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These days, it’s so easy to send photos, information and even signed documents online that leaving things behind after a long distance move may seem nothing to worry about. The reality is that there’s still information you may not want to send electronically or original articles that have sentimental, historical or financial value. What about the heirloom bracelet you store in your bank’s safety deposit box, original birth certificates you may need in order to acquire certified copies or the only photo in existence of your great-grandparents’ arrival in the U.S.? Any long distance move involves a large amount of logistical planning, but if you’re moving further than a day’s drive away you should be extra-careful to have a detailed checklist of everything you need to gather, store, organize or take with you. Don’t just rely on your moving company for the big day – most reputable movers have websites and blogs with extensive resources to help you with all the steps of your move. All Jersey Moving & Storage has been in the moving business for decades and has thousands of satisfied customers. We can assist you with our vast knowledge and specialized services. Here are some of the items our clients tend to forget about when planning a move:

  • Records – Not the old vinyl ones you used to play, although you might not want to leave your collection of those in your old home either! You’ll need copies of school, dental and medical records. Try to ask for them well ahead of the move as they may take time to compile. These days, X-rays can be copied on to CDs, which saves you schlepping huge envelopes of images.
  • Prescriptions – With people forging prescriptions to obtain addictive substances, you may be required to present an original prescription or one faxed or emailed directly from your doctor’s office at your new drugstore.
  • Photos and securing of pets – You or your family probably have lots of pictures of your pets, but you should ensure you have recent ones in case they run away or try to find their way back to your old home. Get a collar with your new information inscribed on it or ask your vet to implant a microchip. See that your pets are in a safe place and can’t wander out of your house when the doors are open for the move.
  • Jewelry – Remember to take it out of your bank deposit box or home safe and keep it with you. We can handle larger valuable pieces like artwork or antiques.
  • Library books – Unfortunately, an e-book can’t replace an actual library book you’ve forgotten about. Courier or postage fees to return books to the library can be high, especially if they’re large volumes.
  • Items placed in storage – These could have been placed there after your last move and forgotten about! This is a good time to make a decision whether to take or donate them. If you want them to remain in storage, or have other pieces you’re not sure about, All Jersey Moving & Storage has our own secure containerized storage facility with stable monthly fees.
  • Servicing cars – If you have a long drive to your new home, take your vehicles for a service ahead of the move. If you’re moving during winter, or to an area with a snowier climate, consider investing in snow tires. (Remember, you’ll need to store your other tires somewhere if you do.)
  • Change of address forms – It’s a good idea to fill these out at least a month ahead of time. You can do it online at or at your local post office. Remember to notify your banks, insurance companies, credit card, phone and internet providers, employers’ human resources departments and utility companies about your move. Don’t do it too early as you don’t want private correspondence arriving at your new home while the owners are still there. Ask a friend or neighbor to look out for mail after you’ve left.
  • Saying goodbye – Unfortunately, even the most organized person may forget to bid farewell to all of their friends, fellow congregants, neighbors or local business people. Most understand that a move can be overwhelming but some may worry about your absence or be hurt that they weren’t informed.

Long distance moving can be overwhelming. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers a variety of services to free up your time and make your move easier, including packing and unpacking and even last minute help. Leave us to worry about the details and keep your mind clear so you don’t forget about anything important. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote.

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