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You’re changing your environment – moving to a new home or office – but are very conscious of impacting the larger environment as little as possible. You’d also like to make and save some greenbacks instead of spending a fortune on your move. In an industry that is dependent on and consumes a lot of cardboard, All Jersey Movers & Storage is proud to stand out as friendly ecologically and on the wallet.

So what steps can you take to make your move as environmentally friendly as possible?

Your first step is to get rid of some of your “stuff” in a responsible way. Rather than making your first stop the local landfill, hold a garage sale and donate usable but unwanted items to charity. Being clutter-free and helping those who are less fortunate can both brighten your mood, which is welcome during the often stressful moving process. Sometimes only a big move makes us aware of how much we’ve accumulated and conscious of not making the same mistake again. The money gained from a yard sale and saved by having less to transport can go towards paying for a professional moving company to ensure a stress-free, happy transition. In addition, imagine moving into a more spacious “zen-like” space at the other end.

Consider packing with plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes. Some third party companies rent them, but you can also buy some relatively inexpensively and repurpose them for storage in your new home. To save on packing materials and space, use blankets and pillows to wrap or protect delicate items rather than Styrofoam, plastic bubble wrap or packing paper.

Clean your old and new spaces with non-chemical products. The new tenants will be grateful, especially if they have allergies or asthma.

Use recycled paper for packing, but remember that newspapers can leave marks and smudges on china so white newsprint is a better choice.

Choose your moving company carefully.  Check out the Going Green page on the All Jersey Moving & Storage website to explore some of the efforts we make to respect both the environment and the communities we serve, from New Jersey to states across the east and west coast. Using a company with expert knowledge of specific locations also ensures no wasted gas from getting lost or unnecessary idling. We use only new and late model trucks, thereby complying with emissions regulations and going easier on the gas. We’re also starting to invest in hybrid vehicles.

There’s an abundance of paperwork associated with every move. All Jersey Movers & Storage now utilizes electronic signatures as opposed to scanning and faxing multiple documents. These are a few of the many ways we take the environment into consideration on a daily basis as we execute residential and long distance moves.

In almost 60 years in the moving business, we’ve learned how to pack optimally while ensuring the minimum amount of waste. When you utilize our packing and unpacking services, we use the right materials and containers which are collected at the end and recycled where possible. We even custom make containers when necessary!

With All Jersey Moving & Storage, your first footprint on your new turf will be a green one. Contact us today to learn more about services or for a free estimate.

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