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How to take the hassle out of moving with a baby

In an ideal world, you’d only travel with a baby when s/he was old enough not to require constant feeding but still too young to crawl or walk. But sometimes moving with an infant is inevitable – if you or your partner is changing jobs, you want to be closer to relatives now you have a child or you’re upsizing to a more spacious home for your growing family. Since the build up to a move is widely acknowledged as being stressful for everyone, as the parent of an infant it’s even more essential that you take every step possible to make it easier for both of you. 

The most important factor is your choice of a moving company. It’s essential to get three moving quotes so you have a valid basis of comparison. Search for moving reviews and recommendations online or ask around in your community. All Jersey Moving & Storage is one of only about 15 movers in New Jersey which has received the Circle of Excellence designation by the New Jersey Warehousemen’s and Movers Association. We use only trained staff, not casual labor, which is crucial when you’re trusting them to enter your home or are distracted by your baby’s constant needs and unable to constantly supervise them. Having a smooth move ensures that the whole family is more relaxed on moving day.

Planning a do-it-yourself move? Be aware that some moving vans don’t have back seats so can’t accommodate a car seat for your baby in the rear. Different states have varying laws on child restraints in vehicles which you’ll have to check on before you rent a truck. Your baby’s safety is paramount, even if you’re only moving a short distance away.

Proper packing will keep you and the baby happy. Consider using your movers for packing and unpacking too. You won’t have to worry about breakages and it will allow you to prepare for the move much faster while maintaining your composure.  All Jersey Moving & Storage can provide these services at a very reasonable fee. Besides being the company of choice for a regular local or long distance move, we specialize in moving expensive and fragile articles like pianos, fine art and antiques.  You can relax knowing your most precious possessions (other than baby) are in good hands.

If your infant is already mobile, be sure to pack childproofing gates, socket covers and other safety items where you can locate them quickly on arrival at your new home.

Remember to pack snacks for yourself as well as your baby for a flight. If you’re flying alone and the stewardesses are too busy to help, you may not be able to handle a hot meal while holding your baby. Take cut up fruit and vegetables, energy bars and chocolate so you’re not hungry and cranky yourself.

The Five S’s for Serenity is the magic formula to soothe your baby when you’re on the move. Your fellow travelers will thank you! It consists of:

  1. Sucking on a toy or pacifier, or a bottle if the child is actually hungry
  2. Swinging rhythmically or gently jiggling the baby
  3. Side/stomach positioning
  4. Shushing
  5. Swaddling using tight wrapping

Preplanning your route and trip is important. If you’re moving a significant distance, find a new doctor or pediatrician before you go. Keep your baby’s medical records from your former doctor accessible. If you’re driving, note where the nearest hospitals are and plan a route where you can stop and take a breather. Mobile infants will be happy to move around unrestrained for awhile. In addition, most larger rest stops provide changing tables and/or nursing rooms.

Consider storing some possessions until you need them. If you’ve been given lots of clothes, toys and furniture for when your baby’s older, you may want to put them in storage until you need them. It will also reduce the amount of unpacking you have to undertake at your new home. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers short-term and long-term containerized storage in our own facility.

Peace of mind is priceless. Contact us now for a free comprehensive quote.

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