will be able to keep up pace and avoid heat exhaustion.

Have plenty of fluids on hand: Plenty of cold water and Gatorade can be a life saver on moving day and don’t forget to have extra for the movers.  Even if your movers come prepared with their own drinks they don’t last long on a hot humid day.

Let Your Moving Company Do The Hard Stuff: When preparing to move make sure that you have all your ducks in a row.  Packing early or having the moving company pack for you can help ensure a seamless moving day.  Most moving companies have trained staff who are well aware of their limitations in the heat.  If you do choose to go with a moving company, be organized but stay out of the sun. You have lots of other things to worry about like unpacking!

Remember to check the forecast a day or two before your move as well, being prepared is key!

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