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Keeping Your "Stuff" Secure - the Benefits of Containerized Storage

One Less Thing to Worry About

Let's be honest: Moving is usually not at the top of people's wish lists. The logistics involved in a major move can often be nerve-wracking. One of the benefits of moving with All Jersey Moving & Storage is that we have our own New Jersey-based containerized storage facility.

Once you've secured our moving services, you don't have to waste time worrying about finding a self-storage facility, doing the necessary "background" research and coordinating logistics between your movers and storage facility. You also avoid having to visit the facility in person to sign paperwork or waiting while your movers unload your storage so that you can lock and secure your unit.

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, once our movers have loaded up their truck, you're free to tackle the many other things on your to-do list, be it heading over to your new property or bidding farewell to local friends and family.

Protect What Matters

Unlike at a self-storage facility, furniture and boxers aren't simply stacked on top of one another. Most self-storage units have 8-10' ceilings, so items which are no longer blanket-wrapped are piled high to maximize space. Simply put, this puts your valuables at serious risk of being damaged.

At the All Jersey Moving & Storage residential and commercial containerized storage facility, your items are stored in large sealed and secured wooden containers so that nothing can be scraped, crushed or dented. We also have racks where sofas and loveseats can remain on their feet during storage. When these items are stacked in self-storage facilities, they are often left with permanent indentations or even tears in the upholstery.

The Many Advantages of Containerized Storage

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we've been helping professionals and families move for decades, always with the aim of minimizing stress and maximizing peace of mind. Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose containerized storage at our facility over self-storage:

*When your furniture is placed in containerized storage, it is carefully blanket wrapped and remains so until it's safely removed from storage!
*All items are stored securely in sturdy wooden containers - the optimal environment for valuables such as furniture and other delicates!
*To provide greater peace of mind, you can purchase full value coverage to properly insure the goods in storage.
*Our team monitors all movement into and out of our containerized storage facility, giving tenants confidence that there are no hazardous materials or infested shipments under our roof.
*Unlike self-storage facilities, at the All Jersey Moving & Storage facility in New Jersey, tenants only pay for the amount of space they use.
*To make storage more cost effective for our tenants, we don't charge move-in administration fees and maintain stable rental fees so there's no need to worry that your expenses will increase after a few months as they often do in self-storage facilities.
*The All Jersey Moving & Storage team understands that you may need to access your facility. Contact one of our warehouseman who are onsite and ready to help you.

Whether you're moving into a new office or a new home, kill two birds with one stone and take advantage of our moving and storage services today. Still have questions about our containerized storage facility? Contact an All Jersey Moving & Storage representative today!