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Millennial Moving Trends and Tips

Millennials – those born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s – have long regarded bustling cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other urban centers as places of opportunity. But in the last few years, migration patterns amongst young professional millennials have shifted. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer millennials have been moving to these costly cities. In fact, many young professionals in the workforce today are living with their parents. Still, there are millennials who are seeking out job opportunities in other states that offer attractive job opportunities.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped many millennials move to neighboring states and across the country for job opportunities in states with desirable lifestyles for young professionals. We have also helped a multitude of millennials move into affordable apartments and first homes, as well as back home with their parents. In this article, you’ll learn several recent millennial moving trends and discover insider moving tips for professional movers on how to execute an affordable, stress-free move.

Living with Parents

A staggering quarter of a million Americans live in multigenerational households – homes with two or more adult generations living together. A 2021 Pew research study showed that the number of adults living in such arrangements has been growing for the past 50 years! The trend is growing most quickly amongst adults aged 25 to 34.

Families with lower incomes, nonwhite families and adults without high school degrees are more likely to live in multigenerational households. In some cultures, multigenerational homes are more prevalent (regardless of economic status). According to a Pew report, 25% of Asian Americans, 23% of African Americans, and 22% of Hispanics live in multigenerational homes, in contrast with 13% of Caucasians. But more and more families are becoming open to the idea of living together. Common reasons for families coming together to live under the same roof include “boomerang” children returning home, an older population living longer and wanting to age in place, and an economy requiring more than one paycheck.

Sharing living expenses with other adults is a sensible way to reduce living expenses and possibly even increase savings. There is a growing number of well-educated and employed adults who live with their parents. They do so in the hopes of saving enough money to one day purchase a home of their own, which has become a difficult feat in many prohibitively expensive urban centers.

Aging parents and grandparents also benefit from shared living spaces, where younger adults can contribute not only to living costs, but with home maintenance and physically taxing daily living tasks as well. Grandparents can also assist with the childcare of grandchildren, reducing the need for expensive outside caregivers.

If you’re a millennial considering moving back in with your parents, you’re in good company. All Jersey Moving & Storage specializes in short and long-distance residential moving can help make the move back home as easy and efficient as possible.

More Affordable Urban Centers

Millennials are typically attracted to “big city” experiences. However, for many millennials, countless urban centers across the country are simply unaffordable. Millennials that can’t afford to move to expensive cities that never sleep like New York or Los Angeles can still move to states with cities that offer an urban vibe and an attractive job market. Known as “18 hour cities”, Charlotte, North Carolina; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Nashville, Tennessee are examples of more affordable cities with vibrant atmospheres that are attracting millennials.

Planning for a Home

More and more, millennials are trying to put down roots whether by purchasing their own home, becoming actively involved in their community, or working with a financial advisor to plan for the future. While fewer than 4% of millennials moved between states in 2021, new Census Bureau data shows that some cities in particular experienced significant increases and decreases in their millennial populations last year.

Smart Asset conducted a study which found that:

  • Florida and Texas are becoming millennial hotspots. Four of the top 10 cities where millennials are moving are in the Lone Star and Sunshine States. The cities include Austin and Dallas in Texas and Jacksonville and Tampa in Florida.
  • Seattle has significantly dropped off as a popular millennial destination. Last year, Seattle was the second-ranking city where millennials were moving, with a net migration of almost 6,200. However, this year, there was a negative net migration of an estimated -670 millennials.
  • New York City lost more than six times as many millennials as any other place. In 2021, there was a net migration of almost -79,800 millennials out of the Big Apple. Chicago is the next city where millennials are leaving at the highest rate, but its net migration clocks in at about -13,300.

The top 10 cities millennials are moving to are: 1. Austin, TX, 2. Denver, CO. 3. Dallas, TX. 4. Raleigh, NC. 5. Jacksonville, FL. 6. Henderson, NV. 7. Salt Lake City, UT. 8. Virginia Beach, VA. 9. Tampa, FL. 10. Nashville, TN.

Some of the biggest cities in the US are seeing the most millennials moving out, including New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Washington, DC; Boston, MA; and Los Angeles, CA.

Moving Tips for Millennials

*Don’t Procrastinate.

Moving can feel like an overwhelming and exhausting undertaking, so it’s natural to want to avoid diving into the thick of it. But the secret to a successful move is advance planning. As soon as you have decided to move, don’t procrastinate finding a reliable moving company and securing your preferred moving date. Research reputable residential movers in your area, get a comprehensive quote, and sign a contract with your moving company of choice on a date that works for you.

At least a month before moving day, begin to pack. The packing process is especially tempting to delay because it’s hard, physically taxing work to sort through all your belongings. But by tackling packing with a steady, methodical approach, you set yourself up for a successful, minimally stressful move. Begin with a room you are confident you can tackle and sort your possessions into items you want to keep, sell, donate, throw away or, if necessary, place in storage. Be sure to leave yourself sufficient time to sell items of value at prices you are comfortable with.

To ensure the packing process goes smoothly, ensure you have all the packing materials you need, including sturdy moving boxes, wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap, good scissors, a pack of sharpies, and packing tape. Make sure you mark your boxes clearly, so movers know their intended destination on moving day (i.e., kitchen, laundry room, etc.). By marking the contents of each box as well, you will make the unpacking process much smoother.

Don’t Try A DIY Move.

You may be tempted to move with the help of friends and family in order to cut moving costs. However, a DIY move comes at a cost. Risks of DIY moving include you or one of your moving helpers sustaining serious injuries; costly damage to your furniture or other possessions during the moving process; and the heightened stress that comes with being solely responsible for handling unexpected mishaps on moving day. Professional movers have the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to ensure your move is executed safely and smoothly. With professional insured movers, you won’t have to worry about your movers sustaining an injury or your possessions being damaged or lost during the moving process.

Measure, Measure, Measure.

Taking measurements before moving day is absolutely essential because you need to ensure your movers will be able to physically transport all your furniture to your new living space. Make sure you know the precise measurements not only of your bulky furniture such as a piano or large sofa, but also doorways, hallways, and elevators if you are moving into a building. The last thing you need to worry about is a piece of furniture or exercise equipment not fitting in through the front door even after taking it off its hinges. By taking time to do measurements, you avoid paying to move furniture items only to discover upon arrival that they unfortunately don’t fit in your new living space. You also clarify what important furnishings you are missing, so you have time to arrange for any necessary replacements well before moving day. 

Make Your Place Your Own.

Whether you’re moving into an apartment, your very first home, or back in with your parents, one of the best ways to make your new place feel more like home is to personalize it. Decorating your home doesn’t have to be a daunting exercise or break the bank. You can add vibrance and personality to your living space with a fresh coat of paint, keepsakes from your travels, potted plants, and pictures of friends and loved ones.

Explore Your New Neighborhood.

One of the best ways to make a new home feel like home is to get comfortable with your new surroundings. Walk around your neighborhood and learn the lay of the land. Visit your local grocery store, coffee shops, pubs, parks, shops, cycling and walking paths, and more. Challenge yourself by heading outside for some fresh air once a day and strolling into a new store or down a street you've never been.

All Jersey Moving & Storage: Helping Millennials Move

All Jersey Moving & Storage has helped countless millennials execute seamless moves across New Jersey, the East Coast and beyond. We’re dedicated to offering best-in-class moves. Our professional moving services include:

*Local and long distance residential moving. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment a few blocks away or to a home in a neighboring state, our experienced movers are here to help you. All Jersey Moving and Storage’s local and residential movers have experience moving furniture, boxes, antiques, pianos, fine art and more. We use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that your valuables and your home are protected from the moment we arrive at your old house or apartment until your items are safely unloaded at your destination.

*Packing and unpacking. If you’re moving for a new job opportunity or simply don’t have the time to pack, our experienced moving team can step in and assist with packing and/or unpacking your belongings. Investing in this service makes moving much less burdensome, to say the least!
*Apartment moving. All Jersey movers are experience at helping young professionals move into apartments in busy city centers.
*Containerized storage. If you have valuable or sentimental items you cannot store in your new home, considering temporarily storing them at All Jersey’s containerized storage facility in New Jersey.
*Last minute moving. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of planning a move well in advance. The team at All Jersey Moving & Storage tries to accommodate last-minute moving requests as well as weekend moving requests, whenever possible.

If you’re a millennial planning to move in 2023, All Jersey Moving & Storage is here to help make your move a success. Contact us today for a complimentary comprehensive quote.

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