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Local Moving 101 - Part 1

Local Moving in New Jersey: Part 1

Whether you’re moving to another apartment in your building or a house just across town, local moves are different than long-distance moves in a variety of ways.  When you’re moving locally, you don’t have to worry about saying goodbye to friends and family or learning the “lay of the land” in a new community.

But there are some similarities between local moving in New Jersey and long distance moving that are important to be aware of to ensure a successful move. Most notably, many people make the mistake of assuming that professional movers may not be necessary for a local move.

Why You Can’t Afford a DIY Move

It’s no secret that moving to a new home in New Jersey comes with a price tag. There’s the fee for the realtor, home inspector and lawyer, or first and last month’s rent, or a higher lease for larger premises.

Often, people say to themselves “Hey, maybe I can cut my moving costs by moving on my own. I’ll have a few buddies come over, maybe order a few pizzas when we’re done. How hard could it be?”

These people mistakenly assume that little skill is needed to fill and move boxes and that renting a van is the wisest, most cost-effective way to go. They’re fit and have several friends or relatives who are willing and able to help.

Sound familiar?

If you’re considering a DIY local move in New Jersey, though, here are some things to consider.

  1. DIY moves aren’t as cheap as you think.

A DIY move can be expensive when you factor in insurance, breakages and medical bills. Inexperienced movers don’t have the experience or tools necessary to ensure your belongings are protected throughout your move.

If you or a friend or family member volunteering to help you move damages or loses an item, you’re out of luck. Inexperienced movers can also cause inadvertent damage to the walls, doorways, floors or stairwells of your old or new home, increasing the cost of your move. Plus, if one of your volunteer movers are injured while assisting you, you may not be able to cover their medical bills. It’s a major risk that simply isn’t worth the cost, especially because reputable, competitively priced local moving companies in New Jersey like All Jersey Moving & Storage are available to help you execute a safe, efficient move.

A professional company like All Jersey Moving & Storage is licensed and insured. We only use professionally trained bonded staff which minimizes injuries, breakages and theft.

  1. DIY moves are time-consuming.

 If you’re moving locally, you likely have a lot of responsibilities on your plate to ensure the move goes smoothly. Tackling those responsibilities while juggling your non-moving related responsibilities can be a challenge. After weeks or more of packing and preparing for your move, you want moving day to go as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, DIY moves wind up taking far longer than you might expect. If you and the friends or family helping you move lack experience, figuring out how to safely pack, wrap, transport and unpack items can be an incredibly time-consuming and exhausting process. Long, drawn out moves can be aggravating, but if you have to move by a specific time or date, you simply may not have the luxury of attempting a DIY move.

All Jersey Moving & Storage are experts at packing and unpacking, loading trucks swiftly and unloading at the other end.

  1. DIY moves can be anxiety-provoking.

Moving can be overwhelming, even when all your items are already properly packed, labeled, organized and ready for moving day. Taking responsibility for executing your own move while juggling other responsibilities like caring for children and pets can be incredibly stressful.

By hiring professionals’ movers to execute your local move, you can focus on doing the other things you need to do while enjoying peace of mind that your belongings are in experienced, capable hands.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has completed moves in nearly every neighborhood. We’ve also moved professionals and families to almost every local apartment building, so we are familiar with many of their policies and procedures.  We have the proper masonite, corrugated wrap, and door jamb protectors that many buildings require. We’ve been undertaking moves within the New Jersey area and the East Coast for decades and know the terrain well. Our experience allows us to execute your move safely, swiftly and on schedule, so you have nothing to worry about on moving day.

  1. DIY moves require expertise.

 Imagine renting a truck and discovering your sofa simply doesn’t fit or arriving at your new home only to realize your dressers can’t fit through the entryway to your new bedroom. These types of moving mishaps can be very stressful and leave you in a lurch.

Experienced professional movers have expertise in evaluating your furniture and other belongings to ensure there is sufficient space on the moving truck to transport them safely. They also know how to load their moving trucks for the most efficient unpacking process.

Skilled movers will encourage you to measure your furniture, rooms and entryways in advance of your move to ensure you won’t run into problems on moving day. They can also help troubleshoot how to get difficult-to-fit pieces into your home without causing damage to the items or your home.

  1. DIY moves require renting or purchasing many specific tools.

If you’re attempting a DIY move, you’re likely thinking about renting a moving van. But have you considered all the other tools you’ll need to execute your move safely? Without the proper tools, you run the risk of self-injury as well as of damaging your belongings and your home. But purchasing all the tools you need is a hassle and adds up! And even once you have purchased the materials you need, you likely don’t know how to utilize them all safely.  

In addition to appropriately sized moving trucks, professional movers come prepared with the hand trucks, dollies, furniture pads, and straps they need for a safe and efficient move.

Not All Moving Companies Are Alike

We’ve explored the various ways that it pays to hire a moving company for your local move in New Jersey. But it’s critical to understand that not all moving companies are “equal”. When selecting your moving company of choice, you have to consider more than just price. You deserve to have peace of mind that your move is being performed by an honest, reliable and skilled team of residential movers who will treat your furniture and belongings as if they were their own.

Unfortunately, you've probably heard moving horror stories about movers who lost or broke valuable items, showed up late (or never showed) on moving day, or charged hidden fees that blew people’s moving budget through the roof.

As one of New Jersey’s most trusted residential movers, All Jersey Moving & Storage is driven by the philosophy that everyone deserves to work with a reliable, affordable moving company. Here are a few tips we’ve learned from our decades of experience moving families and professionals in New Jersey and across the East Coast that will help you avoid hiring the wrong mover:

  1. Beware of moving companies that quote a price that is much lower than everyone else's.

If a moving company charges significantly lower than their competitors, this should set off alarm bells. Most likely, they're either very inexperienced or will charge countless "hidden fees" when moving day comes around. New Jersey Movers charge either by the hour or by the weight of your shipment, so there's a good chance that the low estimate you received will shoot up when your move is complete. The result? You'll end up paying just as much as you would for a legitimate mover but - most likely - for poor service and uninsured employees. Find a local moving company in New Jersey like All Jersey Moving & Storage that charges fair, competitive prices and has a track record of providing excellent service.

  1. Beware of moving companies that don’t give you anything in writing.

Another thing that should be cause for concern is if your moving company doesn't provide you with a written estimate, itemized inventory as well as a contract that needs to be signed by both parties. Remember – companies can't be held to anything they haven't put in writing! What’s more, all NJ licensed movers are required to provide a contract at least 24 hours in advance of moving day. If your mover wants you to sign the paperwork on moving day, find yourself another local mover!

  1. Beware of moving companies that are vague and don’t ask for details.

Be cautious of moving companies that are prepared to provide you with a quote before you have give them all the details they need. This includes a complete inventory of items you need to move and the location of your current and future residence. Both binding and non-binding estimates can change on moving day and rogue movers often exploit this tactic.

  1. The moving company requires cash payment.

When you pay with cash, you can't really protect yourself against moving scam artists. If you pay by credit card, you can report the movers to your credit card company. With a check you can stop payment. But with dollar bills -- you're out of luck. You may also simply not want to walk around with that kind of hard cash.

  1. The movers don't have valid driver's licenses.

Of course, you don't want to entrust your possessions to movers who shouldn't even be behind the wheel. Before you secure a moving company in New Jersey, double check to be certain they have a valid license by visiting this website:

You should also confirm that your moving company of choice is actually licensed to provide moving services. Moving companies in New Jersey and most other states require a license. Did you know that the New Jersey State police recently nabbed dozens of rogue, unlicensed movers? Do your homework and you'll be sure to avoid trouble.

Securing Your Preferred Moving Company

Now that you know what NOT to look for, and understand the value of the right professional moving company for your local move, it’s time to do your due diligence. In addition to obtaining recommendations from friends and family on movers they personally used and were happy with, conduct research and read online reviews on platforms like Angie’s List.

Once you have narrowed down your top choices, received detailed moving estimates and made a decision, it’s important to take action and sign a contract to secure your moving date with your first-choice movers.

There are a number of reasons it’s important to book your preferred moving company in advance. One of the chief reasons is if your preferred moving company is highly recommended, they may not have availability on your moving date of choice, especially if you are moving during a peak season like the summertime. This poses several problems. If you want your preferred movers but they aren’t available on your date of choice, you may have to be flexible about your moving dates which may not be ideal for your schedule. If you don’t have flexibility regarding your moving date, you may have to choose your second-choice mover, third choice move or worse – an inexperienced or rogue mover with a poor track record and scary online reviews.

As we’ve already explored, moving with an inexperienced or poorly rated mover can be extremely costly. They generally lack the skill, training, expertise and proper equipment necessary to execute a safe and efficient move. This increases the risk of damage to your furniture, equipment and other belongings not to mention your halls, floors, walls and stairwells. If your mover isn’t insured, you are also left with little recourse if something is damaged, broken or lost. Worse still, if you wind up with a rogue mover, you could end up being hit with hidden fees and paying through the roof for terrible service.

To avoid moving mayhem, be sure to book your moving company at least a month in advance – or even earlier if you are moving during peak moving season.

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we understand that sometimes “life happens” and you don’t have the luxury of planning ahead. That’s why we try to accommodate last minute moving requests and weekend moving requests whenever possible. That being said, we strongly recommend that our clients contact us as soon as possible to ensure we can meet their needs on a moving date that fits their schedule – especially if they want to move during peak moving seasons.

Moving locally in New Jersey? Contact All Jersey Moving & Storage today for a free consultation.