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Insider Secrets for Navigating a Successful Office Move this Winter

Moving to a new office can be an intimidating exercise any time of year. Packing and transporting bulky office furniture, technological equipment and important documents requires planning, experience and expert care. Executing an office move during the winter months increases the likelihood of bad weather and delays, further complicating an already challenging move.

Office moving require technical expertise, equipment and strategic planning. For that reason, office moves can’t be entrusted to just any residential moving company. For over 30 years, All Jersey Moving & Storage has been expertly handing office moves. We efficiently guide you through every stage of office moving, from the early planning and packing stages to the final stages of unpacking and getting settled.

Our seasoned office movers share tips that will help you successfully navigate an office move this winter.

How All Jersey Moving & Storage Can Help with Your Office Move

  • Project Management. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we assign a seasoned project manager to work with you and your team. Your project manager will assist you will all stages of planning and operations throughout the move to ensure moving day is efficient and goes without a hitch.

  • Expert Movers. Inexperienced movers aren’t ideal for any move, but they are especially ill-suited for an office move where technical expertise is necessary. Every member of the All Jersey Moving & Storage team is trained on an ongoing basis to use proper packing techniques and moving procedures. We never use casual laborers, so you can rest assured your office furniture, equipment and files will be secure and arrive unscathed.

  • Packing Assistance. One of the most dreaded aspects of an office move is packing. Let us assist with efficiently packing your storage, break and equipment rooms. If you intend to pack on your own, your Project Manager will guide you. We will clearly break down your responsibilities versus our own; explain our labeling system which includes color-coding, room diagrams and directional placards; and discuss what materials and equipment will be used.
  • Disassembly of Furniture. The proper disassembly of systems furniture requires specialized tools and expertise. Our office moving team has the experience necessary to efficiently disassemble and reassemble your systems furniture.
  • Expert Handling of Technical Equipment. Our specialized officer movers have the experience necessary to properly handle, pack and move your sensitive technical equipment. We move plat screen monitors, data servers, and PCs (after ensuring all wires are properly disconnected, secured and labeled). Bubble wrap is used to protect sensitive equipment, which is often transported in a dedicated truck by a special crew.
  • Storage needs. Purchasing new furniture and haven’t yet sold your current systems furniture? Haven’t yet converted your important “paper” documents and files to electronic versions?  All Jersey Moving & Storage offers short- and long-term containerized storage solutions to offices in need of storage. Our temperature controlled, secure warehouses will accommodate your storage needs until you determine what to do with your old furniture, technological equipment and files.           

Insider Tips for Preparing for Your Office Move      

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we understand that companies want their move to cause as little disruption as possible. There are a variety of steps you and your team can take to ensure your company has an efficient move and gets back to business as soon as possible.

Brief your team of moving guidelines. It’s important that you ensure everyone on your team is aware of your moving plan and their responsibilities. Clearly communicate what needs to be packed, what the moving company will pack, moving deadlines, any special instructions for specific furniture and equipment, and personal and departmental responsibilities. 

Familiarize yourself with your new space. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the layout of your new office space. Visit your new office to take measurements so you are 100% confident it will accommodate your furniture and equipment. Determine if you need to reconfigure your furniture or order entirely new systems furniture and equipment. Create a floorplan of your new office and send it to all of your team members so they are aware of the plan as well.

Do a major “spring clean” before moving day.

One way to ensure a more seamless transition to your new office space is to get organized before the move. A central part of that process is having every team member sort through personal belongings and company materials to identify items that can be discarded before the move. The more unnecessary items you get rid of now, the less you need to pack and pay to move. Here are a few tips to help make the purging progress a success:

  • Consider getting a dumpster placed in front of the building to make getting rid of things as easy as possible.
  • If you have paper files with predetermined retention periods, consider transferring them to a storage center. Contact All Jersey Moving & Storage to learn about our containerized storage facility.
  • Have every employee sort through their personal belongings and bring them home. Rather than paying your movers to move personal items, simply have your team members bring their personal belongings back once you have settled in your new office.
  • Be sure to sort carefully through storage cabinets to get rid of items you no longer need.

Professional Movers’ Packing Tips

By hiring a professional office moving company, you benefit from knowing professionals will be packing up all of your furniture systems and common areas, including conference rooms, break rooms, and storage closets. Employees are generally responsible for packing everything else, including their personal items.

However, if you plan to execute some of the packing on your own, take advantage of tips shared by All Jersey Moving & Storage’s seasoned team of office movers:

  • All Jersey Moving & Storage provides Tyga commercial boxes for packing sensitive office equipment. They interlock easily and maintain the integrity of their contents. Be sure not to overfill the boxes; rather, make sure that you leave enough space in each box for the interlocking lid to close completely. If you’re packing fragile items, use padding between items to help keep them safe.
  • Use a color-coded label system to ensure an organized move. Be sure to label each box and have the labels all face the same direction.
  • Empty your desks complete, packing up all papers, office materials, books and other miscellaneous items. Use file folders and Ziplock bags to help keep desk contents in order. Ensure fragile items are properly padded with packing paper before packing them into boxes.
  • Remember to fully empty all your filing and storage cabinets into clearly labelled boxes and, if possible, lock or tape the drawers closed.
  • Don’t forget to pack the contents of your coat closet, including hangers!
  • Leave it to your professional movers to properly pack smaller office machines, such as scanners and printers. Before moving day, disconnect the components and pack up small items such as power cords into clearly labelled zip lock bags.
  • Remember to take down any items hanging on the wall, such as artwork and bulletin boards. Wrap anything that can fit into a box with packing paper to prevent damage. Let your professional office movers pack up oversized items that don’t fit into a box.
  • Keep in mind that certain types of equipment such as computer equipment and copies require special servicing. Contact the vendor of each type of specialized equipment to determine if you need the services of an electrician, machinist or plumber to disconnect the equipment before moving day. Failing to get the proper servicing may void service warranties on these products.
  • Back up personal computers and disconnect separate components before moving day. Remove loose wires and pack them in a clearly labelled Ziplock bag.
  • Remove the ink from your photocopier machines and printers before moving day.
  • Be sure to tag and label ALL items, large and small, using an efficient labelling system. At All Jersey Moving & Storage, you can expect your project manager to discuss the tagging and labelling system in detail before moving day so everything is well organized. This will not only ensure an efficient move, but also aid tremendously with the unpacking process and make it much easier to get your office back up and running.

Tips for a Successful Office Move this Winter

Anticipate Weather Delays.

If you’re executing an office move during the winter months, be realistic about the possibility of weather-caused moving delays. Snow and ice storms often cause poor, dangerous driving conditions and heavy traffic that can delay your moving schedule.

It’s important to ensure you are working with a professional office moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage that factors in potential weather-related issues when developing its moving schedule. All Jersey Moving & Storage draws on our experience and intimate knowledge of the roads, buildings and areas we service, which gives us an edge when it comes to navigating road closures and congestion. Still, because winter weather and driving conditions, it’s always wise to have a backup plan in the event your move is delayed or pushed off.

Secure Your Moving Dates.

On a positive note, moving during the winter rather than in peak season means you will likely have an easier time securing your moving date. Despite moving companies having greater availability, it is still important to schedule your move as soon as possible. Especially when you are moving around the holidays, you don’t want to end up in a scenario where you have to move on an undesirable moving date or – even worse – with an undesirable moving company! Avoid having to move immediately before or after the holidays by booking your preferred moving company well in advance.

At All Jersey Moving & Storage we always recommend scheduling your preferred moving dates as early as you can, but we also do our very best to accommodate last minute and weekend moving requests.

Why choose All Jersey Moving & Storage for your Office Move?

The reality is that office moves require tremendous attention and often months of planning. They can be stressful, especial when there is pressure to ensure the office is back up and running swiftly. Partnering with the right team of professional movers can spell the difference between an office moving disaster and a success.

Since 1992, All Jersey Moving & Storage has been successfully executing commercial and office moves from A to Z. Our experience allows us to confidently complete these moves in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Our team has the specialized equipment and know-how to handle sensitive equipment and costly furniture systems. Our office moving team has after-hours and weekend availability to ensure you can transition to your new office space with as little disruption as possible.

In addition to offering experienced labor, ample guidance and the supplies you need to pack up your office, our team also offers long and short-term containerized storage to accommodate items you don’t have room for in your new office space.

Call All Jersey Moving & Storage today for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation. An office moving expert will visit your site and prepare a comprehensive proposal detailing what we will do, when we will do it, and how much it will cost.


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