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A Mover’s Guide to a Successful Jersey City Move

Why People Are Moving to Jersey City

Easy Commute to New York

Jersey City is quickly becoming the city to move to, especially for those who are looking for a great city life and job opportunities of New York, without the same living cost or headache of commuting.

Jersey City is incredibly close to New York, even closer to Manhattan than some of New York’s own suburbs. Public transportation makes it simple and quick to get to your job, whether it’s in New Jersey or New York.

Look into the PATH, Bergen-Hudson Light Rail, and NJ Transit busses for quick transportation. Bike paths also wind through the city, in addition to walking paths.

Vibrant City Life

Jersey City is an artsy and upbeat place to live. You’ll quickly find that Jersey City is filled with delicious food from diners to decadent restaurants. Some say that the best food can be found right in Jersey City.

The Jersey City nightlife is vibrant too, with bars, night clubs, and a variety of scenes to choose from.

You’ll also be impressed to learn that Jersey City is an arts hub. Explore its diverse galleries, studios, and museums.

Many Jersey City residents will brag of the unique, down-to-earth vibes Jersey City has in comparison to the ever-bustling and proud New York City. 

Affordable Housing (Often Times At Least Half the Cost of New York City!)

Not only is Jersey City an artsy and upbeat place to live, it’s also an easy commute to Manhattan with housing that is much more affordable than what you’ll find in New York. Rather than downsizing to afford a place in New York, think of the space you can get in a Jersey City apartment or condo for a fraction of the cost, only minutes from Manhattan. Plus, Journal Square and other areas have brand new developments (built in the last five years) that are easy to call home with modern amenities and contemporary decor.

Filled with History and Architecture

Jersey City is also a host to the ample history you’d expect from “The Gateway Region,” where so many have immigrated through Ellis Island. It’s complete with stories of those who have come before, all thriving in a combination of architectural gems and modern, sparkling, new apartments.

The fourth largest clock in the world, the Colgate Clock, is in Jersey City and the birthplace of baseball, Hoboken’s Elysian Fields, is also close by.

Lower Taxes and Cost of Living

Another advantage of living in Jersey City is its sales tax! New Jersey has a sales tax rate of 6.625% whereas the New York sales tax is 8.875%. Clothing has no taxes at all in New Jersey!

Plus, the cost of living is only a percentage of what it costs in New York, with everything from groceries to restaurants costing as much as 50% less than what it costs in New York.

Travel is Made Easy with Proximity to Two Airports

22 miles from the John F. Kennedy International Airport and only 13 miles from the LaGuardia Airport in Queens, Jersey City is easy to get to from anywhere in the world. This makes it simple for family to visit, as well as for national and international business trips or relaxing vacations.

Less Crowded Beaches

Sitting just across the river from New York, Jersey City is less crowded with light-sand beaches you could spend all day on. Newport Sand Beach has skyrise views and boardwalks.

Preparing for Your Move to Jersey City

Moving to Jersey City opens the door to city life, and you’ll fall in love with the views you can enjoy of Manhattan across the Hudson River. As you prepare for your move to Jersey City, here are some things to check off the list:

Find a place to live.

Jersey City has a variety of affordable housing options such as condos and apartments. Journal Square is an area to note with businesses, transportation, and residential locations.

Questions to consider include:

  • Do you want to rent or buy?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you need parking?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
  • Does your home need to be pet friendly?

Luckily, Jersey City has many recently renovated housing options that, like we mentioned, will typically be much more affordable than what you’ll find in New York.

Start packing!

The best tip for packing? Start early! Packing often takes more time than you think it will, as you have to sort through belongings it took you years or decades to accumulate and carefully pack them away. Go through all of your possessions and decide what you no longer want, need or have room for. Do you have clothes you don’t wear any more or sentimental items that have lost their appeal? When you’ve decided what items to get rid of, sell them or simply give it away to friends or a local non-profit. Next, you’ll need to pack up everything securely and in an organized fashion. Use blankets to keep furniture safe from scuffs, and use bubble wrap for kitchen items. Make sure to label the boxes with what they contain, as well as what room they should be set in when you arrive.

If you’re overwhelmed, too busy at work, or are struggling to get a last-minute move complete, calling packing professionals such as All Jersey Moving & Storage can be a lifesaver.

Clean your old and new residence.

Make sure to completely clean your old and new home. Whether you’re renting or selling, it’s likely required on both ends. Cleaning your new place will allow you to relax more quickly into your new home.

Consider containerized storage.

If you’re downsizing or need storage while you sort things for your move to Jersey City, you may want to take advantage of containerized storage. All Jersey Moving & Storage has short-term and long-term containerized storage solutions. Rest easy knowing that your valued belongings are carefully sealed and securing in large, wooden containers.

Look into moving companies.

Depending on the time of your move, moving companies may be booked out in advance. Do your research to find a professional moving company you trust with experience in Jersey City moves, such as All Jersey Moving & Storage. Our reviews say it all. We offer quick and easy moving services on your schedule. We also try to accommodate last minute moves and weekend moves whenever we can.

Schedule your moving day.

Look at your work and family schedule and pick an optimal day to move. You’ll want to know exactly when your moving date is so can prepare for your Jersey City move accordingly. 

Unpack room by room.

When you arrived at your new home in Jersey City, unpack room by room, starting with your bedroom and the kitchen. These are the most essential locations to prepare, as being able to sleep and eat comfortably in your new residence is important.

A Smooth Move — Feeling at Home in Jersey City

Once you’ve finished the move to Jersey City, your belongings are in their new home, and you’re ready to settle into your new life, here are some attractions and other items to consider as you acclimate to life in Jersey City. 


One of the first things you need to do is take an evening stroll along the Hudson River, where you can take in the views of Manhattan. It’s a dazzling, breathtaking view, one you can enjoy from restaurants, or while walking with ice cream in hand.

Also worth noting is Liberty State Park, where you’ll find easy access to Ellis Island, as well as delightful waterfront walkways lined with trees. This is a great place to show off to family and friends who come to visit. There are picnic areas, an outdoor performance section, and ferry service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It’s the only ferry service offered from New Jersey. You can even kayak or launch a boat from Liberty State Park.

Families with kids should head to the Liberty Science Center. Its four-floor building boasts countless hands-on exhibits and even has an IMAX dome theater.

If you’re interested in architecture, Jersey City’s historic downtown low-rise buildings are for you.


Newport Centre Mall is a shopping destination with upscale retailers and yummy eateries such as the Cheesecake Factory. There are more than 130 shops and four department stores. The movie theater and dining pavilion is also worth mentioning. It’s the perfect place to stroll around when you need a new outfit and a bite to eat.


Looking for the DMV in Jersey City? You’ll find it in the city center at 438 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307.


Jersey City is filled with American diners, vibrant bars, seafood restaurants, rooftop eateries, and many other delicious local restaurants. You can find a list of beloved Jersey City restaurants here.

All Jersey Moving & Storage - New Jersey's First Choice Movers

All Jersey Moving & Storage is the right choice for your Jersey City move. We’ve been moving in New Jersey for decades and are experts in the space. We’ve earned the trust of professionals and families moving into and out of New Jersey. Jersey City is a familiar place for us, and we’d be happy to be part of your successful Jersey City move. Many apartments and high-rises have specific rules for moving day. Our teams are familiar with these requirements, making it easy to ensure a smooth, satisfactory move.

To help you make the right decision for your move, we offer a free moving estimate. This gives you an upfront amount you can use to plan your move. It’s one less detail to stress over.

We’d like to remind you of some other benefits of hiring All Jersey Moving & Storage:

  • We have staff with experience. They’ll safely and professionally take care of your possessions. We guarantee a positive, friendly experience with all of our employees.
  • Our equipment is at the top of its class. We’ve taken the time and investment to secure equipment that allows us to provide the best moving services possible.
  • Whether you’re moving your piano or priceless antiques and heirlooms, our team has the expertise needed to make sure nothing gets damaged.
  • We understand your schedule and just how challenging it can be to move while you have a job, family, and many other responsibilities to take care of. As a result, weekend pickups and deliveries have no extra charge, unlike many of our competitors. A Sunday move will cost the same as a move on a Tuesday.
  • Our last-minute moving services mean that you won’t be in a scramble trying to make your move happen. We’ll take care of you, even if you’re trying to make your Jersey City move happen as soon as next weekend.
  • We’re trusted for our award-winning service.

No matter what you decide, make sure to find a moving company that charges fair, competitive prices. Pay attention to their track record and look for positive reviews.

Jersey City is a charming city to live in. We wish you the best of luck in your move!

Contact All Jersey Moving & Storage for an estimate on your Jersey City move!

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