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When it comes to packing, people seem to fall into two groups – those who take pleasure in fitting as much as possible into a small space and those who hate packing and avoid it until the last minute. There are also rival groups of packers, with one insisting that folding and stacking items in a suitcase is the best method of fitting everything in and minimizing creases at the other end, while the other sings the praises of rolling and bundling clothes. If you’re travelling to your new home by plane, it’s important to optimize space in your suitcases as many airlines now charge for more than one piece of luggage and have strict rules about the size of cabin luggage.

Estimating Space

If you’re using a professional mover to transport your other possessions, it may be tempting to decide you’ll declutter before your move and therefore ask for a moving quote for much less space than your belongings currently occupy. Don’t go too low – imagine the hassle of a too-small truck arriving on moving day. Also, beware of moving companies who charge by the square foot. Movers are aware that many people forget about certain items when obtaining a quote and/or underestimate how much room they’ll need. It’s an easy tactic for unscrupulous movers to charge you much more because you went over the specified space allotment.

Obtaining an accurate moving quote from an experienced NJ Mover is the most important step when you’re planning a move. A professional moving company should ask you a lot of questions and even come to your current residence or office before the move to undertake an assessment if necessary. All Jersey Moving & Storage is the most highly recommended moving company for moves in the New Jersey area and along the East Coast. We provide detailed moving quotes and stand by them, ensuring there are no “hidden surprises” at the end.

Our employees are fully trained and experienced, meaning less chance of breakages and theft and fast efficient packing. If you can’t face the thought of packing up your home or office, or have started the process but see you won’t finish on time, the company can step in on short notice. We offer surprisingly affordable packing and unpacking services.

Space Saving Tips for Doing Your Own Packing

You may be an experienced packer for traveling, but moving a house is a different proposition. If you prefer to undertake your own packing, you must ensure that you

  • Use correctly sized moving boxes – avoid placing multiple heavy items in one box to save space. Pack heavy items at the bottom of a box and lighter items on top.
  • Fill spaces with paper, foam peanuts/popcorn, towels or clothing. Remember that partially full boxes will sag when other boxes are stacked on top of them. There’s also less chance of shifting in the truck if boxes are solidly packed.
  • Avoid the temptation of mixing items from different rooms just to fill boxes. Unless you have a detailed inventory and put a lot of information on the exterior of the box, you could spend a long time searching for something in the wrong box.
  • Think outside the box. This means not loading pieces of furniture the way they’re normally used, but possibly stashing them vertically in your truck to make more room. You also don’t want to crush a couch by stacking heavy boxes on top of it if you’re keeping it horizontal.  At the same time, you need to be extremely careful. You and your helpers could be seriously injured if a piece of furniture topples over. The resulting expenses would probably be higher than using a professional moving company in the first place.
  • Use blankets and sheets as protective wrap rather than packing them away in a box if you decide on a do-it-yourself move.
  • Leave clothing and linen inside dresser drawers. Use tape or rubber bands to ensure the drawers don’t slide open. Valuable or small loose items should be removed and packed separately.

Solutions For When You’ve Underestimated Space

What if you have regrets about saying you’ll get rid of certain items or can’t make a quick decision about what stays and what goes? What happens if you underestimated the size of your new home or premises? Situations like these can add to what is already a stressful undertaking for most people.  One solution is to put some items in storage until you’ve made a decision or have more space. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers containerized storage in our own facility, carefully wrapping items in blankets and sealing and securing them in large wooden containers. Movement into and out of our storage facility is closely monitored to ensure the safety of your possessions. We also offer stable rental fees and no move-in administration costs, making storage a stress-free decision.

Even if you’re an ace packer, remember that time is money. You’ll probably have a lot of other things to attend to when you move, so why not obtain three quotations from movers for comparison right at the start. Contact us now for a free no-obligation quote.

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